The Towrope

The Towrope

In this poetic, richly allegorical debut by Colombian director William Vega, a teenage girl flees to a rundown inn after being driven from her home in the Andean highlands by civil war, as the violence engulfing the country creeps ever closer to her remote refuge. (TIFF)

A Colombian refugee tries to rebuild her life at a guest house located on the shores of a great lake in the Andes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Towrope torrent reviews

Katie L (ca) wrote: Beautiful, funny, sentimental and uplifting - thoroughly enjoyed it!

Enid B (ca) wrote: fijate para ser low buget esta SUPER buena!! jaja DINERO pfff

Veronica M (de) wrote: Buena descripcion visual de la psicologia y emocion de los personajes..

LaJoyia S (gb) wrote: Oh my gosh. This movie was incredibly stupid. I understand that writers have the urge to include a good twist to make movies more entertaining but this twist only left me with so many unanswered questions. The climax does it's job very well but that ending ruined the entire movie for me because it didn't make any sense at all. It's like eating a great meal only to get to your last bite and see a little curly hair mixed in. Yep, that sums it up perfectly.

ShoMac S (nl) wrote: The reason that I actually like this movie is because it is SO corny that I laugh.

John H (fr) wrote: this movie is exactly what it says it is. A white trash saga of heartwarming excellence.

Allison K (br) wrote: Sweet, cute and funny. Not the best movie in the world but good for a night in with the kids. Old school Disney, you can't beat the nostalgia if you grew up with it, or seeing it for the first time- you don't get this type of movie anymore.

Paul D (mx) wrote: Wayne slips into war boots well here for a film full of propaganda, but its sill quite good.

Liam O (gb) wrote: I feel bad for it, but I do sorta want to see this.Having seen it now, THEY MADE A FUCKIN' MOVIE: MACGRUBER!!!

lisa m (ca) wrote: 1 cute and funny two culture chaotic wedding

bat u (ca) wrote: bad in a not good way