The Truth About Beauty

The Truth About Beauty

A recently graduated and intelligent young woman sees plastic surgery as essential to succeeding in both her career and romantic aspirations.

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Yoann C (es) wrote: Bien, trs noir, Dujardin excellent, Dupontel meilleur !La fin est trop rapide cependant

Leila C (gb) wrote: As someone completely and utterly horrified by any type of scary movie, this movie was more comical that frightening or thrilling.

Lingky B (gb) wrote: LOL he?! this is looked funny.

Oona B (br) wrote: nice footage of music

Erika R (ca) wrote: Yeah, it felt like it should have just been a straight to DVD release. The story was fun, but predictable and nothing really interesting ever happened (Tim stole the movie, I think)

Amy S (ag) wrote: THE perfect love story from the mans side. Amazing castOne of my favorite movies!!!

Sara M (ru) wrote: This movie may be weird but it's pretty funny! I mean a Dino and Human working together!

Rhonda M (au) wrote: My all-time favorite movie!

jared b (es) wrote: This looks way cooler than Robocop.

familiar s (kr) wrote: "..... remains one of his strongest works to date."Maybe so, but I found it quite dated.

John D (kr) wrote: Wants to be a Woody Allen movie. Still it's pretty funny.

Zach M (it) wrote: This was a very odd movie from Herschell Gordon Lewis. A lot of people disfigure there face, a karate display, witches and LSD. It creates a strange mix of a movie.

Patrick W (ca) wrote: This sequel doesn't really live up to the first one at all. It is still entertaining enough, but I just didn't enjoy it as much. This one has Blade teaming up with vampires to hunt a new breed of vampire that is resistant to vampire weaknesses and also feeds on other vampires. Ron Perlman is great in this one as a bad attitude, wise cracking vampire that hates Blade.

Adam B (ca) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie. It has some really great characters. I found Oldman's performance to be absolutely ridiculous and at the same time so entertaining.

Toni N (au) wrote: I think someone should pay me for the time I lost watching this stupid - no theme movie!

John S (ag) wrote: Depressing film that hits me deeper. Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry did a wonderful job.