The Trial of the Moke

The Trial of the Moke

The Trial of the Moke is a made-for-TV movie starring Samuel L. Jackson

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The Trial of the Moke torrent reviews

joey b (fr) wrote: Straight hood shit show how lost our youth is

Deb K (ag) wrote: Someone actually came up with some original ideas for this scary film . I found it genuinely entertaining. I was concerned it was going to be really college-y due to the typical pop-rock party beginning scene, but it quickly changed pace. Being a sucker for ghost/demonic/satanic flicks, this was way better than other horrors I have watched recently.

Steve B (mx) wrote: Bit of a twist at the end

jess m (ru) wrote: it means always beautiful just if anyone didnt kno

Florence (fr) wrote: Os mesmos atores, um homem e uma mulher, vivem os papis centrais em trs pocas (1911, 1966 e 2005). Em cada histria, o amor e a comunicabilidade se adaptam poca em questo.

Karen H (it) wrote: 2016-04-24 hard to follow and the "pikey" dialect wasn't Irish or anything intelligible. but kind of funny.

Jerry B (jp) wrote: So touching. The kid in this movie acts better than most adults.

Kashtan H (fr) wrote: I liked the movie more when I saw it before, back on those VHS days. But still, it's a classic and has Smita Patil in all his glory. So who's complaining!

Samurai F (au) wrote: Frankly, it's a bizarre movie. The drama is tiresome, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was never better as an actor than in this 1978 role as a genial bodybuilder.

Simon S (gb) wrote: This is my favourite of the series, i can watch it over and over (I'l kill the bl**dy budgy)

Veniea T (es) wrote: I hope that it is good

Ryan V (es) wrote: The animation is groundbreaking and the music is majestic. This is an underrated one, in my opinion. The Magician's Apprentice is the highlight, but this masterpiece has so much more to it than just that.

Thomas K (kr) wrote: Not nearly as wonderful as the book but it's still a visual treat and that cast couldn't be any better.

Anna B (ru) wrote: The third-act farce is hilarious, but the movie takes too long to get there and is fairly scattered and uninteresting for most of its length. It's also slightly misogynistic at times, though it's probably not too bad for a '60s movie. Still, I laughed at Sellers and Woody and Paula Prentiss, who I think I'm in love with, and every damn woman is unbelievably gorgeous. So there's that.