The Town

The Town

Doug MacRay is a longtime thief, who, smarter than the rest of his crew, is looking for his chance to exit the game. When a bank job leads to the group kidnapping an attractive branch manager, he takes on the role of monitoring her – but their burgeoning relationship threatens to unveil the identities of Doug and his crew to the FBI Agent who is on their case.

As he plans his next job, a longtime thief tries to balance his feelings for a bank manager connected to one of his earlier heists, as well as the FBI agent looking to bring him and his crew down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sunil R (br) wrote: I know people are not giving good reviews about this movie. But, I love it.

George N (mx) wrote: Reflective and trancelike. Brilliant.

Lisa K (mx) wrote: This is a sweet movie that highlights the basic form of love and attachment that is human nature at any age.

FanGirl B (de) wrote: Run of the mill haunted house story. Nothing particuallary new or fresh but not a bad version of something familiar.

Shawn W (br) wrote: Solid horror offering from the disco era involves strange happenings at the local mortuary. Greg must not have been too popular as no one put much effort into locating him and his friends just seemed to move on after he disappeared. I never understood the purpose of the mortician's seances with local housewives.

Kara F (gb) wrote: All you need to know is this movie embodies beauty.

David M (gb) wrote: Who would've thought a movie about a bunch of chickens trying to escape a farm would be so enjoyable & become the highest grossing stop-motion film on the planet?! It's unique, clever & hilarious with golden British comedy & admirable animation that looks great even 15yrs later. This movie put stop-motion clay animation on the map for many people & proved that not everything needs to be shiny computer graphics to be entertaining. It's a shame it never got a follow-up film.

Shaun B (au) wrote: Good actors, baaaad movie. Over-the-top thriller. In the same cheesy vein as "Snake Eyes".

Christopher B (ru) wrote: Following the format of film making established by Koyaanisqatsi, this is the second film in the trilogy and shifts focus from the industrialised city scapes of the west to the sothern hemisphere instead. Less cerebral than the first film Powaqqatsi bursts with positive energy and vibrant colour, it touches A place deep within and reminds us just how big, wondrous and diverse, earth and the people on it really are.

Lanky Man P (mx) wrote: The only madness to this film is how boring it was.

Ralph R (ru) wrote: There are few people that I hate more in this world than Oprah; Tara Reid might be one.

Mikey M (mx) wrote: A complete let down from the first 2 films, its entertaining but Blade just feels like a side character. The film should have been set in a post apocalyptic world over run by vampires like it was originally conceived.

David S (ca) wrote: Stuck between extreme Jihadists and aggressive squadmates, she strikes up a friendship with a detianee she had troubles with earlier. Both of them attempt to make sense of it all while being on two opposite sides of the spectrum and end up changing each others lives forever. I enjoyed this film a lot. It is probably my favorite Kristen Stewart role yet in her career. There is pure and raw emotion that comes from this film especially in the third act. There is some typical "Kristen Stewart moments", but Camp X-Ray proves that she can be really good.

Amanda G (us) wrote: Love the actresses hate the mood