The Trotsky

The Trotsky

Leon Bronstein is not your average Montreal West high school student. For one thing, none of his peers can claim to be the reincarnation of early 20th century Soviet iconoclast and Red Army hero, Leon Trotsky. When his father sends Leon to public school as punishment for starting a hunger strike at Papa's clothing factory, Leon quickly lends new meaning to the term 'student union', determined as he is to live out his pre-ordained destiny to the fullest and change the world.

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YoWasBombed 5 (au) wrote: Amazing. It makes the book come alive in an enlightening way, though missing some details. This is one movie I'll never forget.

Lisandro Z (es) wrote: I've never read the book, but was pleasantly surprised by the movie.

David T (ca) wrote: Very above average horror film!

Jon T (au) wrote: The story and some of the translation are kind of stupid. It actually has some good romcom type bits in it, but mostly that's silly. The kung fu bits are great, though, obviously.

peter h (au) wrote: Mill Creek's 50 Movie Pack: Chilling Classics Reviews PANIC IN THE TRANS-SIBERIAN TRAIN/ (ORIGINAL SPANISH LANGUE TITLE) PANICO EN EL TRANSIBERIANO / (TRANSLATION) HORROR EXPRESS [1972]: A truly great Cult Classic 1970's horror gem from 1972; PANICO EN EL TRANSIBERIANO or HORROR EXPRESS is one film that deserves its Cult following. Pairing iconic horror film legends Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in rare roles which saw the pair working together than against each other in films; HORROR EXPRESS was a box office failure in Spain where the film was made. However with late night TV screenings during the late 1970's & throughout the 1980's gave this fun, claustrophobic Period, Sic-Fi, Horror film its cult following amongst Horror movie fans. PLOT: Opening in the year of 1906 in Manchuria, China, an English archaeologist called Professor Saxton (Lee) and his expedition discover the frozen remains of a Prehistoric ape. Boarding the Trans- Siberian Express in Northern China, Southern Russia Professor Saxton comes across an old rival of his Dr Wells (Cushing) and his assistant. However on the platform near the crate containing the specimen, a notorious criminal and safe cracker is found dead. What makes the whole situation all the more mysterious is the fact the victims eyes are completely white and bleeding. Despite the bizarre incident, Professor Saxton, Dr Wells (Cushing), his assistant and the frozen specimen board the train. Upon departing more unexplained deaths start to occur after the baggage man is found with the same white eyes & the specimen has disappeared. After performing an autopsy Dr Wells uncovers that the victims' brain has been drained of all knowledge. As a result a hunt for the Creature soon ensues, however after the police inspector finds the creature and kills it; despite being dead the bizarre killings still take place. THOUGHTS: Despite the vague plot summary I've just given, it would be unfair to think that the plot summary makes it sound like a stupid B- Horror film. With that been said the premise would have fallen into that trap if it weren't for the fact it was such a fun viewing experience. HORROR EXPRESS takes place in an almost seldom seen time period and setting, being set on the Trans- Siberian Express in 1906. Combined with a subtle sense of humour, the use of a claustrophobic environment (a speeding train), the eerie visuals of white eyes bleeding and a sense of mystery which slowly unravels as the film progresses all work well in this films favour. Seeing Lee & Cushing playing to rivals turned allies was quite a rear thing to have happen. Considering back in the UK Cushing & Lee where still playing against each other in their respected, but ailing iconic roles of Dracula and Professor Van Helsing in the then latest Hammer Dracula films (DRACULA AD 1972 & THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA) makes this paring all the more special. As they did so well playing against each other, Cushing and Lee are fantastic as allied scientists in this film. As for the rest of the cast, all give solid performances. However a real stand out for me was Telly Savalas in the role of the Cossack Captain Kazan. All though in the film for less than 10 minutes, he was bloody enjoyable as the likable but thuggish Captain. So to sum everything up HORROR EXPRESS may never rise above the status of a cult classic. But that isn't necessarily such a bad thing; considering that the plot (like most horror films) requires a suspension of disbelief and not to take anything too seriously. HORROR EXPRESS excels as a brilliant Period, Adventure, Sic-Fi, Horror film. As for its entertainment value is just fantastic as an underrated escapist film. So this is one film worthy of an 80% rating from me.

Harry W (ca) wrote: I only know as much about Excalibur and the story about King Arthur as Monty Python told in the comedy classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail, so I went into Excalibur hoping to learn more about the mythological story than simply what a hilarious comedy parody of it could tell me.Excalibur is significantly more focused on style than it is on substance and storytelling, and this proves to be both the best quality of the film and its downfall.In terms of negative elements, Excalibur is so focused on making a film that looks good and is visually appealing that it forgets to keep things well focused and structured when it comes to storytelling. I found that the story of Excalibur was a little all over the place and that it had a bit too many story dynamics packed into such a small scale story that ran for only 140 minutes. I found myself struggling to keep up with everything and remember who all the characters were and what their relevance was to the story. There is a bit much to take in with Excalibur, and it moves at a slow pace which makes viewing a little more challenging and still doesn't give viewers too much time to be able to really take it all in. While at other times, the pace has a sudden surge which forces it to act quickly with a few too many characters to take in. Overall, from a storytelling perspective, Excalibur is a bit overwhelming and indifferently paced to truly soar in the magical theme it attempts to grasp or to really grasp the full story of King Arthur's journeys involving Excalibur as the story plays out from his teenage years to the end of his life. Excalibur just doesn't exactly cover as much ground as it truly wants to, and so it doesn't exactly feel like the big adventure that it should and instead feels a bit like a long sword and sorcery film without too much action which is slightly above the genre due to its production values. It is more likely that audiences will find Excalibur to be a fun movie than one that really tells its story intelligently.But from a visual perspective, Excalibur is magnetic.For one thing, shot on location in Ireland, Excalibur captures a lot of the lush Irish countryside which is consistently well lit and gives a strong and convincing backdrop to everything that is happening. It is against the backdrop of excellently convincing costumes and a thoroughly effective production design which is all executed on a relatively small budget. And although the cinematography doesn't exactly establish the large scale that the film is reaching for, it does manage to capture all of the colourful and delightful sights of the film. Excalibur has plenty of visual appeal to it, and the soundtrack is pretty great in establishing the adventure feel of things as well, especially when it makes use of the classical musical piece "O Fortuna".And although the storytelling isn't incredible, the script in Excalibur is very strong because it gives a lot of firm dramatic material to the actors which has Shakespearian tones to it and a very convincing langage which succeeds in reinforcing the time and setting of the film. But best of all, it gives the actors a lot of strong material to work with, so John Boorman's direction is proves to be good in terms of focus on style.And the cast does manage to make a compelling effort.Nigel Terry is a name I am not familiar with, but his lead performance as King Arthur is a mostly effective one. Although he has some humps along the way, his line delivery is consistently strong in capturing the language of the script and the passion of the character, and he manages to successfully convince viewers of playing the characters at several different points in his life, enhanced by the convincing makeup. Nigel Terry delivers the heroic spirit and determination of King Arthur with gusto, and it leads the cast on the journey fairly well.And the lovely Helen Mirren who proves time and time again to be always a nice presence in a film manages to take on the role of leading lady Morgana Le Fay really well. She delivers her lines with a delightful strength and makes herself a real genial presence, and her natural beauty makes her a treat for the eyes. It is great to look back at her now after her many years as an actress which has included her win for the Academy Award for Best Actress and see so far back to where she was just starting. She does a great job in Excalibur and makes the experience of the film more enjoyable.And the performance of Patrick Stewart is terrific. The man who today is praised for his sophistication and legendary ability to work dramatic material with his stand up persona is a terrific presence so early on in Excalibur because he takes the material and he lets it loose with a voice that booms like Brian Blessed's. His performance in Excalibur is arguably one of the most memorable of the film and considering how great his career has become since, it is refreshing to look back and see him working in fantasy material years before he transitioned into Star Trek: The Next Generation or X-Men.And the supporting efforts of Liam Neeson and Gabriel Byrne establish a strong effect on the story due to enhancing the cultural feel of everything and their natural talents for working in versatile dramatic work. Similarly, it is interesting too look back at them from early on in their careers as well.So Excalibur isn't the best example of storytelling and gets cluttered due to ineffective focus and bad plot structure as well as a few too many characters for its own good, Excalibur is a well acted and visually excellent feature which captures a certain sense of fun in its fantasy themes.

Private U (kr) wrote: very strange. for those of you that were expecting something similar to evil dead or army of darkness this film is very very far from the mark. aprropriately titled due in fact that i'm not exactly sure what happened; it had potential, but the writters clearly ran out of ideas, somewhere in the middle of what COULD have been an interesting movie the whole plot line falls right into the sinking sandpit of the crawlers. bruce campbell kept it alive for the most part, but let's face it this movie is best left underground or processed in that body grinder thing.

Nick C (kr) wrote: Strangerland is a jumbled mess. It can't even tell a great story even if it has a great cast.

Keith W (it) wrote: Ok, not my fav vampire movie

Brian S (kr) wrote: Starring Marshall Thompson, this movie isn't actually all that bad. It's campy 50's sci-fi horror. But even though it's good, this movie hasn't received that much recognition for what it is and it was even ripped-off by James Cameron for the 1979 extraterrestrial classic Alien. The spaceship effects and monster effects are cheesy but the acting is good for this type of genre. Recommended !!

Eduardo R (ru) wrote: Staring at the poster for 90 minutes is more interesting than watching the movie.