The Toy

The Toy

When Francois, a journalist, tours a big store for an article, he is chosen by the son of the newspaper's owner, Rambal-Cochet, as his new toy. Needing money and unwilling to quit his job, Francois agrees to this ridiculous assignment. Gradually befriending the spoiled boy, he induces him to play at making a newspaper, unveiling publicly the tyrannical way of life of the father. The powerful emotional climax we experience with the child astonishes both men.

When François, a journalist, is touring a big store for an article, he is chosen by the son of the owner, Rambal-Cochet, as his new toy. All afraid of the despotic industrialist who is also... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris R (de) wrote: It is rarely hard to answer the questions: "Was this a good or a bad movie?" and "Did I like it or not?" Straight forward questions with straight forward answers. With The Neon Demon, it was a struggle for me to figure it out. Eventually I did decide that this was a fantastic film, but it came after much introspection.The Rural Juror, I mean The Neon Demon is about a Jesse (Elle Fanning) who comes to LA to become a model. The film is an exploration of what it is to be beautiful, but like writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn's previous films, it takes place in an almost surreal type of reality.Though this review doesn't contain actual story spoilers, I do caution proceeding forward. I feel like my enjoyment of the film was based on coming to the conclusions that I will be outlining in this piece. I recommend that you watch the trailer and it looks interesting based on that, then go see it, and don't read the rest of my review.What is bad about the movie? The writing, both the plot and the dialogue. The plot of the movie, in a general sense, is everybody, the audience as well as the other characters in the film, staring at Elle Fanning. And the dialogue for the most part is people talking about how beautiful Elle Fanning is. The dialogue, in addition to being shallow, is also delivered in an almost robotic way with unnecessarily long pauses. Probably so people can stare at Elle Fanning more. Some of the lines wouldn't be out of place in Troll 2 or The Room. I don't want to blame the actor's though; it seems to be Refn's style (for example Drive).What is good about the movie? Everything else. The Neon Demon is a gorgeous film. Some scenes are like fashion billboards come to life. Bright colors and strong shadows make for a visually stimulating two hours. The soundtrack give the movie an eerie, futuristic tone which works well together with the visual language.I tend to be more of a plot focused person, but yet I like this movie. That is because even if the series of images themselves weren't brilliant, the product as a whole was. The Neon Demon's poor writing gets the benefit of the doubt, because if the filmmakers are able to craft such a visually wonderful film, then surely the bad writing was on purpose. There were only a few lines of notable dialogue. "Beauty isn't everything, it is the only thing," and "You wouldn't have given her a second glance if she wasn't beautiful." The film practices what it preaches - it is visually stunning but otherwise vapid, and yet I went to see it. Based on the trailer, which showcased the visual, I went to see Neon Demon. If it wasn't beautiful, I might not have given it a second glance. There are probably plenty of well written movies that have skipped because they looked bad. Society places an enormous value on physical beauty over inner beauty and turn out, I am not immune to that. This film succeeded where Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring did not. Both were vapid movies about vapid people, but The Neon Demon actually had a deeper point.

Lee G (ru) wrote: Super-simplistic and badly acted.

Ben C (us) wrote: A sub-par cast ensemble with Luke Wilson (who played Casey Kelso from That 70's Show, and appeared in Anchorman), Anna Faris (who appeared in a variety of critically panned films), Uma Thurman (arguably known for her role in Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2), and director Ivan Reitman (director of both Ghostbusters movies) and a brilliant plot idea that is executed miserably are the key points on what brought this movie down superbly.

Rob L (de) wrote: "Phil Of The Future" coming into his own!

Philip S (kr) wrote: The subject matter is compelling, no doubt about it. As a documentary, though, this is a failure. What, exactly, is this documenting? Dallaire's return to Rwanda? Not so interesting, as it turns out, and could be covered in 10 minutes. The best part (the conflict with the Belgians) is glossed over and not pursued. What we get are repetitive scenes of Dallaire going to visit sites and people for which we have little context because the real story - the genocide - is referred to but barely explained. We see Dallaire talk to this guy, greet that guy, swear (a lot) and blame himself in part for what occurred - and a number of talking heads telling us he shouldn't blame himself (over and over and over). What would be far more interesting would be to see him confront the Belgian ambassador, talk to regular Rwandans (from both sides) and get their perspective, and tell more of the story of what exactly did happen in some sort of comprehensive fashion. This doc is a mess. It comes across as a student film, shot by people who had no clear vision of what their project should be. Critic Roger Moore puts it nicely: "A flat-lined, pedestrian affair, a talking-heads/ touring-heads piece that seems to point the camera in the wrong direction."

Knox M (au) wrote: Whilst slightly stepping into the territory of implausibility, Jurassic Park III is pure, well-made fun.

Cline D (mx) wrote: Well... It was... what's the word? Yes: mega-chiant !!!!

Abel D (kr) wrote: Lacking the bludgeoning references and cheap bowel gags of its modern counterparts, Ritchie's slasher spoof feels more focused. It's even a little creative, sprinkling in a number of fourth wall gags involving the killer. However, it still meanders at times, never being as deliciously bloody, nor wonderfully manic as say, Shaun of the Dead.

Camille L (mx) wrote: Les episodes se suivent et se ressemblent. Toujours le meme synopsis, les memes gags, avec presque les memes acteurs. On s'amuse un peu plus que sur le precedent grace a la presence plus importante de l'excellent BURK KWOUK, mais rien a signaler d'autre. La musique est excellente.

Tom H (au) wrote: Classical tale of paradise on earth. Capra succeeds in delivering a pacifist message.

Brian B (mx) wrote: An above average 60s era sci-fi flick. At first, Xavier is pleased with his discovery, and as with most scientists who delve to far into the mysteries of nature, he begins to vehemently regret his discovery.

Lee A (ag) wrote: The first real zombie movie after "Night of the Living Dead"...and one of the best ones as well.