The Trade

The Trade

An up-and-coming trader must choose between the seduction of Wall Street and a return home to the woman and family he loves.

An up-and-coming trader must choose between the seduction of Wall Street and a return home to the woman and family he loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derk D (ca) wrote: This lacks the depth and substance of the TV show of the same name (aired 2016) produced by Soderbergh. I suppose one could say this is a good start, but it's too vaguely built and the film reads more like a jumbled essay with no thesis or plot development.

Michael W (au) wrote: I rank this one up there with "Grizzly Man". In fact, this man seems the perfect subject for Werner Herzog but the Big River Man's son does a good job of capturing the mental and physical deterioration of his dad and crew over the course of 66 days swimming down the Amazon. Really it's more of a cerebral journey than anything else, pretty good stuff!

Juli R (gb) wrote: This is about a girl's relationship with her father, who is a famous and wealthy writer. Lolita can't get her father's attention, since he is too self-absorbed to notice her. Most people in her life seem to use Lolita to find a way to meet her father. Her self-esteem is eroded further by being a bit overweight and her beautiful young stepmother. This movie shows human relationships as they are.

Johnson C (it) wrote: Above the average comedy.

Ray D (ru) wrote: Oh, Wesley Snipes, how I miss you. This action movie about SKYDIVING from 1994 isn't great cinema, but it has a lot of scenes of Wesley Snipes looking serious, and jumping out of planes, and punching EVIL GARY BUSEY in the face. Heavy use of music such as INXS and Toad the Wet Sprocket dates the film, unfortunately, but director John Badham's a pro, and keeps the action moving along, even if the plot is.....oh, you don't want to know about the plot! It's got Wesley Snipes fighting Gary Busey, in parachutes! That's either a selling point or a turn-off.

Kelly M (ru) wrote: Loved the movie very much. I cry everytime i watch it. I can watch it all day.

Ian C (ca) wrote: After single handedly ending The Cold War. Rocky is now brain damaged and so must have been Stallone when he wrote the screenplay. It largely ignores the music that contributed to this fantastic franchise. Instead we got Mc Hammer and a load of other wank. The flashback scene with Mickey is touching but apart from that it fails to resonate any nostalgia. Thankfully in 2006 the excellent 'Rocky Balboa' ended the Italian Stallions legacy on a high.

Dillon L (au) wrote: A classic well acted and some good action

Lee V (br) wrote: It's like the heavy metal movie, but even more nerdy.

Jason H (au) wrote: Wanna know what Arnold does "een da mahning, een da aftanooon, and een da eevnin'?" Watch the first 20 minutes. Ba ha ha ha ha ha!

Jamie C (mx) wrote: Best western I've seen and I don't really enjoy westerns at all, I haven't seen the original so I can't compare but it's a Brilliant film from start to finish, Brilliant cast and some great action and a good ending.

Bieanka J (mx) wrote: this is my favorite movie of all times.

Kalita H (br) wrote: Absolutely Loved This Movie. It Was Slow At Times But Yet I Was Still Intrigued