The Toll of the Sea

The Toll of the Sea

When young Lotus Flower sees an unconscious man floating in the water near the seashore, she quickly gets help for him. The man is Allen Carver, an American visiting China. Soon the two have fallen in love, and Carver promises to take her with him when he returns home. But Carver's friends discourage him from doing this, and he returns to the USA alone. By the time the two of them meet again, much has changed, and their reunion proves very trying for them both.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:54 minutes
  • Release:1922
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  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ocean,   rescue,   suicide,  

While visiting China, an American man falls in love with a young Chinese woman, but he then has second thoughts about the relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Linda B (ca) wrote: A worthy follow up to the original. Emma Thompson is one very talented writer.

Shane J (ca) wrote: really poor sci fi actioner from Gooding jnr.its like somethibg made in the 90s that would have stared some c grade star so its as usual puzzling why he would star in stuff like this. it starts ok even quite interesting then you realise Val Kilmer really can't be bothered to be there unfortunatly that transfers to Gooding jnr and buy the end he just looks more pissed off to actually be in the film then what's happening. the effects are terrible 10+ years ago terrible and stand out. I quite like the idea of a hero having information pop up to help him out,that could prob make a decent tv series if done right. scarely a sequel is threatened at the end of this with a nice cameo. no not even the great micheal ironside could save this :-(

Liy B (de) wrote: A very sad true story of the group of soldiers that was left to guard a mountain fort during the Lebanon war, Beaufort gives you an utter feeling of hopelessness. Its filmed with fluid motion photography which at first makes you unsure whether this is a motion picture of a documentary. The movie begins in the middle of their service as new recruits come in and others finish their terms. They all discuss why they think they are there and whether or not they feel it is worth it to risk their lives for something they didn't even start. The movie is a psychological exercise of what is right and what is wrong which I always find worth seeing.

Kara H (br) wrote: This makes no sense and I stopped watching after 30 minutes.

Robert H (mx) wrote: pretty good action movie

Cynthia E (us) wrote: Juzo Itami was a brilliant comedic director who could have done so much more. I think this may have been the movie that "killed" him.

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Mason W (kr) wrote: Super awesome movie. And old kung fu movie but it was a blockbuster hit when it opened. Awesome fights and great humor. A must see. More then the sequel, Legend of Drunken Master.

Adrian B (br) wrote: Excellent Luschino Visconti movie about young man named Rocco (Alain Deloin), his three brothers, and mother (Katina Paxinou) who move from the countryside to the city after the father passes away. Another brother (Spiros Focas) just becomes engaged to an attractive woman (Claudia Cardinale) and helps his siblings and mother get an apartment, rather than stay with him in his cramped place. He even assists on them in getting jobs, but what really intrigues several of the brothers is boxing, particularly Rocco. This makes another one of the brothers, Simone (Renato Salvatori), quite jealous because he is also a boxer and it cause a stir between them. To make matters worse, a prostitute (Annie Garardot), intervenes in the brothers' lives, which eventually leads to tragedy. The movie is told in episode like form, with five sections split among the five brothers. Superbly shot and acted, with the set pieces making the movie almost real life to the viewer. One of the great films of Italy and another great film from 1960!

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Jennifer H (jp) wrote: Very entertaining!! Emma Thompson steals the show.