The Three Trials

The Three Trials

Catherine, a nun with a unique form of narcolepsy, attempts to lose herself in the worlds of religion, adolescent fantasy, and finally masochistic devotion to a man. Her husband, a plastic surgeon, has evolved from a yeti-like creature to accommodate her masochism with increasingly extreme and bizarre rituals. With an experimental and ground-breaking format, The Three Trials incorporates surreal narrative, music video, and abstract imagery. The viewer is left to interpret what is real, what is dream, and what is false narrative in this feverish, pitch-black comedy with a smorgasbord of sexual fetishes.

Catherine, a nun with a unique form of narcolepsy, attempts to lose herself in the worlds of religion, adolescent fantasy, and finally masochistic devotion to a man. Her husband, a plastic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jasrick J (ca) wrote: A meek tale, the story begins with an old building Royal Mansion being rented for film shoots and eyed by land sharks who want to bring it down and come up with condominium. Once, a heroine faints sighting a ghost. A filmmaker (parambrata) decides to check that place out and he gets to hear a spooky tale from an aspiring writer (sharman) regarding that mansion. Whether it is just a cooked up tale or there is something to it forms the rest.The director has come up with a comedy storyline and while the presentation was nice, the narrative was disappointing. The dialogues were good at places. The script was alright but the screenplay was weak. The background score was good but songs were bad. Cinematography was the saving grace. Editing was required during the second half. Costumes were suiting the characters while the art department was excellent. Sharman Joshi was natural and he did well, Mahie Gill looks seductive and acted nicely. Anupam Kher was the best among the lot. Meera Chopra was mediocre. Saurabh Shukla was superb. Parambrata was apt. Others didn??t get much scope.The film happens to be the remake of the Bengali hit ??Bhooter Bhobishyot?? and though the original was quite entertaining, the remake is not so. Apparently, the film takes its own time to pick up and by that time the first half is over. The second half had few promising moments but the songs and repetitive comedy spoiled the mood. Of course, the last fifteen to twenty minutes was quite interesting but the momentum is lost by then. Overall, this is a film which had good potential but was not executed well. A big letdown by Satish Kaushik1.75/5*

Dean R (au) wrote: Ridiculous movie. Very poorly done.

cainlyons (ag) wrote: I don't know why people think this movie was bad. I think it's sweet, mostly funny, and romantic. Quite a nice flick, really.

Joe C (es) wrote: Guy Ritchie really did hit the ground running. His full-length debut is a one-fingered peace sign to conventional filmmaking as well as a riot of ADHD camerawork, so chock-a-block full of deliriously paced sequences that you barely have time to place the popcorn in your mouth. His tale of a four-member crew whose efforts to cheat a local card shark quickly unravel into a bloody orgy of threats, thieving, and violence is merely an exercise in ramshackle camera-effects and the kind of bloody black comedy only England is capable of. Ritchie's sepia-drenched style, use of unusual background music and indecipherable slang give the whole film the feel of an altered state of perception, whether it be Eddy's shaky devastation at running up the debt or the various spells of drunkenness, dope trancing or adrenalin rush that smite all characters. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a Molotov cocktail of a movie, and an excellent comedy meandering along despite the lack of anything resembling a real plot.

Angela G (jp) wrote: best film ever free meeeeeeeeeeee,old style criminals love it.proper londoners.

Zaar D (ag) wrote: um no, not interested

Tristan R (ca) wrote: Allow me to save you precious minutes of your life. Boy meets girl. Boy likes Girl. Girl likes other boy. Boy shuts up. Girl gets married. Boy discovers ancient art of bringing people under his will. Boy becomes powerful. Boy enslaves rival. Boy marries girl. Girl tricks Boy. Boy is killed by revolt.

Tony B (nl) wrote: A film that was sitting in my Netflix list for far too long. Fans of both Lennon and Pacino should love this picture. Hollywood should make more of these types of films.

Michael M (de) wrote: The pinnacle of stupid fun. The plot is...was there one? Something regarding vengeance and standard martial arts stuff. Honestly when it starts going into plot, the movie drags to a halt and becomes profoundly dull. I had virtually no investment in any of the characters and most of the acting is poor at best. When the action starts up though, it's a lot of fun. I loved the unrelentingly R-rated action, and the ridiculous creativity of all of it. Is it a great movie? Hell no, it's hardly even a good one, but it is a lot of fun.