The Truth About Emanuel

The Truth About Emanuel

A troubled young woman becomes obsessed with her mysterious new neighbor, who bears a striking resemblance to the girl's dead mother.

A teenage girl (Kaya Scodelario, Wuthering Heights) develops a strange attraction to her mysterious new neighbor (Jessica Biel, The Illusionist). As the two women become close, a chilling secret is revealed. With Alfred Molina. Emanuel is a troubled teenage girl. She is attracted by her mysterious new neighbor who changes absolutely her life. When they become close, intimate secrets are revealed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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I dont know w (ca) wrote: This movie takes place in one park, and although sort of interesting, it's still a horrible movie. It's just a poor mans Leonardo Dicaprio making hundreds of phone calls and Stanley from the kids show "That's so Raven" playing an annoying kid talking to a criminal. It's just so repetitive and predictable I'm surprised I didn't turn it off. The acting was OK, some people did good, some did bad. Even though it sounds kinda like an action movie, it's not. Besides two or three people getting shot, there is no action at all. Overall, its really bad, but if you're looking for cheesy entertainment, it might be for you. Everyone else, don't watch it.

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Scott C (gb) wrote: I really should see this again one day. I fear I was too young to appreciate it.

Carlos M (de) wrote: A minor melodrama that came as a consolation prize for Davis, who didn't get the main role in Gone with the Wind - and, just like in that film, the protagonist is a spoiled, impudent woman who likes to manipulate the men around her. The highlights include the elegant dialogue and Davis' fierce performance.

Kalysta H (au) wrote: Boring... You, as the watcher, didn't have time, nor did you want to sympathize with the characters. They were boring and the movie wasn't nearly as creepy or intense as they wanted it to be.

The Critic (kr) wrote: This second 'Candyman' film promises more than it delivers, is marred by an unnecessarily slow story, and over-acting. The title character's depicted history is very well done and intriguing, but the film offers very little else of interest.

Dillinger P (mx) wrote: When people ask me what my all time favourtie horror movie is, I always answer, Alien, that stuns a few folk from time to time, but when I mention a close second being Lost Highway, people either look at me in sheer confusion or have no idea what I am talking about. To me Lost Highway is a perfect depiction of what a horror movie should be, its intense, brooding, diabolical, surreal, sexually charged and violent. It has all the stapes of everything to make you grip to the edge of your seat, while also taking the time out, to lighten the mood on occasions, include some subtle comedy and for the most part warp you fucking mind into mush, which is ironic, considering the premise of this film. David Lynch, for me, truly lost his marbles when he directed Lost Highway, now i'll admit he had very little marbles to begin with, but this was the beginning of him just firing out completely bonkers concepts and from this film, its easy to see the building blocks of some of his later work, including Inland Empire. Lost Highway is about a reasonably well off couple, whose marriage is on the rocks, one day Frank and Renee stumble upon a tape left outside their front door, on it lives footage of their house. Unfazed at first, they suspect it to be a real estate video, however as time goes by and their relationship deteriorates, the videos begin to show more horrific images, upon each ones new arrival. Eventually Fred is framed with the murder of his wife, or so you think and is sentenced to death, for his alleged crimes. However after coming down with a serious migrane, Frank morphs into Peter, a younger and more rebellious model. Shocked by whats happened, the police have no other road to take, than to let him go, however soon after his release, some shocking and reminicent occurances begin. That story line probably doesnt make any sense to you and honestly, its okay, I have watched this film probably close to 20 times of various stages of my life and I am still not 100% convinced I know the meaning behind the entire film. However the confusion and brain churning plot twists do add to the feel and story considerably, making you the viewer relate to what appears to be 2 men, struggling with identity. This has a stonking cast in it, Bill Pullman, Balthazar Getty, Patricia Arquette, Gary Busey, Jack Nance, Robert Loggia, Scott Coffey, Giavani Ribisi, Henry Rollins, Richard Prior and Robert Blake, I'm sorry but what a cast, its legendary and on screen it really shows. The cast really make their characters their own and at times Lost Highway can seem detached from some of Lynch's previous work, however his mark is firmly stamped all over this. Pill Pullman is eerily sinister as Frank Madison, one of our protagonists, his scenes are dealt with in such a sparse and tension fuelled way, that by him having close to very little lines, manages to completely convey a troubled and multi layer character by using his eyes and his body, this sort of acting is sensational and Bill Pullman really pulls off a wonderfully subtle performance here. Patricia Arquette is equally pushed to her limits, by having to play 2 very similar but in many ways completely different characters and she does it expertly, there are many refrences made between her characters of Renee and Alice that compare her to a black widow, and she nails this perfectly, enveloping this seductive and powerful creature, who is gorgeous as she is deadly. Balthazar Getty plays Pete and although not one of the most potent characters Lynch has ever written, he manages to make the role his own, drawing similarites from Pullman, while adding a younger spin on his character. Robert Loggia is wildly entertaining and completely horrifying as Mr Eddie, a mobster who has some of the bizarrest character antics ive ever seen, one including almost murdering a guy as he scolds him about tail gating and how many people are killed on the road each year, its frighteningly hilarious stuff and he pulls it off to perfect. However the most terrifying of them all is Robert Blake, his no eye browed, pale faced, freak of nature, literally made me shit myself the first time I ever watched this film and even to this day, I sit in excitement when showing this to a new audience, knowing he is about to enter their minds forever, and enjoy every moment of the expressions. Lost Highway is so well written and so well directed, the film never feels boring or like its forced. Everything about this, is wonderfully crafted, the dialogue is some of the best Lynch has ever written, although I take my hat off to Barry Gifford, who co wrote the script. Its full of ideals and metaphors, twists and turns and just full out insanity from start to finish. The film is brutally dark and shot in such a lush way, its hard not to fall in love with it. Every shot is meticulously long and haunting, even when the film is more upbeat, it still manages to hold is dream like quality to it, also using colour in one of the strongest ways ive seen committed to cinema. Its iconic, it pleases the eye and it suckers you right into this hell Lynch is so expertly creating. The soundtrack is brilliant, helmed by Trent Reznor, the industrial rock god, manages to hand pick some fantastic pieces of work that really compliment the film and the period in which it is set, not only that but Angelo Badalamenti really revs up some silky smooth tunes for this sleak looking piece. Are there downsides to this film, of course, nothing is perfect and this film is not going to win over people having a hard time getting to know and appreciate Lynch, he's never actively seeked attention, but this is quite a dark and tough film to grasp, conceptually and atmospherically, a times Lost Highway can feel too dark and very grim, a lot of viewers will either not have the patience or the stomach to last it out. I once knew someone who couldnt make it past the 40 minute mark as it made them feel ill and to uncomfortable to continue, on multiple viewings. It is also extremely confusing, as mentioned earlier and I am still to this day, trying to come up with theories to what is exactly going on from start to finish here, in a way it coherantly makes sense, but when you pull logic into the frame, it crumbles by the way side. Stocked full of tone and depravity, Lost Highway is a must for Lynch fans and a must for someone looking for something more than their average slasher/gore horror flick, this adds a weight and bone crushing soul to the genre and if I only ever made one film, and it was exactly like Lost Highway, I could die a happy man.