The Third Nail

The Third Nail

A wrongfully-convicted man finds that even after he is proven innocent, there's other justice in the world besides the law, and when his daughter is abducted, he has no choice but to seek revenge.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
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A young man is sentenced to life in prison for killing two children, a crime he didn't commit. DNA evidence sets him free, but there is no hiding from the prison gang that wants him dead. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (it) wrote: a nice first movie from the guy who brought us The Raid and Berendal. had I seen this prior I would be watching for this director but I didn't and watched after seeing his 2 great action movies.story is good, fight scenes are good also, the pacing is a bit off since it wavers on slow to steady to fast and then drops to slow. still a good little film from Evans.

Kathleen W (us) wrote: I'm watching this with my flatmate and she's like "This is amazing actresses making a terrible script bearable" and I think that's a pretty good review.

Louay J (jp) wrote: One of the best Iranian films of all time. You will have nothing but high respect and admiration for the crop of first-rate film directors from Iran that despite the restrictions and censorship and limited budgets they face are still capable of churning out films that easily qualify as world-class. This film is right at the top.

Mireille B (kr) wrote: Like all the collective films out there, this one makes no exception: it's a mix of excellent and less interesting stories. But at least half of them are worth it. Just see it if you have any interest in either the event itself or in one of the directors.

Jeff B (us) wrote: Terrific heist flick. The ending is a bit of a downer, but that's almost to be expected from the genre. A standout here--for me, at least--was David Patrick O'Hara as Allan Heyl. You might also recognize him as Stephen from "Braveheart", where he showed off the intensity he carries through this entire film.

Bongo S (ru) wrote: I really don't know why this is considered a comedy. A god watch nonetheless

alex f (br) wrote: its no classic but you cant go wrong with a healthy mix of the 80's and russian boarder patrols!next time im in paris im gonna see if i can get laid by telling people im a terrorist!?

Chris W (fr) wrote: An adaptation in name only, this is Woody Allen's collection of seven vignettes concerning various aspects of human sexuality. It's all very silly, and absurd, and some of it is quite dated, but overall, this is a lesser Allen work, but still rather amusing at times. Sometimes the humor feels more like Mel Brooks than Allen, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Several of the shorts seem to be a genre or style parody, and that was fine with me. For example, a segment on aphrodisiacs is done as a medieval/Shakespeare farce. There's a segment that is a take on Italian art films, a game show spoof, and, the two funniest and best bits are a monster movie riff, and a NASA/mission control satire respectively.In the monster movie one, we get a giant breast on the loose (parody of the blob), and in the mission control short, it concerns a man's internal organs functioning as a mission control command center relaying various messages to parts of the body in preparation for sex. This segment features Burt Reynolds of all people as a switchboard operator, and Allen as a sperm having second thoughts about his mission, which is portrayed as a group of paratroopers preparing to jump. That is ridiculously wacky and absurd, but absolutely hilarious. I dug the Italian art film homage as well. Some of the short are kinda blah, and some of this is really dated and rather tame in comparison to some of the stuff we get in today's films and television, but at least the segments are all pretty short with the next one just around the corner.All in all, this film is kinda dumb, and lesser Woody, but I was amused just enough to feel comfortable giving it a very slight recommendation.

John S (gb) wrote: I suppose I'm the only person in the world who thoroughly enjoyed this film, probably due to the fact that I have not seen The Philadelphia Story. I decided to watch the remake first, since watching the original and then the remake usually ruins the remake, but doing the opposite seems to me to be the easier way to look at the films subjectively. And subjectively, High Society is a great time. It's great chemistry, charming performances, beautiful musical numbers, and a great style to it. Unfortunately the story and characters are a bit lackluster and dull, but fortunately, the superb performances (especially with the leads) help bring the characters out and at least make them interesting. The film sort of falls apart at the last minute (literally) and presents the viewer with a confusing ending that feels forced and uncomfortable. Still, it's a feel-good movie, and you can't help but smile the entire time.

Ravi T (ru) wrote: it was wasn't THAT funny...idk...i was

Robyn M (es) wrote: Alot of people beileve just because Madonna has flops in the box office makes her the reason for failed acting career. Truth behold asking your husband to star you in a movie never works. but while young, before guy richie she starred in a jaded,sexy,controversial movie. I've seen it and i believe this is great peices of art, i appluad her. shes Strikingly Beuatiful and guilty tell proven innocent.

Aaron R (ru) wrote: While this movie is not "Lincoln", it is definitely a useful companion film to shed more light on the post-assassination issues of Lincoln's death. McAvoy, Wilkinson and Robin Wright-Penn shine as the defense attorney, his mentor and the accused.