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The Truth on the Savolta Affair


Barcelona between 1917 and 1923. Is the era of gangsterism, during which gunmen clash between anarchists and thugs paid by The Patronal showed a shocking number of deaths. The confrontation between anarchists and workers of the factory owners Savolta arms worsens when Savolta family decides to end the rebellion hiring murderers hired and plotting to hide their illegal transactions with Germany. Adapted from the novel by Eduardo Mendoza. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Irene S (ru) wrote: pretty easy for the eyes movie about a retired western novelist who rents a beach house for the summer and befriends the neighbor's daughters and other unusual neighbors and how the friendships grows through it all. Nd how one little girl inspires the writer to get back to writing.

Helen L (br) wrote: It matches what I expected -- an actiing movie but without any touching or exciting screens. I think the editor made the story too quickly so that all the things were just combined together without tension. It'd better not to see it!

Nando V (kr) wrote: Terrible. Couldn't even finish it.

Sayer F (nl) wrote: Surveillance is complex and weird enough to demand a second or even third viewing from the audience, but when the movie is so stupid in some parts, you don't even want to watch it again, so it makes it even worse since you didn't even understand what was going on because you don' even want to watch it again. There were some good parts, like Bill Pullman's performance, but for the most part it's just a messy, and besides Pullman, horribly acted.

Anthony A (nl) wrote: Awesome movie. Will there be any sequel to it, like an Inspector Gadget 3?

Chris G (kr) wrote: A visual masterpiece that manages to seamlessly combine theater and film. The film is elevated by dazzling performances from Catherine Zeta Jones and Richard Gere.

Santosh N (gb) wrote: Jackie Chan action all the way.

Nikki K (fr) wrote: I think Maureen O'Hara stole the movie, she was so awesome in this movie :-)

Joseph T (ag) wrote: It's great 4 part story a must watch

Mitch G (fr) wrote: omg I haveto see this

Frances H (au) wrote: Interesting, but I didn't really like the end. It was a cop out. And I find it interesting that this film made less than 2 million and was rated by the critics at 92%, but Twilight which only rated with 49% of critics made 365 million dollars.

Gale G (kr) wrote: Actually, I decided I did not want to see it after i'd seen about half. I should have known better because of the author. This has no character development whatsoever and much of the plot is borrowed from Sleeping with the enemy, which was riveting. How does Sparks continue to be read and watched? Bad writing, unreal characters, exaggerations, ridiculous dialogue and a predictable plot make it trash.

Steve S (ag) wrote: Unneeded and unwanted remake of the old tv series. This one is cheesy and annoying.

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