The Time of Your Life

The Time of Your Life

Joe spends a lot of his time at Nick's Pacific Street Saloon. Tom, who credits Joe with once saving his life, stops by regularly to run errands for Joe. Today, Tom notices a woman named Kitty when she comes into Nick's, and he quickly falls in love with her. Meanwhile, a distraught young man repeatedly calls his girlfriend, begging her to marry him. Nick himself muses on all the various persons who come into his bar, some to ask for work and others just to pass the time.

A wide variety of persons come into Nick's Pacific Street Saloon, some to ask for work and others just to pass the time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sheila M (de) wrote: I enjoyed this very much. I feel it just scratched the surface of what single families face. Having friends to lean on or just to talk to works wonders. The support group idea was excellant.

Nick G (ru) wrote: Another one of those "terrible, but in a funny way" deals that are so great to watch with your friends. The main character is a dense idiot, no bullet ever hits a vehicle anywhere except the radiator, the plot's simple, and the final shot doesn't care if it makes sense or not. So much fun to watch go down in flames. While watching this, my friends actually started contemplating whether directors know their movies are this bad from the get-go, or if they think they're amazing the whole way through.

Eli T (it) wrote: The chemistry between Neeson and Linney is palpable in this charming period piece. Although some of the philosophies are certainly debatable, some even detestable, the film depicts the sex doctor's studies in an unwaveringly valid way, refusing to dress things up in pleasant euphemisms or dodgy, harmless bilge.

Rob A (mx) wrote: really enjoyable film. makes you smile

Jesse T (mx) wrote: Has all the values of a straight-to-video movie, but because it has a bigger-name cast, it gets a full theatrical release.

Pamela C (ag) wrote: This is a great movie!

Tom R (es) wrote: (2 1/2 Stars) I think I'm being really lenient with Houseguest. It has more funny parts than I expected and Sinbad is actually pretty amusing, even though this film is a star vehicle with implausibility cranked up to 11. But I figure, as long as it's funny, I can overlook plot holes. After all, I think it's supposed to be for kids. I think introducing the money-hungry but somehow lovable Kevin Franklin (Sinbad) is okay. He owes the mob a lot of money and has to get away from them, so he pretends to be very conservative Gary Young's (Phil Hartman) long lost friend. Good setup, but there are so many identify theft bits get really tired and not funny. Plus, it's really long for a situational comedy; almost two hours. There are subplots with Kevin helping Young's kooky family that are okay, but you've seen it many times before. Final complaint about the movie: some scenes are edited extremely quickly that I feel like warning people prone to seizures about it.I think Houseguest is one of those movies that you'll like if you've seen it as a kid. I remember watching it as a kid, but it didn't leave that much of an impact. I watch it as an adult and the best I can say about it is that it's on the very edge of "okay."

Dillon K (au) wrote: Val Kilmer leads a solid cast in this complex murder mystery, that does not glaze over Native American culture like so many other films have done.

James R (de) wrote: A remarkably delightful and poignant dramedy. Vanilla Ice turns in a tour de force performance.

Khurram A (ru) wrote: hello i want to see this movie

John P (ru) wrote: Sam Peckinpah's Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia is one the most bleakest, most violent, and most depressing movies I have ever seen. It chronicles a cycle of violence and destruction that kills all who are sucked into it. There is no hero in this story, and no one remotely likeable, with the exception of a middle aged whore. It was hated by critics and audiences upon its release, and I can't blame them. But I don't agree with them either. This is a good movie. It's not a good movie because it's easy to watch, or because we like the people in it, or because it carries some important message. If it even has a message, it's that nothing matters and everybody dies. It's a good movie because it is one of the most powerful expressions of disillusionment and nihilism ever produced. It's a good movie because it has no illusions about itself. It knows that it's about rotten people and wretched deeds, and refuses to shy away from the ugliness or make excuses for the things that happen. And it's a good movie because it's absolutely fascinating. The reason that anyone wants Seor Garcia's head is that he had the poor judgment to impregnate the daughter of a wealthy crime boss, who now offers a million dollars to the man who will deliver his head. There are many who wish to claim the bounty, but no-one knows where he is. No-one except Benny, a poor bartender who learned from his girlfriend that Alfredo is already dead and buried after a fatal car accident. Now all he has to do to claim part of that reward is dig up his old friend and cut off his head. Or so he thinks. At this point, the sheer futility and pointlessness of everything that will happen should be perfectly clear. A million dollars is being offered so that an evil old man can have his revenge, but what's the point if he's already dead? And it only becomes bitterer and more cynical from there. Benny never had anything against Alfredo. His girlfriend once loved the man. But if desecrating an old friend's grave will get him $10,000 then he'll do it. Because that head is his ticket out the slums. He's been stuck in a dead end existence without prospects, without hope, far too long to let anyone or anything stop him. And there will be many who try. Lots of people want that head. Some are driven by the same greed as Benny. Others have more personal reasons. But none of them will back down, and none of them have anything resembling scruples, or the slightest bit of mercy. And so the bullets will fly, and the body count will rise. And the fighting and killing will continue long after there's any reason for it, past the point where money is on the line, until anger and killing have become ends unto themselves. And that is what fascinates me. Most of the people who die in this movie didn't have to die. Benny didn't have to fight them. But he doesn't know how to stop fighting. He's lost too much, and his anger has consumed him utterly. When he started out he was already desperate, impatient, and unhappy, and as his journey becomes ever more miserable he's gotten closer to the edge, until killing is the only thing left to him. There's a section in the middle where he's retrieved the head and is driving back alone in his battered car. And the head is sitting in the car next to him, wrapped in bloody cloth and surrounded by files. And he's talking to it, almost shouting at it, telling it how none of this was worth it and it's his fault that so many have died. It's like the Wilson scenes in Castaway, only a hundred times more demented. And it stands out because it so perfectly sums up the madness, desperation, and sense of decay that permeate the entire film. It's just hard to believe that there can be a world that is so devoid of happiness or meaning, where so few people have so few morals, where the 'hero' will shoot a dead man "Just because it feels so good." And that Peckinpah can make it so engaging, and achieve such purpose out of futility, is the most amazing thing of all.

Justin W (ca) wrote: Great Moto GP documentary.

Brian K (nl) wrote: Wow this movie is a pointless waste of time. Avoid Rollerball like the plague!

Carlos I (kr) wrote: Even for the ridiculousness of it, this is a pretty fun kids movie from the 80s. Great chemistry among the cast makes it more endearing than it has any right to be.

Koby B (ca) wrote: one of my favorite movies ever, loved every minute of it.