The Truth About Fidel Castro Revolution

The Truth About Fidel Castro Revolution

Documentary shot during the Cuban revolution

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:50 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cuba,  

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Scott A (ca) wrote: This movie wasn't awful, but it wasn't very good either. The main character is alright, but I just couldn't buy him as an artist/car thief. Like his actual art seemed a little stupid to be this 'hot' new artist's work like they make him out to be.The acting is so-so. Sutherland hams it up to no end and Romijn is flat out horrible like always. Even in her sex scene, she's over acting the moans. Like she just needs to do her lines normal and stop over acting.Sarah Roemer continues to be a plus to any movie she finds herself in. She is adorable here, but her and the lead dude's love story never once feels real.No real action or chase scenes for a movie about stealing cars either.

Buggy B (ag) wrote: You know this was actually pretty good, at least it starts out strong, it does start to unravel a bit after the actual heist takes place and I have a bit of a problem with Matt Dillon, who tries to be too cool but the rest of the extended cast was very good. I especially liked the storyline involving Columbus Short as 'Ty' and his brother -even if it wasn't all that original, it still had me interested. All in it's a pretty solid action movie about a group of armoured car guards who hatch a supposedly perfect plan to steal one of their own trucks containing millions of dollars. Of course the heist spirals out of control, tensions flare and blood is spilled. And while this tries to be another 'The Bank Job' or 'The Insider' and fails, it's still a decent story with solid performances (Jean Reno, Laurence Fishburne, Skeet Ulrich & Milo Ventimiglia) You could do much worse. 10/5/14

Tarek F (fr) wrote: Billy Ray's first film for directing, "Shattered Glass," is one that Hayden Christensen plays the role of Stephen Glass seriously. The process of production was a disaster at first, since Ray tried to convince the real-life people to work on "Shattered Glass" with him. Former news editor of the News Republic Michael Kelly (in the film he is portrayed by Hank Azaria) had a hard time being convinced by the director to be part of "Shattered Glass." The reason for this hard decision is because Kelly felt embarrassed that he worked with a journalist (Stephen Glass) that fabricated articles and published them. Later though, Ray convinced Kelly to help out with the film once Ray said he was approaching the story as a journalist. He informed Kelly that he wanted the script to be factually accurate as can be. Once that task was a success, two colleagues Charles Lane (in the film he is portrayed by Peter Saarsgard) and Hannah Rosin worked as advisers for Billy Ray. The character Caitlin Avey (portrayed by Chloe Sevigny) is loosely based off of Hannah Rosin.The film's introduction is the life of Stephen Glass (Christensen): a smart, and devoted journalist, and a student trying to finish his law degree; his colleague Charles Lane (Saarsgard) is short-fused and gets aggravated easily; another colleague Caitlin Avey (Sevigny) who is a close-friend of Glass but thinks that Lane is too hard on everyone; and a caring editor Michael Kelly (Azaria) that lacks dialogue. An organized man but is not good with confrontations. Glass writes a story about a company called Jukt Micronics. Which is a big event that consists of a hacker at the age of fifteen and is trying to make a name for himself. This story is one that never happened, but the rest of the News Republic is not aware of the problem yet. The issue is that Glass just makes situations worse and does not resolve any of the conflicts he is putting himself into. He just keeps on trying to find ways to cheat his way out of getting caught, and he does this by fabricating article after article.Before the Jukt Micronics issue happens, Glass was assigned to do research and write an article on Drug Abuse Resistance Education. He did go to the conference regarding what he was suppose to write about, but admits he messed up (where he actually lied). Later though, the News Republic gets letters of distortions and lies that they found written by Glass. Glass's window is closing.

oxana (ca) wrote: A light-hearted teen movie about finding your dream and falling in love - and all in between.I watched this purely because Milo Ventimiglia is in the movie, but I found it kind of entertaining. The characters were nice, although there was no real growth or depth in them. They all simply had their own funny quirks.The plot holds nothing surprising. It's almost lame at times. There are funny moments, though, and some beautiful winter scenery. Less downhill skiing than I expected, too (I'm fed up with that sport, after doing it for several years, so I was pleased by that at least).All in all, this movie is a teen flick of the most usual, clich kin. If you like Ventimiglia's narrative and some fun, romance, and teen angst, this is for you.

Daniel K (mx) wrote: A bit on the corny side but it surprisingly works as its quite an enjoyable Horror film. If you don't take it too seriously you will enjoy it a lot more because lets face it Snoop Dogg as an evil killer called 'Bones' is funny enough. Good idea and storyline with reasonable acting, but its the little things like the impressive deaths and some cool special effects that make this enjoyable to watch. I also really liked Bianca Lawson in this, she's fine :) Unforntuatley like a number of Horror films these days the ending will leave many disappointed but its only a small blunder on what was overall quite a good film. Horror fans should give this one a try because you might just be surprised :)

Adam A (nl) wrote: am I the only person who has seen this? it's a good film, it has shaggy & sam-wise in it, yo!

Andrew B (fr) wrote: The NFL did not want their name or logo anywhere near this movie, and rightfully so. Oliver Stone teaming up with Al Pacino about a football movie, seemed like something that could be really good. And it definitely had great potential. The run down old school coach trying to keep his team together through turmoil and infighting between star players. Throw in the usually awful Cameron Diaz and the absolutely overrated Jamie Foxx and wow, what a disaster of a movie. I love football. And I'm a big fan of both Stone and Pacino, but this movie is complete garbage. Some of the stuff is so over the top and ridiculous, I am actually surprised Pacino would let himself be attached to a movie like this. Cameron Diaz is so bad it is almost comical. And Jamie Foxx proves here once again, he is really not that great of an actor at all. People will keep telling you he is, because they feel they have to, but in reality he overacts and is overpraised and flat out overrated. Do not waste your time with this movie. If you looking for a football movie, there isn't too many to really choose from but I would go with The Program before I watched this idiocy.

Edith N (jp) wrote: Yeah, okay. Watching it 'cause Dyllan's in it. Briefly. His famous line ("That's my daddy") is also his only line. He does, on the other hand, get billing over quite a lot of people, including Jay Leno. Leno himself, in fact, gets billing midway through instead of in the traditional end section of "as himself." Though, in this instance, it's him and Larry King, and though Larry King has more screen time, his appearance is uncredited. So that's weird. I don't understand the billing here at all, frankly. There must have been some interesting contract negotiations to get John Travolta over Dustin Hoffman, given that the film is much more about Hoffman's character. Travolta's character could be anyone; that's the point of the whole thing. It's not as though one is that much bigger of a star than the other. (I will also note that, from what I can read of the very fine print under the "raving critics" in one of the TV commercials, it seems to be the same critic for all of them--and not someone we're expected to care about, given how [i]very[/i] small that print is.) I'm not sure the movie understands what it's about half the time. Max Brackett (Hoffman) is a washed-up newsman doing TV in small-town California. We first see him trying to do an interview with a local banker and probable embezzler who has lost the lifesavings of probably hundreds of people. On the other hand, he's friends with Brackett's boss (Robert Prosky, also of [i]Dudley Do-Right[/i]), so the story gets killed and Brackett gets sent to cover the funding battle of the local museum. While he's there, former guard Sam Baily (Travolta) comes in to talk with Mrs. Banks (Blythe Danner), the museum's curator, about the prospect of getting his job back. She says she won't talk to him until he puts the gun down, and he responds by taking her, and the class of probably third-graders, hostage, locking down the museum--with Brackett in it. Brackett makes Baily a huge story, stretching out the hostage situation for three days. It becomes big news, which means network anchor Kevin Hollander (Alan Alda) comes in to try to take over. We like to blame things on the media. Oh, it's shocking what happens--it's all the fault of Max Brackett and The Media. They're only interested in selling the story. And you know what? Yes. They are. It turns out that the banker is probably going to go to jail after all, and no one cares, because the news comes out in the middle of the hostage situation. Baily accidentally shoots (strangely uncredited) Cliff Williams (Bill Nunn), the other guard, and Brackett tells intern Laurie Callahan (Mia Kirshner) to call the station before calling the police, and he later berates her for not taking the camera with her when she went to check on Williams's condition. The story is more important. And it's hard to argue that news channels in the Real World don't do that, because we've seen it happen. But we watch. Faithfully. [i]The Daily Show[/i] gets away with covering real news because we're tuning in for the funny. But let's be honest, here. If Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper spent an hour going in-depth about the less visually stimulating issues, such as the Alberto Gonzalez hearings, would people watch? It's arguably vitally important to the proper running of government, not to mention [i]personally[/i] important to unknown numbers of people, but it barely makes the news--[i]because we won't watch it.[/i] The networks have all but stopped covering the quadrennial national conventions of the two major parties, because nobody watches it. It's not as though there's some huge dash to C-SPAN for those two weeks. We complain about what the media shows, but it's our fault, too. Heck, we don't visit museums, either, so we don't even know how lousy the museum in the movie is. Oh, don't get me wrong. It's still a good movie--possibly the best Dyllan's been in--and I'm glad I made a second effort to watch it. (I got it from Netflix months ago and just couldn't face it, probably because of how many of his movies I've already seen.) It is actually something I'm recommending, though not as highly as other movies we've seen. I don't think it deserves the comparison to [i]Network[/i] that the DVD proudly makes, though it does cover a lot of the same material. Worse, Travolta's character actually seems retarded, at least mildly, and no one seems to care about that except his wife (Lucinda Jenney, who was in [i]If These Walls Could Talk 2[/i], filmed in part at Mom's house)--who is then insulted for thinking of him as childlike. Only he is. They both know it. It's just that no one else cares, including the people watching the news.

JUST S (ru) wrote: LOW-BUDGET SO WHAT: The movie was worth it overall just to see the take on it was pretty good.. I really enjoyed Bree she was pretty much the best actor in the whole film... Not that I have a crush on you or anything.. Call me! ;) I'll be there one day reading reviews about movies that I made..

Bee C (kr) wrote: DAMN FUNNY!!! And Ms Coco Peru from the movie Trick is in it too!! Very campy, bitchy and a hilariously funny plotline :) I love it to pieces.

Greg N (au) wrote: Movie is pretty rocking what with Jean Gabin, Alain Delon, and Gerard Depardieu in it. Jose Giovanni's last real hurrah. Everything afterward is either seriously flawed or dumb.

Bonnie S (mx) wrote: I loved this rendition of one of my favorite plays. David Tennant was incredible, the costumes were awesome and the set design was intriguing.

Bill M (ca) wrote: Walking Tall in the 50s, with a gripping introduction interviewing actual witnesses, and some of the most callous violence in film history. Sometimes the world really is over the top.

Ilja S (nl) wrote: A Most Violent Year is one of those movies where really nothing ever happens (at least no action or anything) but the performances and writing make it extremely intriguing. Great performanes, a solid story and a great direction make it a very enjoyable piece of film.

007 W (au) wrote: Its good kind of, especially since it's an origin story, it's the weakest captain America movie

Kerry M (it) wrote: Typical scenario of patient in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years with no definative diagnosis. Once diagnosed, the saga of patient/doctor relationship, unethical, but it happens. Overall, this was an excellent, although sceptical what happened after ending.