The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Five friends visiting their grandfather's house in the country are hunted and terrorized by a chain-saw wielding killer and his family of grave-robbing cannibals.

When Sally hears that her grandfather's grave may have been vandalized, she and her paraplegic brother, Franklin, set out with their friends to investigate. There they are attacked by a family of cannibalistic psychopaths. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre torrent reviews

Mayank F (jp) wrote: alia just got dumber.

Pawel B (ru) wrote: This movie will most likely not be shown outside of Poland, which is a pity. Great story about love in pure though strange form.

Tim B (fr) wrote: I really thought I would never live to say this, but I finally took the time to sit down with House of the Dead 2. The original House of the Dead was a bad movie, but I do give it points for being one of the most unintentionally (or was it intentional?) hilarious films I've ever witnessed. Though Part 2 isn't all that, I certainly believe it to be better than Part 1. The funny moments were still there but this time they were mostly put in there for the right purpose. I did chuckle a few times throughout this watch. I loved the dude's need to pose with hot dead zombie girls a lot. The pace of the movie was also over in a snap. If you know know me by now, you know that I always enjoy it when a flick runs through quickly in my eyes. The acting for the most part was also in top form here, even for the low budget. Emanuelle Vaugier looked the part and looked hot as hell fire. She will phone me this week, yes? Ed Quinn was awesome as the quiet hero. The charisma came through the screen. Sid Haig gave yet another dead pan, hilarious showing. I need to invite this guy to my next party. Kirk Jones aka 'Sticky Fingaz' (Jesus...) was actually pretty damn good here. I never thought I could say that about a rapper acting but I just did. Victoria Pratt was basically asked to look hot but she also carried some sympathy behind that hot tamale body. Ellie Cornell shows up for about 2 more minutes and does fine. James Parks was terrific as the jerko. I will give it to Michael Hurst for sporting good pacing. Save a few cool angles though, there wasn't much to notice here. This is one of the few parts I think that the original betters this entry is the directing style. Uwe Boll at least kept the flick visually pleasing and stylish... For a zombie flick... this one is also pretty damn dry. We get some blood but it didn't really feel creative enough with most deaths to fully satisfy the gore hound in me. Looking back on a lot of it, there were many plot holes in the story line that came up after I had thought about it, mainly due to the zombies themselves and their shenanigans. I know I should probably just let that shit slide but... Lastly, I didn't really feel any sort of climax here if there was one. It just seemed to keep doing the same thing over and over and when I got to the end, I realized there was absolutely no sense of a legit final act here. Does that make any sense? Whatever. As is, I put this film above the first one for sure, it was more self-aware and flew by. But it was still nothing to write home about. If I ever happened to catch these on TV and was hammered with friends I would watch the both of them back-to-back. But what are the real odds of that? Meh...

John B (us) wrote: Not terribly enjoyable for me.

Noemi U (au) wrote: Llor desde la mitad de la pelcula :(

David G (kr) wrote: 80's no brainer that starts as it means to go on with Dolph Lundgren's Spetsnaz beefcake striking various macho poses while a disembodied voice talks about how badass he is, and only gets better from there... "Better" being a relative term of course, after all this is nothing if not generic anti-Soviet Cold War guff. The plot could have been conceived by a monkey, you can't understand half of what Dolph is saying and it boasts all manner of stupidity, but for fans of the genre it ticks all the right boxes. OK so even the most devout 80's action junkie may be tempted to nod off around the time Dolph falls in with the local bushmen but the action is classic over the top nonsense and tons of fun, Brion James shows up as a random thug (surprise!) and there's some awesome dialogue - "Are you out of your mind?" "No, just out of bullets."

Raymond B (ag) wrote: Imagine a movie that could cover the beginning of the McCartney's solo career, or Michael Jackson's, or other off-shoots of groups that made it big solo. That is what you get in Bring On The Night. Its great at showing the talented band Sting assembled and also the insights of the ensemble in rehearsal for his Paris debut. Great concert stuff, too.

sara g (fr) wrote: Amazing movie was amazing to see prince in theaters

Andrew S (au) wrote: Fucking amazing movie. My dad got it for Christmas this past year, i just sat down with him to watch it. This is amazing, the acting was incredible especially Eric Roberts playing Paul Snider. Sweet fucking christ that was such a fucked up man.Great movie, lots of tits. :D

Millo T (it) wrote: Probably my favorite end ever. You will say it (as the film) is not original, and that is even "primary". But we sometimes need powerful primary feelings on the screen, as well as in our lives...

Spookie M (ag) wrote: Solid blaxploitation film with some awesome stunts, a ridiculous plot and a great score by The Impressions. From the director of Shaft and Superfly.

Biarro C (de) wrote: I downloaded it from Internet Archive just to see Country stars in movies with young Lee Van Cleef.I didn't expect much from a low budget western, but I was surprised. Story was good and I wasn't bored. The weapons, though, were a major anachronism error, and it would've been good if Young or Robbins held the guitar a little.If you look for a good B-western and want to spend an hour, I recommend this film.

ANDERSON G (gb) wrote: The direction is perfect, Alfred tries to simulate a sequence plan is vizivel the scene cuts, but for his epoch is very good, the apartment is stifling the incredible performances, the tension could be better exploited, the script is simple and good, screen elements are beautiful, Rope is a film that has to be watched.And it vizivel the influence of this film in the years 60/70.

Andy G (mx) wrote: The boys of Abu Ghraib is it interesting story about soldiers that go over to Iraq prison to take care of prisoners and it drives the soldiers crazy. Based on true events. (2014) B

Caitlin L (de) wrote: I really enjoyed the movie as a whole.

Sterlin R (mx) wrote: A funny, nostalgic, and classic animated movie. Nuff' said.

Laura M (au) wrote: A movie that works with two extremely different cultures and brings them together to display a touching story of the friendship of two girls with the same dream.