The Terror Experiment

The Terror Experiment

When terrorist action releases a secret government virus in the Houston Federal building, the employees become aggressive and homicidal. Federal officials quarantine the building to wipe out the infected and control the story, but a small group of uninfected are fighting to get out.

A terrorist sets off an explosion that rocks the Federal Building and unleashes a toxic gas throughout the ventilation system. His purpose: to expose the Government's secret biological ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shantel D (mx) wrote: Had me right up until the end. It was an enjoyable movie, but the ending was kinda cheesy.

Larry Y (kr) wrote: marginally funny, but didn't really feel like a Kevin Smith film (probably because he didn't write it)

Weaam M (ru) wrote: it's not really Woody Allen's most amusing movies, but you'll catch the spirit :)

josh k (ag) wrote: Totally compelling. Val Kilmer does an amazing job.

J S (jp) wrote: Gender is not an issue

Jenn L (ag) wrote: Stitch is just too freakn' cute.

Mark K (it) wrote: For those that were too young to have watched this drama unfold, this accidental documentary is about the most compelling account of the day. What started as a film project by two brothers became a ground's eye view of the efforts of one firehouse. It's got everything in terms of images, and it tells the events from a single perspective that could be anyone's. Highly effective, and full of mind-numbing moments before, during and after the destruction of the towers. A good film to watch if you're studying film, and what happens when history overtakes you, and you happen to have a camera. Recommended.

Carlos R (br) wrote: Nowhere near as bad as everyone keeps saying it is. Perfect? No. Terribly flawed but fun as hell.

Emily the F (fr) wrote: I find it better than the last, but now that I'm not such a big obsessive Pokemon fan anymore, I'll just stick to the superior video games.

Angela A (ca) wrote: It's good to see lives turning around and to see the mothers start to think about careers again. It's quite clear how the effect of documenting these people has changed them, though some more than others.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Kent R (gb) wrote: While it doesn't sound like my kind of movie at all, Cronenberg is one of my favorite directors, so I'll give it a chance.

Private U (nl) wrote: Highly entertaining WIP flick starring Herbert Lom. Took a while to get going but picked up considerably in second half.

Pawan Kumar C (au) wrote: Excellent movie, excellent story and direction, superb work by stars.

Carlos I (de) wrote: Still not as good as Olympus, but it's still a fun action movie. The two leads have great chemistry, and there are some cool set pieces. Even if a bit is ridiculous.

Hli L (it) wrote: This kickstarter of all things indie (and Andie McDowell) hasn't aged a bit. Technology now more than ever facilitates relationships in a world where sex is only a swipe away but conversation seems to be very difficult and not high on most people's list. One of the most impressive debuts in the history of cinema. Bravo Soderbergh!