The Three Troubledoers

The Three Troubledoers

Set in the old west, the stooges become marshals in a town with a high death rate for lawmen. The boys set out prevent a marriage between the villain Blackie and the heroine Nell, who's father Blackie has kidnapped. The stooges manage to defeat Blackie and his henchmen, but when Nell's father learns she promised to marry Curly if he could save her, he decides death would be a preferable fate.

Set in the old west, the stooges become marshals in a town with a high death rate for lawmen. The boys set out prevent a marriage between the villain Blackie and the heroine Nell, who's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roxanne R (us) wrote: A sweet and funny comedy that manages to capture more than its target audience. I am not a gamer but I liked it because its message is crystal clear- friendships are fundamental and help you during the good and bad times. A group of friends who are hardcore gamers decide to compete in the ultimate gaming challenge: the $400,000 Cyberbowl video game championship to be held in Los Angeles. Each of them dealing with their own problems and insecurities take the challenge and along the journey some truths will be revealed. Can they win? Well you have to watch this funny story and I was surprised to discover that "professional gaming" IS a job and quite lucrative to the tune of six figures folks. Hey for $400,000 I am willing to participate and give it my heart and soul but first I would need to get a gaming system! All kidding aside, the film is entertaining and sweet. Recommended and guess what- available on Netflix instant streaming!

Tim R (br) wrote: Benefits from Jeremy Renner's incredible talent

xGary X (ca) wrote: A squad of AWOL soldiers happens upon a remote island inhabited by two feuding clans with very different ideas of how to deal with the zombie holocaust. I'd love to say that the latest in George Romero's spiralling Dead franchise has finally stopped the rot, but I'd be lying. Survival Of The Dead's recipe of weak slapstick comedy and cartoon gore turns the once fearful zombies into something of a deeply un-intimidating joke and I wish that just ONCE, a Hollywood casting director could actually cast an actual Irish actor instead of just assuming that an American drawling "Oi'm frum Oireland t'be sure" is good enough. The uninspiring small screen cast are very difficult to care about and I would describe the amateurish feel of the whole thing as "TV standard" if The Walking Dead hadn't come along and proven how high "TV standard" has become over recent years. Instead of witty, insightful satire Romero has chosen to turn The Dead series into a cross between The Munsters and The Beverly Hill Billies and the addition of a half-baked message about nationalism at the very end just doesn't cut it. Easily the worst of the series and I'm sad to say that it's about time he called it a day because it's just getting a little embarrassing now.

Samin S (kr) wrote: someone else should have played elizabeta.. jane march did a terrible job..but rudolf martin ruled..he was born to play drakula..!

Raymond P (de) wrote: i dont know how many rated low if you are not into chinese martial arts movies you better not rate..this is one of the best chinese movies ive seen after flying swords

Claire T (ca) wrote: I thought this movie was good but I don't think it was Robin Williams best movie, it was an ok film but could have been better, it had a few funny scenes, it starred Tim Tim Robbins and Pamela Reed

Jairo A (us) wrote: Surprisingly some people love this movie, WHY?! Sure the make up is very creative, but what the hell is this movie really about? I have no idea...Anyway, it's a rental/Netflix type movie at best. There's nothing special about this movie. Overall, it's not terrible but it's definitely not good either! 5/10

Dmitry B (mx) wrote: Great documentary which reaches beyond the gay rights. It explores great personality, a struggle for understangind and recognition of human dignity and freedom. May be not as sensual and dramatic as Van Sant's "Milk", but certainly an impulse to ask yourself - "What have you done so far with a gift of being young, smart and living in this beautiful world?"

Paul C (br) wrote: One of my favourite films this, as it shows soldiers in a less than heroic light, eventually redeeming themselves - a lot like one of the director's earlier films - The Dirty Dozen. This time the action takes place in the Pacific theatre at the height of the Second World War. The film is filled with British character actors and features a brief cameo from Henry Fonda, but it is Cliff Robertson and Michael Caine who make this film their own, by allowing themselves to be portrayed in an unusually ugly self-serving light for them both. Lots of boys-own action in this one - ideal for a sunday afternoon or late night's post-pub viewing.

Noah J (kr) wrote: Interesting ideas, but this would have been better if it were a movie embodying them rather than the filmmakers talking about what good ideas they are.

Ilsa L (ag) wrote: Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart are terrific in this charming and delightful romantic comedy.

Michal P (ag) wrote: Trashy, but in a cute way.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Overplayed and over dramatic with its slightly odd murderous plot. No media organisation would show a filmed murder and risk losing their license to broadcast, but this goes down that route.