The Three-Sided Mirror

The Three-Sided Mirror

A wealthy young businessman consecutively falls in love with a classy English woman (Pearl), a Russian sculptress (Athalia), and a naive working-class girl (Lucie).

Psychological narrative avantgarde film about a wealthy young businessman who consecutively falls in love with a classy English woman (Pearl), a Russian sculptress (Athalia), and a naive ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean L (ca) wrote: 'Who gives a shit about Oprah.'

Justin W (ag) wrote:'s ridiculous. that's all i can really say. it's horrible and lame...and involves a little girl that constantly wears a stupid-looking sailor hat for some reason. but anyway, it's only worth a watch if you enjoy making fun of films...otherwise, i'd avoid watching it or you'll likely perish from boredom.

Brian W (kr) wrote: Randy Quaid and Jay Baruchel are both fantastic in their roles! The movie is shot in real time and deals with what you would do with your last hour of life!

YK G (us) wrote: Cheap but funny. A worthy indy comedy.

Clay B (kr) wrote: FULLTIME KILLER (2001)

Leonard D (kr) wrote: This is a decent romantic comedy. My sister used to play the theme song all the time when we were kids!

Alex S (ag) wrote: Good action drama with Christopher Walken playing a mercenary who is sent to overthrow the government of an African country.

Dave J (ca) wrote: Friday, October 8, 2010 (1942) Kid Glove Killer CRIME/ DRAMA/ MYSTERY One of few black and white crime films that showcases forensics to solve murders! Fascinating formuliac film about what forensic scientists used to do back on those days for not much has changed! This film also deals with tampering etc...Anybody who love CSI shows should be able to like this film as well! 3.5 out of 4

Phillie E (de) wrote: There's some creepy moments.

Rory Fyfe S (mx) wrote: Super sequel. Great acting. Funny scenes. Loved this movie. It was funny, clever and well acted.