The Third Miracle

The Third Miracle

The Vatican sends a priest to verify some miracles, performed by a woman who has been nominated for sainthood...

The Vatican sends a priest to verify some miracles, performed by a woman who has been nominated for sainthood. During his investigation, the priest, who is experiencing a crisis of faith, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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The Third Miracle torrent reviews

Joshua L (ca) wrote: Best Thriller I've seen in awhile. Well acted, pretty intense and fun to watch.

Rosanne A (kr) wrote: an awesome movie... when is the next one coming out?

Ted W (ag) wrote: Great awesome wrestling DVD exclusive.

Jason S (ru) wrote: Great performances and an interesting story can't save the film from poor pacing.

Hannah D (kr) wrote: Pretty entertaining, I knew the twist before it happened and I didn't like how it ended but OK overall.

DaMiya W (fr) wrote: funny and wow it's just funny welcome to Goodburger home of the Goodburger can I take your order haha

Pete M (it) wrote: Again, much like Highway 61, I fell in love with Valerie Buhagiar in this movie. Then again I realized, wait a minute, it's just a movie. Check out the Ramones cameo in this one.

Phill J (br) wrote: Funny as hell. van damme does the splits, some kids have a complex relationship with his dad, stuff happen's, mildly amusing.

Marta K (de) wrote: On the intersection of drama, fantasy and crime. With quite a large dose of erotics. All in right proportion.

Dan M (ru) wrote: Like a bizarre play with random, nonsensical dialogue and even more random characters that just come and go, this bored the hell outta me. Maybe it's because it's a Cronenberg movie I dunno, but it's definitely not the type of movie for this guy here.

Greg W (nl) wrote: Hardwicke hits another homer here