The Toolbox Murders

The Toolbox Murders

No one is safe when a killer, wielding the deadly contents of his toolbox, methodically stalks his prey.

Ski-masked maniac kills apartment complex tenants with the contents of a toolbox. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Toolbox Murders torrent reviews

Martina B (fr) wrote: Freaky occult movie worth checking out.

Kevin S (ca) wrote: Quirky but dark story but with a good cast and good acting. Enjoyed the movie much more than I thought I would.

Osmidia P (ag) wrote: Not a movie. More like a PIECE OF CRAP!

Chris G (es) wrote: London-set revenge thriller (specifically Camden actually!) which is well made in every aspect except the actual story. It shows promise but reaches a plateau very early on. Still, nice score and cinematography. Almost gave it three stars. Someone should give the same team a different film to make!

Timm S (gb) wrote: I Cannot Believe How Terrible This Was. A Bunch Of New Characters Thrown Into The Mix Right At The Very End, So You Have To Sift Through All Their Back-Stories In Tedious & Soapie-Styled Acting Fashion. The Final Showdown In The Snow Plains Of The Canadian Rockies Just Make You Go "Right, Can We Just Get This Over With Already!!?"..After A Load Of Speeches, Brooding Looks..It All Ends In Carnage. Finally Done. Over & Finished With. What A Slog.

Adrian Z (ru) wrote: 4 -Riveting accounts of the fall of Enron. Well paced, researched, and certainly a disturbing look into what some call the biggest corporate crime of the century.

David G (es) wrote: More fun from everyone's favourite geriatric vigilante Paul Kersey (a now 66-year-old Charles Bronson), as the walking jinx takes to the Los Angeles underground once again. His mission: to take down the drug gangs that caused his new love interest's daughter to OD. There's a little more to it than that (and I do stress "little"), involving John P. Ryan's mysterious benefactor but if you can't see the twist coming from a mile away then Kersey ought to pay YOU a visit! It's best to look at this movie as a direct follow-up to Death Wish II, leaving Death Wish 3 - entertaining as it may be - as some kind of bizarre, hilariously nuts, black sheep side story. Don't get me wrong, Death Wish 4 is dumb as hell, but it's not THAT dumb. Kersey may be machine-gunning goons by the dozen and blowing up drug labs (we've sure come a long way from capping the odd mugger, eh Paul?), but at least we're on Planet Earth, within our own physical realm this time around! Anyway, if you like over-the-top 80's action then you're going to love DW4! Dumb as hell and fun as hell with just about everything that makes the genre great - unstoppable hero, hammy villain, big guns, gratuitous violence and no morals. The characters are larger than life and there are a lot of familiar faces playing them. Keep an eye out for Danny Trejo, Tim Russ and Mike Moroff (the legendary "Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!" guy from RoboCop)! Funny isn't it how there are always actors who are now household names in the Death Wish gangs - Jeff Goldblum in the original, Laurence Fishburne in the second, Alex Winter in the third and now Danny Trejo and Tim Russ.

bill s (ag) wrote: Aimed big but came up waaaaaay short of it's mark......for all it's on screen talent it's a rather pedestrian offering.

Craig C (nl) wrote: Released at the height of the James Bond craze as the Cold War raged, Derek Flint was the best spy spoof until Don Adams became Maxwell Smart. Mike Myers would steal liberally from this to create Austin Powers 30 years later.

Trent R (ru) wrote: Raft seems even more of a Stiffly McStifferson than usual here, probably because the female cast he's making tough with are so much more compelling. Everything else is top notch, with superb Noir cinematography by Wild. This even extends to a shadowy fight near the end, which is incredibly well staged for the time. Excellent hard-boiled dialogue, with nice comic relief flourishes and dramatic buildup.

Garrett S (ag) wrote: Cast Away made me care about an inanimate object, and his name is Wilson. 4.3/5

Robert G (jp) wrote: My thought when I was going to watch this movie was, "What in the world it Clint Eastwood doing in a comedy movie with a orangutan?" Well that's right this is one of Eastwood's two movies that's not a western or a drama. Its the one with the monkey. But its actually kinda funny. Its a slap-your-knee country kind of humor but still funny. Don't judge this movie because its Eastwood with a monkey in a comedy, because if you like Eastwood then you will like this movie. The acting is not all that great, the direction is not all that great and they story is not great. But its a classic and defiantly worth watching.

Tommy J (de) wrote: Honestly, just makes you hate reporters. Possibly the group of people with the least moral fiber on the planet. Lost total respect for Kate Beckinsale (even though I realize she was just acting).