The Time to Die

The Time to Die

A woman witnesses a video taped murder and is marked for elimination by the killer.

A woman witnesses a video taped murder and is marked for elimination by the killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Time to Die torrent reviews

paul B (nl) wrote: Beaucoup apprecier l univers du vin et cette tension familiale jouee par de tres bon acteurs, mais le films ne developpe rien de tres interessant.

Dream P (it) wrote: Nice and funny movie !!! Had a nice laugh !!! Loved Sonam Kapoor too !!! Recommended !!! :D

Atanay W (nl) wrote: I wanted a classic Hugh Grant piece and I got exactly what I wanted. Plus for an interesting premise

rosina c (nl) wrote: Overall it was very sweet and i enjoyed it. It was very similar to father of the bride times three. I liked the youngest girl the best by far.

Mark G (ru) wrote: A grisly thriller. A French film about an impoverished roofer who, in need of money, participates in an organized game of Russian roulette while others bet on the outcome. Film could use more fleshed out characters but the tension in the high stakes game is enough to keep the viewer involved.

Joey F (jp) wrote: I have a soft spot for this movie because it is so close to being amazing. It's still good, but man, if it was just a liiiiittttle better.

Jim H (us) wrote: Very offbeat ?? just like the inspiration for the movie. Julia Roberts is deliciously strange, and she heads a cast that is at times offputting and others excellent. The movie goes a little too long, and loses you in spots, but if you are a Chuck Barris fan, this one is for you.

Judge L (kr) wrote: Just stay away. Could have been SO much more.

Mark D (us) wrote: This movie is pretty lamo and the acting is horrible.

David S (gb) wrote: I really like this movie...

Scott C (fr) wrote: Great cast and lush colour photography.

Thomas D (ag) wrote: A better editor or a better editng plan could have made this a masterpiece. As it is, it is still really good. Loved the music. Loved the story of James Brown. It was a good time. Could have been 6 hours long if they told ALL the stories im sure.

Kyle C (ag) wrote: WOW, that was pretty good. Not quite sure what the title means (which seems to be a theme this year) but that is just a minor flaw in this action packed ride. Jason Statham plays a man who beats up everyone (Hmmm, I wonder if he's ever played a role like that before, lol) but this time it's not just senseless action and fight scenes. He plays a man who moves to a new town with his daughter but unknown to the people in the town, he is a former undercover cop. When his daughter gets in a fight at school he is pegged as the bad man in town by the other child's parents and is setup to be killed off by the local meth dealer played by James Franco (who is actually quite convincing and menacing), what transpires is an all out blood bath between Statham and the gang out to get him (I wonder who wins). The ending is kind of a letdown with an atrocious line to finish it off but that aside this movie is a lot of fun and definitely worth a watch. RECOMMENDED for Jason Statham fans and fans of action movies.

Julio C (mx) wrote: Una peli muy locochona, descabellada y a-go-go, bastante divertida para pasar el rato, aunque carezca de todo sentido. Es muy extrao que haya sido dirigida por Mario Bava, una leyenda del terror italiano, pero tal vez eso le da el toque especial que la salva.

John W (kr) wrote: If a true hell gate is ever discovered it will undoubtedly require as a sacrifice repeated viewings of this horribly cheesy mishmash.