The Touch of Her Flesh

The Touch of Her Flesh

A distraught weapons dealer is involved in an automobile accident after catching his stripper wife in bed with another man. Upon recovering, he goes on a killing spree, bumping off exotic dancers and hookers while plotting revenge on his wife.

A distraught weapons dealer is involved in an automobile accident after catching his stripper wife in bed with another man. Upon recovering, he goes on a killing spree, bumping off exotic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael A (ca) wrote: 2 clandestinos mexicains aux USA et la nuit ou tout bascule. Reche et beau, articule en plans sequences sublimes, le film d'Escalante (son premier!!) est un choc (litteralement).

Sbastien J (au) wrote: Very good job! Especially because it was hard to shoot there.

Andrew W (jp) wrote: Hilarious, tons of gore and horrible over and under acting. Funny stereotypes. I was high but I absolutely loved it laughed the whole way through.

Yousie K (ca) wrote: Long, dragged out, and horrible

Jake W (jp) wrote: Nothing too terribly wrong, despite being a movie about male prostitution, but there's not too much here on the positive side either.

Tim P (ag) wrote: Entertaining, but lacking any facts.

Sotshrx I (nl) wrote: are you kidding me! I want this movie original on bluray or dvd! Movies like transformers etc were like a waste of time and money! In general i only download pirate movies but this one i want it original but i cant find it :(

Matthew L (gb) wrote: Few films provide a mix of EE Cummings and George Wendt with just a dash of Stack. No body ever called it Glory Days. I am offended by the suggestion.

Dave S (fr) wrote: Alan Rudolph hasn't lost his touch here, there's still that distinct but hard to describe moodiness and the weirdly timeless urban settings. But something doesn't fully connect here, and I think it's the crime aspect of the story - the characters are all fairly compelling when just interacting on their own, so the gunplay and crimelord parts feel more conventional and less satisfying. Although Divine as the criminal kingpin turns in a surprisingly interesting performance out of drag, projecting a very unique sort of menace.

Dov D (au) wrote: In Val Guest's crowning directoral achievement The Day The Earth Caught Fire, the pace pace is much faster than other films of the time whilst having little actual action occurring, creating an interesting final product. The dialogue is hard to follow from the get go, but once you get into this film, it never lets you go. This is potentially the best apocalypse movie I have ever seen, due in large part to the phenomenally well written script. Bottom line, definitely worth seeing for anyone who respects classic cinema...

Eric R (fr) wrote: A story about essentially post-war domesitc bliss. Dick Powell plays John Forbes, a man whom appears to have the model life but as we learn he yearns for some adventure. De Torh's film is a study of the structured man gone astry. Dick Powell is fantastic as are pretty much everyone. Ande De Toth seems to be director that seems to get no recognition but man he deserves it.

Kevin M W (it) wrote: Vincent Price is the very definition of a star in this interesting tale from turn of the century New York. Gene Tierney is a adventurous farmer's daughter aching to see beyond the protective wings of hard-as-nails Dad (Walter Huston in perfect casting) as so is receptive when a distant cousin (Price) asks for a governess for his daughter. Price is wealthy, entitled, and uber-aware of that, letting everybody know, but stymied by the reality of no heir and so he eyes Tierney as a vehicle to solve his problem. Watching him chew scenery with wry if wanton abandon is the reason to see this.

Kara H (au) wrote: Had just enough good action here and there to keep it interesting. Bland story line and not especially creative, but I do wish i could multiply this mercenary by thousands and put an end to sex trafficking.