The Train Robbers

The Train Robbers

A gunhand named Lane is hired by a widow, Mrs. Lowe, to find gold stolen by her husband so that she may return it and start fresh.

A gunhand named Lane agrees to help a beautiful widow cross into Mexico to retrieve half a million dollars in gold stolen by her late husband so that she may return it and start fresh. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anders A (us) wrote: Another great piece from the belgish brother-pair of Dardenne. Deeply rooted in the struggling middleclass in Belgium, we follow Sandra, a nearly-back-from-depression mother of two. Fighting to her death, or at least her mental health until it gets raw. She wants to hold on to her meaning in society, namely her job. Deep, raw and heartgripping, the struggle of life and meaning.

Carla P (ag) wrote: A true genius and a beautiful love story! And can't believe Pierre Niney - who portrays YSL, has not been recognized for his amazing performance!

Noname (nl) wrote: 2 of the greatest actors ever in the same flick , Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. That was one reason that made me interested to watch this crime thriller movie. But the movie aren't as powerful and excited as i had wanted it to be. The story is nice and decent acting but they both have made much better work before. Altho its a watchable movie despite that and i enjoyed it a bit and it had a very good twist so take a chance for this one.

Josh M (ru) wrote: Another cute Disney tale, but that is it. The big Disney movies all bring at least one great piece to the puzzle whether it be voice acting, comedy, drama, and/or animation. Brother Bear does not stand out in any one of those categories and that makes it forgettable.

Randi S (br) wrote: a family type sports movie. felt like watching disney on sunday night. flat lighting.

Amanda L (de) wrote: One of my favorite movies growing up!!!

Brandon N (it) wrote: This is a Really good movie, although I had to sit through the Heavily Edited TV Version, lolIf South Central is on DVD, I'd Love to own it...

John M (de) wrote: For a film directed by Barry Levinson, written by Chris Columbus, and featuring first-rate special effects courtesy of Industrial Light and Magic, Young Sherlock Holmes has passed through time relatively unappreciated. Retaining much of the pacing, charm, and overall feel of prime Steven Spielberg (after all it was released by his production company Amblin Entertainment), YSH is a kind of imagined origin story of the titular sleuth and Watson. The film does a wonderful job crafting a Victorian Era universe of scary monsters and evildoers for the budding detective and his sidekick to inhabit, while maintaining a quick pace and good level of suspense. Nicholas Rowe as Holmes is serviceable and Alan Cox lends a nice touch of innocence and wonderment to his Watson. A little darker and more tragic than similar offerings, Young Sherlock Holmes should be original and exciting enough to delight even modern audiences more than 30 years after its initial release.

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K R (gb) wrote: I like how the peppering of Spanish throughout the film is not subtitled. Haunting docudrama about the Nicaraguan civil war.

Cj O (fr) wrote: Kind of recycled and too political, not to mention the scenery was the only thing the movie had going for it (and that's not saying a lot). I was totally bored with it half-way.

Joseph T (es) wrote: Sat through the whole thing. I don't know how.

Brad G (jp) wrote: This sequel to the excellent In The Heat of The Night abandons the originals racial issues to explore the family life of Sidney Poitier??s earnest Detective Virgil Tibbs. Well, that??s really the B plot, but it??s far more interesting than the A story involving Martin Landau??s shady Reverend and the murder of a prostitute. The A Story plays like a so-so episode of Law & Order: SVU (??Found semen on the carpet?more on the table here?here??s some on the bed??) but I found Tibbs?? frustrated relationship with his son and frisky dealings with his wife to be a nice little glimpse behind the curtain. An entertaining but it??s definitely not the classic of the original movie. Not VF.