The Time of Warriors

The Time of Warriors


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John H (nl) wrote: One of three favorite Nora Roberts adaptations for the TV. Really, I loved it, I wanted a little bit more from the book end as far as side stories and some of the events that were cut out for time. But Really well done! This one is third after Northern Lights and Montana Sky. 1&2...

Dave R (ag) wrote: Ah it was pretty messed up movie for sure like wow so many people died by so many differnt ways by one person it was funny

Donna L (es) wrote: Not bad, sadly it's based on a true story.

Jordan W (de) wrote: Yeah I rated it higher than it deserves. The entire reason to see this movie is Aaron Paul's character. Also Imogen Poots is adorable

Javier F (us) wrote: Un tema fuerte y sordido en una sociedad supuestamente "civilizada", es una etapa vivida por la nueva esclavitud ; el comercio de personas. Excelentes actuaciones.

Johan G (br) wrote: Fotball hooligans doing it best.

Hal M (br) wrote: Catherine Deneuve's inexcusably wooden acting dooms this from the moment of casting. She is the Victor Mature of female players. Imagine, say, Anna Karina in this role!

Damien O (br) wrote: It's unfortunate that the critics rated this film so low, saying things like the movie "fails to deliver" or that the plot has things "we don't care" about. This has to be one of the best vampire/werewolf movies of all time, and has to be compared as such--so many films of this genre cannot even come close to how excellent this movie was. No shiny vampires. Werewolves that were actually hybrid beasts and not just [email protected]$$ wolves.Many of these critics are comparing this movie to other movies in general, and for that, the rating is probably apt. But if you're a vampire/werewolf movie kinda fan, this is one of the best movies out there, hands down.

Randy H (ag) wrote: Stupid, yet not the least bit funny. Skip it