The Trial of Billy Jack

The Trial of Billy Jack

After Billy Jack in sentenced to four years in prison for the "involuntary manslaughter" of the first film, the Freedom School expands and flourishes under the guidance of Jean Roberts. The utopian existence of the school is characterized by everything ranging from "yoga sports" to muckracking journalism. The diverse student population airs scathing political exposes on their privately owned television station. The narrow-minded townspeople have different ideas about their brand of liberalism. Billy Jack is released and things heat up for the school. Students are threatened and abused and the Native Americans in the neighboring village are taunted and mistreated. After Billy Jack undergoes a vision quest, the governor and the police plot to permanently put an end to their liberal shenanigans, leaving it up to Billy Jack to save the day.

After Billy Jack in sentenced to four years in prison for the "involuntary manslaughter" of the first film, the Freedom School expands and flourishes under the guidance of Jean Roberts. The... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maybelline T (nl) wrote: A remake of the 1986 tale. If you're into those Ancient Rome/Christianity Films.. Theres eye candy in the form of the leads.. You might recognize a face or three, one being that o the beautiful Monica Cruz, the sister of Penelope. It adds more to the debate of what happened to Jesus' body and that of the miracles that he performed whilst he was still alive. Its boring in an interesting way I suppose

Satinder S (us) wrote: Worth watching this film. Quite funny and brough back memories of my swimming class. My DVD copy has a different cover image then this one.

Alex G (ag) wrote: The fact that this is written by the screenwriter behind HISTORY OF VIOLENCE should be reason enough to question your hate for this "bad film." This film is an incredibly creative and absurdist film that tried to pretend it is the worst of the worst. Knowing that this film is trying to be a "so-good it is bad" should enlighten you enough to its genius. Every scene is riddled with hilarious "awfulness" and it loves to create contradictions to the rules it sets up. It is the Troll 2 of the cgi era of straight-to-dvd films.--------Re-watching, I was less inspired by its horridness, but will confirm with past self, it goes so far with its madness.

Aam H (it) wrote: Funny, charming, fascinating :)

Betsy B (nl) wrote: Just 'cuz Henry Thomas is in it. You know, Elliot from E.T.?!

Eric R (es) wrote: "Pumpkinhead" is one of the finest unsung horror films of the late 80s that I constantly find myself defending against people that judge it by solely by it's peculiar title. It was a tremendous horror concept that was ripe for a sequel but one didn't arrive right away. It took six fucking years for a sequel to emerge, direct-to-video no less, and the final results show that all involved weren't particularly interested in making a worthy sequel, only riding the coattails of an established horror title to line their pockets.The plot totally disregards the first film and basically rehashes it by loosely remaking the story. The film begins in 1958, shot in classy black and white, where a group of young studs kill a backwoods deformed boy. Flash forward and a new sheriff arrives in a small southern town (which is again obviously southern California) only to have his work become a living hell as grisly murders start springing up all over the area. It seems the local legend of a vengeful demon nicknamed Pumpkinhead are true and it has risen to take revenge and somehow he sheriff's daughter is involved in the bloodshed.The producers had no intention of making anything more than a run of the mill direct-to-video sequel and who better to direct a lackluster sequel than Jeff Burr, the man who give us such mundane sequels as "Stepfather 2: Make Room for Daddy" and "Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III". His direction is on complete autopilot and the dark atmosphere and tone that Stan Winston so brilliantly displayed in the original is absent. In its place is lazy cheapness with an emphasis on fucking strobe lights to added to so-called "terror".The production values also leave a lot to be desired, such as the make-up on the old hag that has the ability to summon Pumpkinhead. The graveyard that is Pumpkinhead's resting place is also hastily put together and pales in comparison to the grim pumpkin patch of the original. The Pumpkinhead design, though good from reputable company KNB effects, also isn't near as impressive as Stan Winston's grand original design but it's not helped by poor lighting making the beast look more fake.The cast is made up of some respectable members but the real humdinger is Andrew Robinson, best known for playing the Zodiac killer in the original "Dirty Harry" and the father in Clive Barker's "Hellraiser", helps make this weary sequel better than it really is. However it is embarrassing to see him in such tripe as he is far too good of an actor to appear in direct-to-video drivel as this. It still makes me wonder why he would turn down a respectable sequel like "Hellbound: Hellraiser II" only later to appear in a film like "Pumpkinhead II".I have come to the conclusion that producers with money to burn wanted to make a sequel to a popular horror film to guarantee a good profit and thus the original "Pumpkinhead" became their target. Not only does this passable sequel disregard all the events of the first film, it also waters down all the admirable aspects like the score, the dark tone and even the make-up effects. Skippable and only for the most die hard, and forgiving, horror fan.

Kevin M W (it) wrote: DeNiro when he still had IT. Bill Murray as a manipulative, backstabbing, but very personable hood! And Uma Thurman as the woman between them. Thoroughly enjoyed this, this trip down memory lane, when movies were movies.

Jesse C (nl) wrote: Must be watched with it companion piece Manon of the Spring. Epic masterpiece!

Simon D (kr) wrote: While this is little more than Mel Brooks making a Pythonesque film of extended sketches it ws clearly intended to be an epic comedy on a large scale. I think it didn't quite live up to Brooks's intended grandeur. It's not bad though, it's pretty amusing and it full of famous faces playing amusing cameos - and it has Spike Milligan in it.

Ahmed M (mx) wrote: This movie has nothing to offer, the plot is horrible, the performances of the actors are not that great, the action is bad, and the comedy (in scenes where it is present) doesn't feel laugh-worthy. Overall, avoid this movie.

Jeff B (mx) wrote: Like "Hell in the Pacific", if it were a romantic movie. Mitchum plays a dolt, which is unusual, and Deborah Kerr shows more heart in her performance than I've seen from her before.

Michael K (ru) wrote: Gritty thriller about a psychotic pimp called Ramrod [a ferociously convincing Wings Hauser] who is set up by a prostitute named Princess [the excellent Season Hubley] who is working with the cops to get back at Ramrod for brutalising her friend to death. Unfortunately Ramrod escapes from police custody hell bent on revenge. Will the cops get to Princess before the crazed pimp does? Watch this hard-hitting classic and find out.

Joel A (it) wrote: The first ever film alongside Sunrise 1927 to win Best Picture at the first annual Academy Awards.An amazing restoration of this film was done by Hollywood with Ben Burtt (Sound Designer on original Star Wars films) doing all sound effects.This is an epic film of two friends who are pilots in WW1 and there relationship with girl next door Clara Bow.Filled with Tense Action & thrilling aerial dogfights, quite ahead of it's time this film is & must see silent film a true masterpiece!

Karrald G (nl) wrote: Awesome movie, but you need a strong stomach for it. I'm not a big fan of the random commentary moments though