The Transfiguration

The Transfiguration

A New York tale about love, loss… and vampires.

When troubled teen Milo, who has a fascination with vampire lore, meets the equally alienated Sophie, the two form a bond that begins to blur Milo's fantasy into reality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tomas S (de) wrote: A peek into the world of top-notch scientists that spend their careers searching for a stepping-stone for generations to come. That's dedication. Oh, and the equipment is fascinating.

Alana C (au) wrote: i'm sure mackenzie would love it

Noname (ag) wrote: Great sport drama movie with K Russell. True story and nice acting.

Wut S (nl) wrote: The way Goldsworthy's works interweave with nature and time, the way they are merged with the musicality of Fred Frith and tunes of the world... monumental. His works, his philosophy, his humanity never fail to resonate within my own soul each time I watch Rivers and Tides.

Christopher S (es) wrote: Great story and plot line. As an Asian American, I felt a real connection with all the characters in the film. No one but other Asian Americans would get this film the way it was intended to be. This is one of the darkest films I have ever seen, though the ending was a bit cliche and sappy. One of the best high school films ever.

Stuart K (ru) wrote: After Interview with the Vampire came out in 1994, a sequel was rife to have been made, but non of the original cast were interested in returning, the producers lost the rights. This started out as an adaptation of Anne Rice's 1985 book The Vampire Lestat, but it shifted to her 1988 book The Queen of the Damned. It was a troubled production and it shows badly thought the film. The Vampire Lestat (Stuart Townsend) has been in a slumber for decades, but is awoken by the sound of heavy metal music, something he decides to relish. Lestat becomes a rock star and loves the fame, but he is warned by fellow vampire Marius de Romanus (Vincent Perez) who warns that vampires won't tollerate his behaviour. But, it's before long when Lestat's music awakens Akasha (Aaliyah), the first vampire from Egyptian times, which happened once before years ago. But she goes around causing havoc, and she whisks Lestat off from a concert to her home, where she plans to take over the world with Lestat. It should have been a good film, but this comes across as a third rate horror film from years ago, although this has some very dodgy CGI throughout. As a result of this film, which borrowed more from the book of The Vampire Lestat than Queen of the Damned, Rice denounced it, and said there wouldn't be any more films.

Brandon V (us) wrote: Seth made a reference to it.

Billy C (de) wrote: Really breath-taking film. Both Football fans and movie fans will enjoy this movie.

Chris D (mx) wrote: Really dumb movie. Anyone could have made this one with a couple camcorders

Janne S (us) wrote: Todella vaikuttava. Elokuva tuntuu nostatukselta joka ei pty koskaan, Glassin musiikki tukee tt vahvasti. Mishiman nytelmien filmatisoinnit ovat suorastaan nerokkaita. Useammilla kirjailijoilla pitisi olla oma yksityisarmeija.

Stephen E (ca) wrote: Visually ahead of its time, "Tokyo Drifter" is visually one of the most stylish and influential films to emerge from its generation. Its costume design and cinematography are so vibrant and colorful that almost every frame is a work of art, and the jazz score is exceptional as well. Problem is that as a source of entertainment, it is a failure. The narrative (however much of one there is) is so utterly incoherent and the characters are so uninteresting and dispensable that "Tokyo Drifter" gets boring to watch just after the first ten minutes. Having great visuals is one thing, but having a worthwhile story with characters you can invest emotion in is something much, much more important.

Sgt C (kr) wrote: (45%)A movie that is greatly aided by a strong performance by its leading star Jeff Bridges, besides that everything else is a fine but hardly worthy of must-watch accolade, it's just a bit flat in places as the story has to labour so hard to build into it's third act and to go through every single plot point it set out to do (which overall is too much), but when it gets there the ending is somewhat well done, if a little contrived.

Jason H (mx) wrote: #PingPongSummer is the movie equivalent to a Buzzfeed "Things only kids from the 80s remember," articles.

Luca D (br) wrote: La tematica di base interessante, soprattutto se pensiamo a quando stato girato il film. Infatti si parla del ruolo della donna e di come esse cercano di trovare una certa indipendenza senza dover per forza scadere nel femminismo integralista. Il personaggio principale Dustin Hoffman che si traveste da donna e ne diventa un simbolo di donna capace e indipendente. Il fatto che l'immagine di donna forte e capace (quasi l'unica in tutto il film) sia interpretata da un uomo sembra quasi un controsenso rispetto alla morale del film.