The Tin Soldier

The Tin Soldier

The story of a boy trying to find his place at a new school with the help of a toy knight that comes to life to teach him moral lessons.

A boy trying to cope with his father's death much-needed guidance when his new toy soldier springs to life. Soon he gets caught in the mixed between two gangs at war with each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob B (br) wrote: Hard to go wrong with one of the greatest comic stories ever written, but cheap animation really lets it down.

Marjolaine L (de) wrote: I saw it last year... i sabelle Huppert and Patrick Bruel.. hehheh

Chosen 7 (ru) wrote: Interesting drama. The best friends [a guy and a girl] secretly in love storyline is old, very predictable but still interesting to watch. Good performances by David Morse and Gregory Smith. Jordan Brewster was good as well, she should get more roles.

c m (jp) wrote: To relinquish Natural City to the "Blade Runner" copycat bin, which so many reviews do, and which might seem the obvious and correct thing at first go, does the film something of a disservice. It struck me that while it works off of the same "conceptual fabric" as Ridley Scott's vision of the PKD novel, it was, under the surface, a different film in a number of ways, and offers a dystopean vision that is uniquely Korean with cultural and sociological reference points which understandably Scott and North American audiences do not usually have the experiencial palatte to grasp without a great deal of effort and attention. While east and west have some shared iconography of what a decaying society is like, they also have many that are idiosyncratic. It took me several viewings but it struck me as eerily beautiful in its own right. One simple example is the relationship between R and the cyborg doll Ria. When contrasted with theirs, the dialogue and body language expressed between Deckard and Rachel shows us a rather cold and distant pairing. Korean film is much more emotionally sophistocated than what we are usually fed in North America. I understand the temptation of some reviewers I've read elsewhere, to parse N.C. as an example of what has become a common trend in the film industry of generating endless cheap productions that have titles close enough or Trailers that are visually similar enough to a blockbuster in order to confuse the ticket buyer and video renter (or more appropriately now-video streamer). This production does use the shiny-glossy Ridley Scott marketable window dressing of B.R. but would argue that this is only a veneer that wipes off fairly quickly. Perhaps the marketers did want to generate some confusion, but the creative people behind the film slipped in some herbal flavouring of their own into the audiences bubble tea. Perhaps I am over valuing the cultural ligaments of the film (I watched this in the midst of an orgy of viewing dozens of S. Korean films), but I believe they invest it with enough of a unique vision that it removes the film from the category of "cheap Blade Runner knock-offs" and makes it of value to watch. Perhaps it belongs on a shelf next to the one which holds B.R. rather than on the shelf below it.

Private U (au) wrote: Admittedly, you have to be in the right state of mind for this movie. But the satire of a human tendency to take life too seriously and over-inflate the meaning of various events is sheer brilliance. Wahlberg's character is so brazenly comical and extremist to counter Jason Schwartzman's poetic over-analyses. So many lines will become quotes that infiltrate daily life and make you smile over and over. Viewers who know other "over philosophizers" will find it satisfyingly funny when their typical musings are parodied.Wonderful performances by all the actors. And Jude Law's character journey is entertaining and well done.

Scott R (de) wrote: Because Trevor said so. I saw this because I was intrigued by the plot. It turned out to be a let down.

Jake W (ag) wrote: A great story and a matching performance from its lead. The players' characters could've been better developed, especially that of 'Jimmy' and the actual in-game scenes could've and should've been a lot better shot. That being said, the drama of this underdog story is portrayed well and makes for a good drama.

Richard Y (gb) wrote: Not great, watchable.

Calum B (kr) wrote: A young man joins the British mod movement and gains a feeling of belonging and importance, but this makes him even more disenfranchised from his boring 9 to 5 life.Britain's answer to Rebel Without A Cause is based around a fair-to-middling Who concept album (they financed the movie too) and was made on a modest budget, but has far too much going for it to be ignored. Especially if you are working class and come from the UK.(How it is viewed elsewhere is beyond my telling, but reading reviews on this site I get the impression that people from all over the world can relate to its central themes - even if the locations and accents are alien.)Director Franc Roddam was smart enough to cast a young Phil Daniels in the central role of Jimmy. Daniels is a good actor, but he is neither smooth or particularly good looking. This prevents him being accused of glamorising some of the things that he gets up to.Jimmy is, indeed, also a bit naive. He has a boring job in the post room of an advertising agency (note the satire about pushing smoking - this is the "no health warning" 60's!) and rides around on a scooter with lots of lights on the front.Life, for him, is about getting through the day and partying at night/weekends to the hip sounds of the day - the non-Who soundtrack album is a taster to mid 60's Brit Pop.(His parents don't understand him either - but this could be taken as read in this style of movie!)As most of us know, and a few even tell Jimmy in the movie proper: Life cannot be all parties, cheap thrills and gang fights, but he doesn't seem to want to listen. He is one of the world's great "there must be more to life than this" merchants - in this he is right, but you need to be brighter, better educated or better looking to have it. There is a good cast of British new wavers on show here: Leslie Ash plays Jimmy's love interest and Sting gets to be the "Ace Face" - the good looking top dog mod that Jimmy wants to be. The home truth about this character leaves Jimmy even more exposed.Quadrophenia is one of the greatest films about being a teenager ever made and thank god we have video cassettes, DVDs and cable/sat TV so people can actually see it. A low budget classic that deserves to seen at least once by all film buffs and several times if it reflects your life in any way.

Patrick G (nl) wrote: This is one of those movies my mom turned me on to while compiling her list of top-rated movies to have in her collection. Based on a story by Eugene O'Neill, 'Voyage' centers around a freighter called the 'Glencairn', filled with an assortment of rough and tough sailors just trying to survive from one port to the next in the early days of World War II. You would think with John Ford at the helm and John Wayne in the credits, it would be more rough and tumble, but you are never far from the fact it's...this is important...based on stories by Eugene O'Neill. You know, 'The Iceman Cometh', 'Desire Under The Elms', etc., so you know there's loads and loads of pathos and bathos abounding. In fact, this movie is an amalgam of four O'Neill plays, including the one for which the movie took its name. Wayne is not your basic American sailor. In fact, he's a Swede named Ole Olsen, complete with Scandinavian accent. Being only a year or so removed from his great breakout film 'Stagecoach', one wonders if he was pushing a little not to be typecast as a cowboy. It didn't work, but that's not saying he did a bad job. Wayne, along with Barry Fitzgerald (who would later pair with Wayne in the immortal 'The Quiet Man') Thomas Mitchell, Ian Hunter and the rest made up a ensemble cast that thoroughly captured the lives of sailors who scratched their way through (not always surviving), wondering whether the next port would be their last.

Chris J (ru) wrote: Arnie and Stallone, it's always going to work. This is underrated and awesome.

Filippo P (ru) wrote: Well, not the best movie by Disney, but still, it's good. Enjoyable.

Andrew M (it) wrote: Hot Tub Time Machine is a good movie. This movie however, does lack some comedy. There are not a lot of jokes in this movie. However, the plot of the movie is good. I would suggest this movie.

Brett B (jp) wrote: Bill Murray does Bill Murray things in this holiday flick that takes a new spin on the classic tale. Some of the special effects are dated, but overall I think it is a solid christmas movie.

Craig S (it) wrote: A bit like real life: it sucks after one leaves Orlando.