The Thing That Couldn't Die

The Thing That Couldn't Die

A psychically gifted young woman discovers a centuries-old crate buried on her aunt's ranch. Opening it, her family discovers the living head of Gideon Drew, a 16th century devil worshiper who was beheaded by Sir Francis Drake.

A psychically gifted young woman discovers a centuries-old crate buried on her aunt's ranch. Opening it, her family discovers the living head of Gideon Drew, a 16th century devil worshiper ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mitchell M (de) wrote: Bleak but smartly crafted, "A Most Wanted Man" uses the talents of a strong cast to guide a gripping, intricate and politically relevant thriller.

Lindsay L (gb) wrote: Horrible in every single way. You know the movie is bad when I'm rooting AGAINST the dog in the movie. Every character is an asshole except Chris Parnell. I hate the wife/mother the most.

Tracy F (mx) wrote: This was a great film directed by Robert Redford with Robin Wright (Penn?) as the main character. The untold stories behind what happened after Booth killed President Lincoln. If a history buff like I am, SEE THIS. I saw on Amazon Prime but it could be on other subscription services.

Corey B (jp) wrote: It's sad Canadian films never get any respect from the rest of the world especially nowadays when i think Canadian are really getting better and better. This movie is no different

JeanPhilippe G (it) wrote: Entertaining if nothing else just for Robin Williams performance, Man of the Year looses itself in by not knowing the core of it's main focus is, since the film shifts so many times between a romance and a political thriller.

Tero H (jp) wrote: Although it is probably difficult to make such a film impressive with so many unbelievable movements, silly hair-dos which remind one of rock bands from Tokyo, and short duration, it turned out that this kung fu -DVD was a really positive surprise. The film's well directed, the characters have histories making sense, and plot isn't that superficial.Although the kung fu -movie is short, it has - not 1-2, but six fights, all intense & well choreographed.Despite the melodrama, often witnessed in Chinese martial arts movies, it is quite atmospheric.However, the end fight and a few of the other fights are unreal, with people defying gravity, and the film's also a bit too short.

Jonathan G (fr) wrote: I literally slept for a few minutes during the first part of this film. I also found it odd so it was a surprise to me when I discovered that it was a true story. Still, it was nice to know a little about Norway.

Christian H (gb) wrote: Seriously, this thing is horrible.

Steven F (ca) wrote: This is a sequel that has no reason to exist. They took the worst character from Anastasia, and gave him his own film that has absolutely nothing to do with its predecessor.

Stacy S (mx) wrote: Sufficiently creeped out. I see where more modern movies got their horror movie influences. It was worth watching to see Bruce Campbell.

John M (us) wrote: While being a pretty effective horror movie - wtf is this.

Thomas P (de) wrote: It's ok. Second time watching it. A little too long. If it were cut down some doing away w/ some unnecessary scenes it could've gained half a star more. But decent story line. Could've been written better in my opinion.

Steve G (nl) wrote: What a boorish movie. River shines.

Julia P (it) wrote: it didn't strike me as that controversial, but what do I know.

Adrian B (es) wrote: Unbelievable drama conceptually follows the life of Edna Gladney (Greer Garson) who wants to give orphan children a name after the are put up by their parents. This inspiration originates from a younger friend (Marsha Hunt) who killed herself years before after she was adopted and the death of her young son from her doctor husband (Walter Pigeon). She then tries to get this issue overturned by the state of Texas. It fails to connect to the viewer as the film is contrived and unrealistic, and the acting is forgettable. Oddly enough, what deters the film further is the fact that it is in colour. It does not utilize the lesser used filming strategy for its time to its advantage (like other movies of the time like "Gone With the Wind" or "The Wizard of Oz") and it becomes a damaging aspect for the film, rather than a benefit. Sadly, this movie fails and has been forgotten for all the right reasons.

Randy Y (it) wrote: Didn't appreciate it enough back when it was originally released, but a pretty solid movie! Memorable scenes, a fresh/energetic Tom Hanks, decent story and good feel.

Kerby H (us) wrote: Cheap, cheap humor and pretty horrendous writing. Like one or two jokes are mildly funny but this is a pretty terrible piece of trash movie.

Asa B (br) wrote: A touch too long but the heart is strong from beginning to end.

Craig L (mx) wrote: Prep yourself by watching Clockwork Orange..then you can look past the "objectionable" material and just enjoy the humor.

Ismaira R (ca) wrote: muy dramtica. pero me gusto