The Tie That Binds

The Tie That Binds

John Netherwood and his wife Leann are fugitives who are both wanted for murder. They have a young daughter named Janie and they want her back.

John Netherwood and his wife Leann are fugitives who are both wanted for murder. They have a young daughter named Janie. John and Leann are in the process of robbing a house when the two ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (es) wrote: Getting awkward more than it bargained for.

Franois M (nl) wrote: HIstoire intressante. Ralisateur la camra toujours sublime. Le problme c'est qu'il semble y avoir un foss entre les deux. Quelque chose qui ne fonctionne pas dans le rendu finale. Un film de ce genre. Dans la ligne d'un CRASH... Avec ces personnages et ces vies qui s'entrecroisent se doit d'tre assez bien fait et mont pour ne pas voir venir les intrigues. Ici, c'est un chec. Malheureusement.

Donnie L (ca) wrote: A cringe worthy good Times

Jerem M (jp) wrote: A train wreck of a movie with one very charming montage wedged in.

Gregg H (jp) wrote: Aidan Quinn and Beau Bridges stole the show for me; I wish these two were in more movies together. They really grounded this younger cast with their experience. The visuals were absolutely gorgeous; they really sold me on the sense of isolation that seems to haunt the main characters. Rushlights is a departure from the average thriller and brings a chill to the Texas landscape. Highly recommended.

Peter B (es) wrote: Like a bad sitcom that even the UPN wouldn't air.

Lisa W (br) wrote: my kids love these movies..

Paul B (fr) wrote: This is a very intriguing chronicle through the life of one of the greatest film makers to ever live.

michelle (ca) wrote: good japanese film by a french director. i love it!

TheSecond P (de) wrote: good court room drama with a good performance from Woods

Robert G (kr) wrote: I kind of thought this movie was the shit when I was 13 because Emilio was all sticking it to the man, being Robin Hood-esque, and revolutionary, yadda, yadda. Now I realize that, well, it was kind of mediocre (like his acting), and Emilio was bitter because he couldn't get into college and get a real job so he had to rob banks.

Michael A (nl) wrote: The first Exterminator was a brutal masterpiece. This movie was a piece of garbage! The filming and editing was awful. The pacing was slow as syrup in January. And the action was reduced to Robert Ginty using just a flamethrower. This should of never been made and should never be seen.People thought that Transformers 2 was the worse sequel ever? Well this takes the cake. RIP Robert Ginty.

Chad H (it) wrote: Dusted this off and watched it on Netflix the other day. Haven't seen in in about a year. I've always enjoyed this movie, even though it has a dark somewhat melancholic tone to it. The cast is impressive in that so many future actors are in it, Tom Cruise, Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn,Giancarlo Esposito. It's set at a military academy in the early 80's, so their is still some of the post Vietnam military bias left in the country. The academy is threatened with closure but the superintendent Gen Bache played by the excellent George C. Scott is determined to keep it open. He does channel Patton in this, but plays a slightly haunted man. He speaks to his cadets about duty and honor, but more in the past tense rather then current I think. An old soldier who has seen to much and hasn't kept up with the times. An incident occurs in which a civilian teenager is accidentally killed by the general, who is then taken into custody. The cadets led by Timothy Huttons's character Brian Moreland then cease the weapons at the academy and take it over, in protest of their school being turned into condominiums. A siege ensues, the commanding officer of the police and national guard is led by Ronny Cox's character Col Kerby. Kerby is an interesting contrast to Bache. Bache is more the old style romantic warrior where Kerby is the more modern and realistic. "I have the career goal of all soldiers and that is to stay alive." he tells Brian Moreland during negotiations. Both men have different views and represent different eras of the army but are honorable. Their is a slight anti-gun message in this movie I think, but it is subtle and I feel that the director, despite the feeling of the show being anti-military still respects those who serve. If you haven't seen it and like military shows, this is a good one.

Tim K (jp) wrote: Probably the best of the Dean Jones Disney films. Sure it is corny as heck, but it is still funny and moves at a lightning pace. Harry Morgan does a great job as the crotchety old squatter in this classic riff on a Mr. Blandings Dream House type scenario. Very classic Disney stuff. Enjoy the computer sequence in the pre-credits's a hoot!

Alastair K (jp) wrote: Anyone else notice how many ad's you get on Youtube these days. No. Just me.