The Train Rolls On

The Train Rolls On


This half-hour documentary focuses on Medvedkin and his CineTrain of the 1930's, a sort of mobile film workshop complete with post-production facilities, animation stations and a large laboratory. Traveling thousands of miles across the Russian countryside, the train stopped to have its film-makers document Ukranian harvest practices, steel production facilities in southern Russia and other industrial/agricultural matters. With each crew-member living in 1 sq. meter living quarters, all individuals on the train were responsible for various odd-jobs and other practical matters in addition to their own film-making concerns. - IMDb . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Train Rolls On torrent reviews

Esther S (us) wrote: looks like a good aussie drama.... with out the comercial floss.... nice work

Sabrina H (jp) wrote: seen it . it was good if you like army movies

TheBlind B (de) wrote: It starts out quite boring, I almost shut it off, but I'm really glad I didn't, It's very stimulating to the mind, you may have to watch it two times to fully understand, but once you do you realize that it's truly a masterpiece that's so well thought out and amazing. Definitely one of my favorites.

Karthik C (ru) wrote: Out of Time benefits from Denzel Washington's presence on the screen and a stylish taking, but by the end of the movie, you'll feel that something is amiss. Despite some flaws and artificiality, it definitely is an enjoyable ride. Worth watching.

Joel A (br) wrote: A powerful intense family drama about an ageing mother & musician trying to connect with her embittered daughter & they have a lot of issues.Shot to near perfection by Sven Nykvist who gave such dimension to the shots & the most stunning autumn burnt orange look to the whole film.The acting was utterly sensational both Liv Ullman & Ingrid Bergman where forces to be reckoned with they just added the much needed emotional depth.This is a powerful film & a Must See Arthouse Classic, Ingmar Bergman is not only the greatest Swedish Filmmaker but simply one of the world's best.

Marissa W (br) wrote: This movie is all killing Japs with knives in holes and men with awkward faces marching from party to party.

Jacob D (ag) wrote: So bad it's good, cheesy dumb fun.

Alexander F (au) wrote: Wow, this was incredible...lee...bad but bad at least in a good way. Great lines and I am not even sure if most of time they were being unintentionally funny or not. The best part is the main character remains an arrogant jerk throughout the entire film and just laughs at a begging, pleading Christopher Lee in the end. The entire movie is beyond strange. The fighting scenes are really bad but this is worth watching if you are into weird, bad craptastic movies.