The Turn of the Screw - Die Drehung der Schraube

The Turn of the Screw - Die Drehung der Schraube


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The Turn of the Screw - Die Drehung der Schraube torrent reviews

Francisco W (kr) wrote: Maybe one day will come when we won't pretend to be doing others a favour in colonizing and bringing them to our ways.

Sandy O (au) wrote: An awesome movie that points viewers toward the real truth... God!

Joey V (jp) wrote: It sucks. But not bad enough for me to love.

Brent S (de) wrote: This film is eye opening and for the most part fairly well done. the plight of the sharks is compelling and powerful. I believe this documentary was close to being a great peice of work but there are some very large amateur mistakes. The biggest problem i had with it is the filmmaker himself Rob Stewart. Ostentatious is the only word that comes to mind. His narrating really pulls you out of the film and away from the powerful facts being brought up. It has the cadence of a teenage boy trying to lower his voice to sound cooler, mixed with a politician speaking slow and monotonously which even becomes slightly insulting at times. Most people watching this dont need to be spoken to like a child and it ruins the message. When he's on camera and speaking normally he sounds completely different, the contrast is just offputting. The film really does drag to a grinding hault at various spots that involve the film maker essentially trying to make a hero or a victim out of himself. Entirely unnecessary shots of him shirtless for no reason, staring off into the distance fixing his hair... its just awkward. The last 10 minutes of the film is filled with important messages being spoken from various experts and concerned people accompanied by shots of him swimming in a speedo and flexing randomly underwater.... He tries to fabricate drama and danger anyway he can, talking about the mafia being after him, almost losing his leg from a minor staff infection, having to sneak into costa rica to film previously mentioned speedo shot... theres just a lot of superfluous nonsense that really took away from the film. All that being said... you get used to most of those issues about 20 minutse in and if you can get past it, this is a really good documentary. I just think it could have been so much better with a talented narrator, and a more humble cadence.

Seychelle G (it) wrote: Couldn't make it to the end

Jimmy F (au) wrote: Excellent 3 Disc collection of the legendary Undertaker. Through it all, The Undertaker has had many great matches, and this DVD set has a good collection of them. However, I would have loved to see his match against Stone Cold at SummerSlam 1998- that was a good match, and a few others that I felt was missing. Other than that perfect collection.

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Fantastic Police Drama--It Isn't Easy Being Blue!!

Vinny G (nl) wrote: My least favorite of the original 3. Goldfinger and Oddjob are fantastic villains with an awesome plan, but Goldfinger makes every possible mistake to allow Bond to stop him. Potential to be a 5 star movie, but fell short for me. 84 out of 100

Greg W (ca) wrote: good noir-... arguably Karlson's greatest film and certainly his most beautifully brutal... a film driven by the fury of a man who is tired of being life's punching bag.

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The Turn of the Screw - Die Drehung der Schraube torrent

The Turn of the Screw - Die Drehung der Schraube full movieThe Turn of the Screw - Die Drehung der Schraube (1990) torrent