The Turn of the Screw

The Turn of the Screw

A young governess, Ann, is sent to a country house to take care of two orphans, Miles and Flora. Soon after her arrival, Miles is expelled from boarding school. Although charmed by her young charge, she secretly fears there are ominous reasons behind his expulsion. With Miles back at home, the governess starts noticing ethereal figures roaming the estate's grounds. Desperate to learn more about these sinister sightings she discovers that the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of her predecessor hold grim implications for herself. As she becomes increasingly fearful that malevolent forces are stalking the children the governess is determined to save them, risking herself and her sanity in the process.

A naive and sexually repressed young governess is haunted by the ghosts of previous occupants of a mansion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony A (mx) wrote: Some poor special effects mar what is a better than average vampire flick.

jared O (kr) wrote: This movie ruined the series. First of all Dylan and Gwen should never should have been the main characters it is always Aggies and marnie. Second why in the world would u replace Kimberly j. Brown with Sara Paxton that's just horrible.

Eric T (mx) wrote: The movie shows deception, but no signals for it. Underdeveloped characters.

Michael T (es) wrote: Some of his art is peculiarly captivating, and film captures it much better than any still photography ever could. Nevertheless, the man himself comes off as an artsy-fartsy wanker. If you are an artsy-fartsy wanker, you will enjoy this film. If you are not, turn the audio off and enjoy the spectacle.

Jason L (kr) wrote: Provides an unflinching look at an aspect of regional fundamental Christianity some outside of the region many never experience firsthand.

Mike V (ca) wrote: hard to watch in lieu of the current nsa scandal, but this is still a very enjoyable flick.

Laurel S (nl) wrote: i loved this movie as a kid.

Ethan P (ag) wrote: One of the most heart-breaking films I've ever seen, Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington both give powerful touching performances, one as a gay attorney fired because he has aids and the other as the counselor who represents him in court and his sympathy overides his disgust for homosexuals and the deadly disease.

WestEndGirl 1 (ag) wrote: Just really enjoyed this film. Portrayals are fabulously of my favorite historical based films. The ending, while tragic and sad is also inspiring. Ambition for power can be repugnant and bring out the worst in some least Jane had Guilford. History can be cruel, and truth is sometimes stranger than fiction

Paul P (nl) wrote: Opening Night will be a tough film for some to sit through. Cassavetes' ability to show madness this honest and real won't appeal to everyone, it doesn't give the viewer all the answers. Its easy to write off Rowlands' performance as one note of craziness. But there is so much depth to her character and she's amazing to watch. Dealing with a powerhouse character like this would be tough to play off but Cassavetes, Gazzara and Blondell do a great job of not only filling up the scenes but enhancing them. The people around her, enabling her are just as fascinating to watch.

Barry S (kr) wrote: Probably my least favourite out of the original trilogy series. I thought it tried too hard to be what the first one was and didn't expand the story enough behind what was going on. Everything became predicable and tiresome.