The Thing Below

The Thing Below

A top secret drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico raises a dormant alien creature from the depths. Once loose, the creature goes on a murderous rampage.

Captain Jack Griffin and Professor Anna Davis arrive at a remote oil rig, only to find no trace of life and their crew members disappearing one by one with no identified reason. The two soon discovers the mysterious ruthless creature lurking below the ocean... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ajay M (de) wrote: This was a really entertaining movie that is brought out mainly by Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh's chemistry.

Marcus W (kr) wrote: There's a decent story and a strong central performance, but everything else is very average.

Robbie N (br) wrote: A very unique concept, that differs from today's cliche, predictable bunch. Arthur Christmas is a great family movie with the comedic value of the bumbling protagonist and a witty lines of the Santa family. Although at times it can be a little hectic and unclear, most of it consists of great character building, interesting and often amusing dialogue and enticing scenes. Arthur Christmas is a definitely a great family holiday movie.

Matt G (ca) wrote: as good as many of his classics

Christopher I (ag) wrote: Expecting a typical "ZomCom" based on the title - I was surprised when this movie actually turned out to be a clever take on discrimination. The movie takes place in an alternate reality where the recently deceased, or "mortally challenged," stop dying and retain their pre-death personalities. They face the hardships that come with being treated as second-class citizens without civil rights. They are only offered menial jobs and are subject to physical abuse committed by the mortally capable. We follow a mortally challenged protagonist as she struggles to pick a side between the cooperative/passive undead majority who try and blend in with their increasingly uncomfortable living neighbors, or join the growing militant movement of zombies who aim to overthrow the civilization of the living and raise them as cattle. Unfortunately the last act of this movie turns into a typical blood-and-guts horror movie, which is a shame since the first hour has so much potential.

Gissele I (ca) wrote: ok i actually liked the story yea it's been overdone but it had a twist but the actors that were chosen killed the movie for me

Tom S (de) wrote: Well what was that about ?

aaron w (es) wrote: Visually amazing and good plot. But the same "white man saves the natives" cliche

Jenna G (kr) wrote: After watching this I said: 1) Wow, Meryl was great (as usual), and Angela Bassett was too and 2) WES CRAVEN DIRECTED THIS!?

Kenneth L (es) wrote: Kind of a messy plot & sequence development of unisols & their operating system developing a mind of its own & immediately setting out to take over the world as defense mechanism when their contract gets the plug pulled.

Alex K (br) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Carolyn H (it) wrote: Wow, I thought I was the only fanatic about this movie! Just one more instance where the government didn't want to invest the funds needed that could have prevented the enormous number of deaths at the beginning of the disease. You see now that there are medications and people are living a lifetime with AIDS, but back then, the government wanted to make it appear to be a disease linked only to homosexuals. I loved the move Philadelphia with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, too!

Zach M (mx) wrote: This is a narly movie.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Robert Benton (Bonnie and Clyde," "Nobody's Fool,"Billy Bathgate") has always been a favorite writer/director of mine who doesn't seem to be talked about enough. In this comedy of his, which barely got a theatrical release, Kim Basinger has a role that was literally written for her. After appearing in so many weak films, it's easy to forget that Basinger can really act, given the right role. She plays a soon to be divorcee in 1950s Texas going to recover some "artistic" pictures of herself from a sleazy photographer, only to witness his murder. Screwball comedy ensues involving her soon to be ex-husband, Jeff Bridges, his new girlfriend, Glenne Headly, and local crime boss Rip Torn. For what seems like a rather silly movie, you've got some serious talent behind the camera, including Howard Shore doing the music, Paul Sylbert doing the spot on period production design and even Ingmar Bergman's regular cinematographer, Nstor Almendros. It's a charming little romantic comedy that a lot of people missed.

Marrick A (ag) wrote: The scariest part of this brilliant documentary is the similarity between the problems highlighted in the social structure of America in 1970 and the American social structure today. It's frightening to see the total lack of progress we've made on some of these social issues that are highlighted in Martino's film.

Stphane S (it) wrote: Franchement: autant aller voir une expo photo sur le mme sujet.

Woolly S (gb) wrote: God damn, sometimes you gotta wonder; why am i watching this? or failing that; Why am i enjoying this? it's great though

Ty M (nl) wrote: This is one of the stupidest ideas for a movie ever, but it's so funny and actually has a story unlike some other comedies.

Juha E (gb) wrote: A British horror classic that I can only recommend. A very good film in every way. A great atmosphere and good performances.

Matthew M (ag) wrote: I honestly don't know why this film is so likable, but it absolutely is.