The Thief

The Thief

In 1946, a soldier fathers a child then dies before its birth. Jump to 1952: on a train, the child and his mother meet a handsome soldier who makes a play for her. She accepts. Posing as a married family, the soldier finds them a rooming house where he becomes everyone's favorite through his good looks and generosity. Meanwhile he gives the boy, Sanya, lessons in life: to fight back, to win at all costs. The child's mother, Katya, is head-over-heels in love with Tolyan, the soldier, but the relationship becomes rocky when Tolyan's true plans for the rooming house become clear. It starts them on a treadmill of flight that risks Katya's life, Tolyan's liberty, and Sanya's trust.

A woman meets a man who isn't the right man for her - but she hasn't realised it yet... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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alex g (mx) wrote: If you liked the first film you will like this film too.This has lots of Nazi zombies and action good film.The ending leaves open the possibility of a 4th film as the 3rd film is a prequel.This is a good Nazi zombie horror series.

Regi H (gb) wrote: There were some good ideas and some decent action but sometimes the story drags and goes nowhere. The visual effects are sometimes a little dated but that doesn't mean I didn't hate the movie. The performances were fine, Hayden Christensen did a lot better of a job than he did with the Star Wars prequels. Its like Hancock meets Bourne Identity.

Sunil J (kr) wrote: A really honest and funny look at relationships through shorts. Not all are great but none are a waste of time. Really liked the Saldana/Kunis story.

Jason H (it) wrote: A typical HK gangster movie. When one boss goes down, all hell breaks loose as the turf wars erupt. Lots of swearing, lots of knife fights. Pretty predictable.

Attila S (ru) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

Stephen C (ag) wrote: Horrible Porky's rip-off. This is the kind of USA Up All Night garbage that I seek out and then realize what kind of mistake I made 10 minutes in. But, I still watched it. Man, sometimes I do stupid shit.

Jason D (ca) wrote: Movies don't get much campier than Dinosaurus!, which is about a construction crew working to build a harbor on a tropical island (made up of poorly written Spanglish speaking stereotypes) who uncover frozen dinosaurs and cave people. From this very moment, I started laughing hysterically once the movie tried to convince us that dinos and cavemen co-existed together. With that, I took this to be a live action Flintstones film and enjoyed the cartoony ride of this wacky little Science Fiction comedy. Things get interesting when the dinosaurs unfreeze then become reanimated thanks to bolts of lightning. Naturally, the brontosaurus is peaceful and lets children ride on its back, while the Tyrannosaurus eats people and causes destruction. Meanwhile, a lovable little native boy with perfect "Leave it to Beaver" one-liners befriends the highly confused caveman and teaches him how to do things properly. If you don't see any of the humor I see in this film, then your brain is probably no bigger than that of the toy dinosaurs in this film. I really didn't expect this from the same creators of the 4D Man or the original Blob. I will say the Dinosaurs and caveman are the best parts of this film, though I will say I highly enjoyed the character Dumpy, as well as the HORRIBLY stereotyped drunken Irishman. Recommended for kids only, followed by a serious lesson on the films high inaccuracy towards history and evolution.

Joseph Y (ca) wrote: very very good. I watched this at least 3 times...but not for many years...and it still is very memorable to me...and look at the cast!!

Francis T (au) wrote: Bon film ou l'action se fait dans le dialecte verbal. Roles bien joues par Kassovitz, Tukur et Muhe. Histoire horrible de l'Eglise et l'ignorance envers ce massacre contre les non-chretiens. Type d'ignorance qui peut etre compare aux grands pays versus les genocides Africains. Bon film avec un semblant de documentaire.

Andrew T (us) wrote: One of the most disappointing sequels of all time! The acting though is worth a star, and it's entertaining enough. Overall a money grab garbage movie that's more focused on mutated boring humans then our protagonists and apes.

Tommy K (ca) wrote: The story may sound rather basic on paper, but the likable, engaging characters, immersive, breathtaking animation, and very well-handled comedy ultimately make this movie one of Pixar's greatest masterpieces. Holds a lot of water even to this day.

Movie F (au) wrote: I enjoyed this film, it had a pretty good plot, good cast, and brought a lot of laughs, this is definitely a good film to watch with the family, and I must say that the Segway scenes was pretty great.