The Three Stooges in Color

The Three Stooges in Color

A quartet of colorized Three Stooges shorts, hosted by The Film Crew.

A quartet of colorized Three Stooges shorts, hosted by The Film Crew. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Three Stooges in Color torrent reviews

KEN B (kr) wrote: Dark, not fun nor beautiful except for the faces of the two leads in their intimate scenes. Argentina is presented as a place of almost dystopian complexity where everyone is in on the game, the scam, the scramble and in it, trying to find something for themselves . At times I didn't want to watch anymore, but I couldn't take my eyes off the train wreck I knew was coming, even though I hoped it weren't. Amazing performances and reality throughout.Not for the faint of cinematic (he)art.

Rhonda B (it) wrote: I think this is what my husband would be like if he ran for president. lol

Brett D (gb) wrote: This looked like an interesting movie so I rented it off of netflix. I should have known what I was getting into with a title like Ninja Cheerleaders. Terribly choreographed fight scenes, a strip club with no nudity, a clueless detective, overuse of bone crunching, nut busting sound effects, bad directing, and a confusing story. There really isn't one redeeming quality to this movie. In the special features the director said that this was a comedy but I have no idea how this could be considered a comedy. Although I did laugh a little at the fight scenes because they were that bad. Ninja Cheerleaders is just annoying and should be avoided by all.

Ned J (nl) wrote: Fun look at a teenager's life after he finishes the Leaving Certificate the same summer that Elvis dies. Jared Leto is quite convincing (his accent's not bad!) and Catherine O'Hara is hilarious as the insane, red-haired, Irish mother, convinced her family is descended from the High Kings of Ireland. I enjoyed this one; it's probably fun, even if you're not Irish. Great soundtrack, good performances, evocative of that period in your life after school where you sit about and go 'now what do I do?' Enjoyable and funny.

Gregory W (fr) wrote: not bad for post feminist feminism

Private U (de) wrote: Notice how similar the poster is to Back to the Future...hey, that *also* had time travel. Jeez, what a coincidence!

Allan C (ca) wrote: Writer/Director Martin Brest had a really good track record as a director, but sadly has a rather short filmography. This was his second film, which he followed with "Beverly Hills Cop," "Midnight Run" and "Scent of a Woman." His last film was the notorious flop "Gigli" which Brest battle the studio on and the film extensively changed form his original version. Re-watching this early film of his, I'm really wanting to see a new film from him. Telling the unusual comic crime story about a group of three elderly men, George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg, deciding to become bank robbers. I think what distinguishes Breast crime comedies from other inferior ones is that he always invests time to character development. There are plenty of examples where comic crime films are merely funny or clever (i.e. "Oceans 11," "My Blue Heaven," "Get Shorty" or even "Raising Arizona") but there are far fewer with well defined characters who the audience genuinely care about (i.e. "Bottle Rocket" or "The Sting") who are not broad comic characters. But in addition to Breast, a huge amount of credit need to go to Burns, Carney and Strasberg, who all give believable, touching and also quite funny performances. Look fast for Mark Margolis plays a prison guard.

Paul D (br) wrote: After Where Eagles Dare comes another Richard Burton daring war mission this time in North Africa. Formulaic but nevertheless a good pace with both tension and action thrown in.

Glenn B (br) wrote: I am a big fan of Ray Dennis Steckler, who puts the "nai" back in "naive filmmaking." If only Hollywood had 1/100 of Ray's heart and soul. No, this is not a "good" movie. But "E.T." was, and I know which I'd rather watch again. Plus Carolyn Brandt is hawt.

Allen R (gb) wrote: Such a bad film - 1.5/10

Paul D (gb) wrote: With some laughable moments, and more than a few poor scenes it doesn't help that the films plot workthrough is mis-handled. It took Travolta a decade to recover from this tripe.