The Trail Beyond

The Trail Beyond

Rod Drew hunts for a missing girl and finds himself in a fight over a goldmine as well.

Rod Drew hunts for a missing girl and finds himself in a fight over a goldmine as well. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian S (it) wrote: I know that sequels are almost never as good as the first one, but still, come on, you can't make a sequel this bad and boring just after releasing an enjoyable horror flick the previous year. The fact that the movie is boring and has shaky found footage camera makes it nauseating sometimes. The movie itself is competently made for a modestly budgeted film,but it's definitly a shitty film, the poster itself is actually better than the movie. Not recommended.

Armando B (gb) wrote: The movie was good, I just felt the director was going out of their way to be too artistic. It worked for the most part just some parts I felt it was over the top, but Definely worth a view. So for this being an okay film with good action scenes, I give "Bunraku" a C.

Prianca R (kr) wrote: waitin to see dis movie..

MaYmAdNEsS (gb) wrote: Greaty mivie I loved it even though it is a bit sad.

Bryan E (de) wrote: Unwatchable for those who have read the book and have seen the original movie. The filmmakers don't even try to reestablish the plot points from the original film. Changing motivations of main characters like Charlie McGee's dislike for creating fires to now seemingly enjoying them. John Rainbird's motivation from not caring about the Shop's goal on creating a psychological weapon, but wanting to destroy it in a twisted way to gain the powers in the afterlife has been changed to wanting world domination by creating more people with similar psychological powers. This is a complete change in character motive! Plus how is this character still alive, when clearly we saw the character burn to the death in the original film! And the most daunting question of them all, how does no one know of Charlie McGee and the Shop? At the end of Firestarter she reveals all to the press. This sequel in no possible way should even exist! Even more of a tragic note, why is Malcolm McDowell and Dennis Hopper in this movie?

Jordan K (jp) wrote: Legally Blonde is a love or hate movie - me, being a guy uneasily attempting to give it a chance, didn't particularly like it - the characters are annoying, stupid, and extremely unlikable and unfunny, the story is filled with cliches and corny aspects, there's a certain charm to it that even the girliest of girls will find to be too much - Legally Blonde tries too hard and fails.Elle Woods has a reputation of being a dumb blonde, so much so that her boyfriend, pursuing a law degree at Harvard, dumps her in hopes of a smarter girlfriend. In order to win him back and appear smarter, Elle gets into Harvard herself and completes every film cliche in the book, being the underdog champ law major by the end and still leaving most viewers bored and unamused.Legally Blonde is bad, plain and simple. It's filled with jokes of fashion reference and Elle's constant stupidity that falls short. Elle herself is nothing special and came off as a particularly annoying and whiny character - degree or not, the character is unrealistic in her goals that she achieves all of them by the end to add more cheese to it. Luke Wilson plays the love interest, but is more of a mentor than anything. Legally Blonde is filled with girly friendship, nothing particularly skilled in the law, and unfunny chick flick cheese.

Matheus A (us) wrote: This is not as brutal as the book, but still pretty awsome to watch Depp and Del Toro high as hell doing the most craziest things ever. Del Toro gives us all a class of acting turning himself in the "bada**" attorney. Gilliam shows his directing skills but not so much writing. Its a hell of a show.

Daniel S (mx) wrote: I had known this as the movie Cage won best actor for so i checked it out, damn its a frustrating experience, there's a great film buried in here, the relationship between the alcoholic and a prostitute has a lot of potential as theyre both broken lonely sad people, and they do have some nice scenes together, but the director ruins it with so many awful music choices that break the mood, cage has some very good scenes showing the real ugly side of alcoholism but other times hes just so over the top and silly that it loses credibility, and normally i love julian sands, but hes over the top here as well, and they just abandon his character halfway through, just a shame cuz this could have been so much better with a better director

Simon D (ca) wrote: This is supposed to be a film protest against keeping animals in non-natural captivity? It pretty much fails to hit this message home because it's too nice. Watch Blackfish instead.

Rodney B (nl) wrote: Absolutely excellent. I don't cry a lot, but did through this movie. The music score was inspirational also. You should see it.

Brandon S (ca) wrote: Heart shattering comedy that seems to start a little on the slow side, but finishes wonderfully. Follows three men on their journey to poverty, but film focuses on the little things in life that make one happy.

Ian C (jp) wrote: Baldwin's life is like a toned down Forrest Gump. What a remarkable human being. An outstanding performance from Toby Jones. The film itself is alot better than its made for telly release. A real feel good flick.

Jarvis D (de) wrote: Not good as the TV show