The Tragedy of Man

The Tragedy of Man

Jankovic’s adaptation of the eponymous play, is divided into multiple parts and depicts the creation and fall of Man throughout history.

Jankovic’s adaptation of the eponymous play, is divided into multiple parts and depicts the creation and fall of Man throughout history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aniko V (es) wrote: so really nothing special. funny how kolchuk suddenly became a hero, though. would rather watch some elem klimov. or tarkovsky.

Tisa S (jp) wrote: A suprisingly good movie, starts off slow but gets better! Quite moving.

Michael F (ru) wrote: Inspiring film, great acting by Anton Yelchin and Robert Downey Jr.

Melinda L (kr) wrote: The story goes so beautifully sad in the latter half. The children's (non)acting is impressive. And it left a warm feeling in me when I walked out of the theatre.

JT T (fr) wrote: Great movie! Original story and Kiefer was incredible. Even though Banks is nothing more than a scum-of-the-earth lowlife, you want him to come out on top in the end. Sutherland is a great tough guy.

Sarah L (gb) wrote: Canny help but enjoy this film. Whoopi's wisecracks are classic! :D

The A (es) wrote: It begins like a cheesy, lame romantic comedy with a very forced voice over thrown in to introduce us to the main characters and story. We meet Harry, the main character, who's a bit time musician in a band. He's been looking for true love all his life when all of the sudden he meets the girl of his dreams in a museum. He's shy and a bit of a wuss who is afraid to approach her but they eventually meet and tick off and before you know they're already couples, about to go on their 3rd date. By now, everything seems quite predictable but nevertheless it's still quite entertaining as we tolerate this lame romantic comedy proceedings. Harry was to meet his girlfriend at midnight after she gets off work but he oversleeps and as a result his girlfriend leaves. He shows up at her workplace only to find that she's gone. He calls her from a phone booth but she does not answer. Then, by chance, Harry answers a mysterious call from the same phone booth. The call was not meant for him but when the person on the end tells his there's gonna be a nuclear war in less than one our and missiles are going to be launched, Harry's world turns upside down. At first Harry does not believe it, not sure whether it's an elaborate prank or if it's for real. But when he hears gunshots and a man telling him, "Forget everything you heard and go back to sleep.", he begins to fear for the worse and is convinced. He tells the other people in the cafe, and just like Harry they don't believe it, but eventually they do. Then chaos strikes and within seconds everyone's thinking of getting whatever they can, whomever they can and leave L.A. and head to the South Pole. Now, Harry must race against time and against his own fate to be with the girl he loves before all hell breaks lose and get as far away as possible from L.A.This is one of those movies that start off like any romantic comedy or 80's film and you know you can guess what's gonna happen by the end of the film but takes a 360 degree turn instead and totally knocks you off. The moment Harry answers the call you know this is not your average drama, this is something really serious. Once we get past the phone call, the film grips you and totally succeeds in showing the urgency and horror of such a situation. We feel the desperation that Harry feels, we feel the sudden urgency, we feel the end of the world coming near because the film succeeds so well in portraying all that. Harry's an ordinary guy who gets himself in an extraordinary situation. Fate chose him to answer that call, to be the one to tell everyone, his revelation begins as a rumor and then spreads like a wildfire. Harry himself can't tell whether all this is real or just a dreadful nightmare, he thinks he's losing grip of reality. But when Harry finally realizes that all this is real, he must race against time and fight his own fate to save the woman that he loves, the woman that he wants to be with in the final moments. And throughout the film we see Harry desperately trying to get to his girlfriend and get her to safety or at least be with her. But along the way he meets people and he keeps telling whoever he meets about the situation and gets himself in trouble. And we begin to wonder will he ever make it, and if he does, what next? And the film manages to force us to ask the same questions, we are able to put ourselves in Harry's situation and begin to as ourselves, what would we do if we were in his place, who would we save , where would we go? The film eventually leads to a very bleak conclusion but not without a glimmer of hope. This is a very thrilling, nightmarish pre-apocalyptic film with a believable performance from Anthony Edwards and a stunning execution of the whole plot. It's one of the best surprises I've had and it's a must watch. B+8.5/10

Lippy L (jp) wrote: I love this movie and River Phoenix was such an amazing actor.

George C (gb) wrote: Lost half a star due to its lenght. It didn't drag, but it felt a bit long. Other than that minor hickup, Wilder and Lemmon are once again in fine form in this romantic comedy. One of my favorite Wilder films.

James D (jp) wrote: Yep...crap...if even that

Chris S (nl) wrote: It was interesting to see Natalie Portman this young, but I can see why she became so successful after this movie. Pretty good chemistry between the two stars.