The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

A radio host is victimized by the cannibal family as a former Texas Marshall hunts them.

Chainsaw-wielding maniac Leatherface is up to his cannibalistic ways once again, along with the rest of his twisted clan, including the equally disturbed Chop-Top. In this, the masked killer has set his sights on pretty disc jockey Vanita "Stretch" Brock (Caroline Williams), who teams up with Texas lawman Lefty Enright (Dennis Hopper) to battle the psychopath and his family deep within their lair, a macabre abandoned amusement park. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 torrent reviews

Adam C (es) wrote: An Interesting flick with low budget charm. The plot jumps around with some inconsistency, but the story is enjoyable for a certain crowd nonetheless

Stefano C (it) wrote: Tosto tosto e soprattutto non solo una carrellata di violenza buttata l, c' una forte componente mel di critica sociale. Purtroppo l'impressione che il film sia stato un po' mutilato in fase di montaggio e la conseguenza di tale fatto tanta confusione in alcuni punti ed una chiusura frettolosa ed ingenua, che poteva essere gestita meglio.***Edit: l'edizione uncut pi figa***

Ana B (br) wrote: Valiente film contra la ablacin femenina,en la que la seora protagonista recurre al moolaadcon valenta,como nico modo de evitar,que 4 pobres chiquillas sean purificadascomo pretenden el grupo de ancianas del poblado,algo deleznable y contra lo que hay que luchar.Duro de tragar.

Courtney S (gb) wrote: Extremely long, but thorough and nuanced. The pain-staking detail and documentation makes the entire period and all the issues real and current. Also, amazing footage from 1910!

Niek S (kr) wrote: As endearing as Madelief, and as well-made too.

MaRiAh (br) wrote: oo it has mariah carey i want to see it

Ryan W (ca) wrote: I just found this film quite unappealing and uninteresting all the film does is act violent and that is pretty much it

Charlie R (ca) wrote: Have seen it, liked it, but it's years ago, so I don't remember enough to rate it.

Jordan K (mx) wrote: I watched Beavis and Butthead Do America knowing little about the TV series but its basic premise and comedy style. Giving it a fair shot and being a fan of Judge's other series King of the Hill, I came to immensely dislike this film to the point where I legitimately got headaches watching it for too long.Beavis and Butthead, first of all, was a popular cartoon series made by MTV in the early 1990s and was one of the many cartoon to film adaptations. Two idiotic perverted teenage friends Beavis and Butthead go throughout America to find their stolen TV set and to "score a babe" for the first time all while escaping the law.Beavis and Butthead are extremely annoying unfunny characters, uttering constant giggles on innuendos and having high pitched screaming voices. It gave me a legitimate headache at a point in watching this. The humor is extremely lowbrow, filled with innuendos and gross outs everywhere. The story is pretty poor too, as Bruce Willis and Demi Moore make cameos as an estranged criminal couple that employ Beavis and Butthead as hitmen, not knowing the two are idiots and won't get the job done. Beavis and Butthead is immensely annoying and idiotic - skip it unless you're a fan of the series.

Scott S (us) wrote: [9.0] Since seeing this film in college, it has become a touchstone for me. It always comes to mind when I'm writing my own screenplays or shooting my own movies. I admire its simple story, provocative concept, honesty, and optimism. It also deals with a few of my favorite themes, the dysfunctional family and the courage it takes to leave the world behind. Jeremy Davies is terrific in the lead role. David O. Russell is four-for-four in my book, following this directorial debut with "Flirting with Disaster", "Three Kings", and "I Heart Huckabees". This is an inspiring film, and I adore it.

Candee K (nl) wrote: Great movie, Great songs, Great comedy, + One of Betty Grable's 1st movies

Arjun N (es) wrote: An absolutely outstanding build up to an unpredictable ending. Featherstone's subtleties and nuances while being possessed by the demon are a chilling delight to watch. Oren Peli has truly struck gold in this low budget box office monster!

Johannes J (au) wrote: Bob: "We're free to do what we want."Alex: "Darling... other people often do what they don't want to do at all."

Leonard D (kr) wrote: Trying to play off the subject of pedophilia for two hours of desperate laughs is not a good mix! This is proof why his career is over!

Boofy B (us) wrote: "Z-Man? There is no Z-Man, varlet. And indeed, it is not a game we play. I am Superwoman!" I love this movie sooooooo much! It's a weird one for sure, but it's that perfect kind of weird that is just simply enjoyable!

Laura D (it) wrote: emotional and friendship