The Tormentors

The Tormentors

A wild gang of bikers who shamelessly idolize the Nazis, brutalizes anyone or anything that stands in their way. Dealing in illegal weapons, assassinations, power and violence, they seem invincible until they push one man too far... When his girlfriend is savagely murdered, he declares a personal war...but to destroy them, he has to join them!

They seemed invincible until they pushed one man too far...but to destroy them he has to join them! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mariano N (it) wrote: Que impresin y que orgullo que los mexicanos puedan hacer pelculas animadas de este estilo, con personajes tan padres y tan rica culturalmente!

Steve B (ca) wrote: I'm not a supporter of Arnold, but even then this film was too one-sided in its bias that I can't say I enjoyed it. They really underestimated him and dug hard to find irrelevant and self-contradictory facts about his past.

Andrea B (au) wrote: One of my favorite movies, interesting concept and realistic take on a near future society. Very enjoyable if your into dystopian sci-fi.

Private U (de) wrote: So, yeah. Not a documentary...?

JeanPhilippe G (gb) wrote: Even better than the original, the sequel offers plenty of laughs and action and a lot of hilirious moments.

Patrick W (nl) wrote: Decent "monster action" film. Pretty sure not too many people knew about these huge jungle snakes until this film came out. Surprised to see Jon Voight in this one, but he does a great job as the "old creepy boat guy." Action is decent and acting around the snake is okay, but at times the effects for the CGI snakes is pretty much crap.

Jim G (ag) wrote: 3.5 of 5 starsfor this low-budget rubber-suit sci-fi movie. OK, imagine a cross between power-rangers and monsters in cheep rubber-suits. This is a classical low-budget cheesey sci-fi movie best watched on a Saturday night around mid-night. Funny, stupid, poor-acting, low-budget costumes, fair special effects. Yep, pass the popcorn and enjoy it. Yes, I do suggest you take the time to see this.

Ola G (de) wrote: Chicago DEA agent John Hatcher (Steven Seagal) returns from Colombia, where drug dealers killed his partner Chico. As a result of Chico's death and years of dead end work, John retires and heads to his family's home in suburban Chicago. As John and his army buddy Max (Keith David) celebrate their reunion, a gunfight breaks out between local drug dealers and a Jamaican gang at the bar where they celebrate. The gang, known as the Jamaican Posse, is led by a notorious drug kingpin named Screwface (Basil Wallace). John arrests one of Screwface's henchmen as the gunfight ends. News that Posse crimes occurring in Chicago and across the United States spread as the Posse increases their crime and members. The next day, Screwface and his henchmen do a drive-by shooting on the house where John, his sister Melissa, and Melissa's 12-year-old daughter Tracey live. Tracey is hospitalized in critical condition. John comes out of retirement to join Max in hunting Screwface down, only to discover that Screwface has gone back to Jamaica. John and Max goes together to Jamaica with the Jamaican Chicago police officer Charles (Tom Wright) who has been trailing Screwface for five years, for an all out war against Screwface and his drug empire...What can you say? This is another classic standard Steven Seagal vehicle, but amongst his better ones in my eyes, despite all sorts of flaws. Lets face it, he is not an A-grade actor, nor does he end up in cohesive and structured action flicks. This is old-school early 90's gritty violence and action with a thin plot line and not that much to show for. Yes, the main message cant be mistaken, violence needs to be fought with even more violence, and that is questionable. However, the bad guys who are in the crosshair of Hatchers violence are not of the nicer kind. Some might see it as a moral dilemma, others not. Technically this is ok, and theres some nice locations in Chicago & Jamaica. But, the entertaining value comes from Basil Wallace as Screwface who puts on a great over-the-top performance. "Marked for Death" was Seagal's third film coming after "Above the Law" (1988) & "Hard to Kill" (1990).

Rob L (ca) wrote: Pure hokum in that the film makers plays fast and loose with historical record and is only really worth watching for the curiosity of seeing Helena Bonham Carter in her first major movie role as a 20 year old - hence a thousand period dramas were launched. Patrick Stewart is also present as a machiavellian nobleman and doesn't look much younger than he does now - although he still manages to be dashing. Jane's relationship with Guilford Dudley takes up far too much screen time and a tougher, more political take on things would have been far preferable. We await the movie of Wolf Hall and its sequel.

Alexis K (es) wrote: ...Amour fou. The story of VictorHugo's daughter Adele. Some very dramatic stuff by Francois Truffaut!

David G (kr) wrote: After Spoony's review, I have to see it.

Chris (kr) wrote: Peter Lorre is great as usual but the movie is fucking boring.

Alice (ca) wrote: Marty: If I'm not mistaken, you've come back here to the house of loneliness and tears, to Daddy Downer and Brother Bummer, to come to some sort of decision about life, a life decision if you will.

mike r (ag) wrote: Freaking Awesome !!!!

Ian C (jp) wrote: Pam is back inside. Has all the hallmarks of a Chicks N' Chains flick but focuses more on the unlikely pair and their escape. Serious twitch off Pam Grier. Sid Haig yet again is the balls.

jane k (nl) wrote: I took my 9yr old niece to see this. It was so boring I had no choice but to leave the movie after 25 mins and politely asked for a refund. It was boring to the core, my niece was too happy to leave as well.