The Thirst

The Thirst

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A woman dying of a terminal illness discovers that the only way to save herself may be death itself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gagan S (it) wrote: Good Movie. Its mean't for a young audience though.

Pamela D (kr) wrote: THE THEATRE BIZARRE (2011) WRITTEN BY: Zach Chassler, Richard Stanley, Scarlett Amaris, Emiliano Ranzani, Buddy Giovinazzo, John Esposito, Douglas Buck, Karim Hussain, David GregoryDIRECTED BY: Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Jeremy Kasten, Tom Savini, Richard Stanley FEATURING: Udo Kier, Andr Hennicke, Peg Poett, Virginia Newcomb, Enola Penny, Amanda Marquardt, Jeremy Gladen, Liberty Larson, Christopher Sachs, Nicole Fabbri GENRE: HORRORTAGS: anthology, gruesome, graphic violence, sex and nudityRATING: 7 PINTS OF BLOODPLOT: In a dilapidated old theater, a macabre human puppet hosts six Grand Guignol-style tales of terror in this arty, atypical thriller.COMMENTS: First rate makeup, eerie sets, props, and racy, gory stories, with unusual, unpredictable endings make The Theatre Bizarre a real standout in the genre of horror anthologies. When an emboldened patron of the dramatic arts (Virginia Newcomb) spots a door ajar to a decrepit told theater down a questionable back street, her curiosity gets the better of her. She enters, takes a seat, and is treated to a series of six sinister stories of sexual obsession and madness, hosted by an uncanny, animated human puppet (Udo Kier). Attempting to cultivate his patron's fear response, the puppet presents each demented segment like a circus ringmaster exhibiting a freak show of abominations, each tale more horribly harrowing and outrageous than the last. When they meet The Mother of Toads, an unwary student of anthropology touring the French countryside with his fiancee is lured to the lair of changeling witch with an offer of perusing rare books. Suffering from an unusual condition, she has an ulterior motive and a strange design in store for both of them. The socially inquisitive pair are in for the cultural shock of a lifetime.The psychological tension of unrequited love goes through the roof in I Love You, and reality bends and warps,when a smothering, obsessive, but inadequate lover plunges beyond the bounds of reason upon being confronted by the prospect of a break-up with the object of his affection.In Wet Dreams, George Romero's zombie movie makeup artist Tom Savinia (who also directs) plays a Freudian psychologist and marriage counselor who turns the tables on a philandering client when he helps a couple step to the other side of the mirror to realize their darkest fantasies. The Accident relates the story of a little girl learning the harsh, existential realities of death after witnessing the aftermath of fatal traffic accident. This serious effort is neither macabre nor racy, and stands out from the other stories in The Theatre Bizarre for its dreamlike filming style and quiet contemplative atmosphere. Vision Stains introduces a psychotic experience junkie who kills other women, drains the vitreous fluid from their eyes and injects it into her own to steal their memories. But when she chooses an "exceptional" victim, she takes a ride straight to hell.Their addiction to elaborate confections cements an uneasy alliance between an oddball beatnik couple in Sweets. The glutenous duo's precarious hold on their shaky union is challenged to the extreme when they join an exclusive club for twisted food perverts whose appetites are esoteric in the extreme.As a whole The Theatre Bizarre is a bit uneven. It's segments are divers and feature unique directorial and writing styles, but each terror tale is memorable, colorful and over-the-top without being campy or silly. The Theatre Bizarre is a portmanteau-style anthology in the tradition of Creepshow, Or Tales From The Crypt, but with adult themes and lots of nudity, it's definitely not a children's movie. Lurid, salacious, chilling, and bloody as hell, The Theatre Bizarre is the most memorable horror anthology I have seen to date.All of the directors have done prior work in horror cinema: Richard Stanley (Dust Devil, Hardware), Buddy Giovinazzo (Combat Shock, Life is Hot in Cracktown), Tom Savini (Night of the Living Dead 1990), Douglas Buck (Cutting Moments), David Gregory (Plague Town), and Karim Hussain (Subconscious Cruelty), and Jeremy Kasten (Wizard of Gore)

Robbie T (br) wrote: Some of the fighting scenes are cool, but the messy plot and Donnie's "wooden" performance kill this picture.

Suraj S (de) wrote: This is definitely an interesting movie and an intriguing look into Buddhism and the way new Lamas are chosen. It can also become very sweet and emotional. However, from a film perspective, some of the scenes are really long and things generally move really slowly.

Sbastien C (kr) wrote: Je suis content de l'avoir cout jusqu' la fin. J'ai failli lcher parce que je trouvais a trop fuck. Vraiment hors de l'ordinaire. Humour assez freak. J'aime bien globalement.

Ben T (jp) wrote: Acting was terrible. Main character's background was textbook cliche (Misunderstood teen girl that no one will listen to). Villain was awful. Mainly this left me thinking it could have been a lot better with some effort.

Jeremy M (us) wrote: Just one of those classic old films. James Mason is excellent.

Anne F (de) wrote: Really good German movie! Touching and soo real!

Leanne G (mx) wrote: Very Funny loved it

Serge L (kr) wrote: Crazy story of an english in africa that lives with lions, tigers, cougars, pumas, elephants. Family comes visit and are scared until they find that all these killers are sweet. Cute ending. Does not look dangerous to live with these animals in the end, in spite of what the guy that made the film said on the radio. Very simple film. Incredible shots. Filmed in California at the Shambala reserve. Dvd extras about the making of the film answer many questions about the film. Many people bit, scratched, and otherwise hurt during the filming, including the alpha male Mr Marshal (human playing the dad). There were several hospital stay, stitches, and some operations. This was the end of the naive 70s.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: Introducing.... Lee Majors & Anthony Zerbe. With Slim Pickens, Bruce Dern, Ben Johnson, & a wild-eyed backwoods pappy in Donny Pleasance! Both Joan Hackett & Heston give solid character driven performances. Good script, editing, and direction - average cinematography & sound. This is a rough gemstone that deserves to be polished up occasionally. Watch also for the young boy Horace, who grew up to be computer-savvy Broots in the popular TV show The Pretender.

peter h (us) wrote: OK THIS IS SOMETHING WEIRD , WOW THE PLOT MAKES NO SENSE OR I'M TRYING TO MAKE SENSE OF WHAT I'VE JUST ENJURED. The WERID plot line starts of with a man developing ESP after he has half his face damaged. Later he is confornted by a wicth who makes a bargin with him that if he will be her lover she will repair his face. ANYWAY the FBI gets involed to investage the main character supernatural powers when the ESP man and his wicth breeze into a town to help out the local police forces with a series of murders and help remove a spirt from a church....AAAAGGGHHH THE REST OF THE FILM IS A TOTAL MINDFUCK ( OH DID I MENTION IS THE HANDY WORK OF HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS WHO HAS HALM MY MIND FOR A SECOND MIND THE FIRST BEING WITH MONSTER A GO-GO) . On another note the DVD company SOMETHING WERID VIDEO ( which is a fantasic company) got thier name from this film in fact i have viewed one of thier DVDS of this film. The main feature is just plain bad but the special features are something esle. One of the features is a short feature entitle A HOT NIGHT AT THE GO-GO CULB which starts with footage of a normal go-go club before turning into a skin flick when three topless dancers show up. Also there is a hard core phsycadallic rock short film thats more feak out material than the end of 2001 a space oddssey. Final rating 3/10 thats only due to the funny special features otherwise its lower in the films case.

Ric D (kr) wrote: This is a good movi, good acting, and good story.