The Turning Point

The Turning Point

When her daughter joins a ballet company, a former dancer is forced to confront her long-ago decision to give up the stage to have a family.

When her daughter joins a ballet company, a former dancer is forced to confront her long-ago decision to give up the stage to have a family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenna T (br) wrote: It was pretty good :)

J K (nl) wrote: Basic synopsis:We are really influenced by giant conglomerates who want us to think that Cheeze Whiz is good for your heart.

Amber B (mx) wrote: John Sayles is a storyteller who in his films explores a slice of life specific to a place & time. I'm always interested in where he may take me.Here he touches on the time when blues and popular music was evolving into the more electronic R&B.He also explores how people find their limits and retain their independence while dealing with others

Diren Y (es) wrote: Atmospherical sci-fi with Spielberg flavour all over it.

Russell G (au) wrote: Three lovable idiots in a rock band highjack a radio station to play their demo. Watching these buffoons stumbling through a poorly conceived plan and sabotaging themselves every step of the way, is very funny and completely enjoyable. The movie sarcastically comments on some of the flaws within the music and radio industry, while spoofing the Rock and Metal culture too. Mostly it is just good spirited fun as the movie deliberately goes over the top with no shred of realism. Nearly all of the characters are goofy exaggerations and that makes it a lot of fun. Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, and Adam Sandler are great together. They keep it simple, successfully playing it straight, and letting the metal-satire be the humor for their characters, instead of going wild. Their blank clueless facial expressions, flawed logic, and impulsive behavior make for funny dialogue with each other and sets up some ridiculous situations. It is fun to see these guys earlier in their career, before they became major stars. Michael Richards and Chris Farley add a lot with small but highly effective doses of goofy physical humor. Michael McKean and Judd Nelson are enjoyable as slime ball corporate music jerks well. Joe Mantegna, Ernie Hudson, Amy Locane, and David Arquette all bring something to the table as well. The subtle jabs on the music industry and the strong deep cast make it really fun.

John O (mx) wrote: The second in the series This is the first time i have seen this movie A lot slower then the original movie same type of special and visual effects and costume and makeup Taking place straight after the fist movie this time you get to see the other dimension and found out more about the creatures and who made them

Adelina T (de) wrote: Wow this movie blew me away. I cant stop thinking about. I dont really know much about Sarah Jessica Parker so I had no idea she started her career at such a young age. She was very good and shes more talented than I thought she was. Im looking forward to watching this movie again, and the music was very fun to hear, I had my feet dancing through out the entire movie.

Crystal K (br) wrote: Very depressing ending, but many of Keitel's movies end that way. I really feel for Jimmy Angelleli. His life is really fucked up. The woman he falls in love with ends up being a prostitute. He is a guy that is sensitive, yet forced to be a thug by his father when all he really wants to do is play piano. It is a 70's classic but really a "life sucks" film.

Miguel A (gb) wrote: O que at comea por ser um filme de guerra, que exige enorme concentrao para decorar os nomes e partes envolvidas, passa condio de arrebatador drama de amores assim que encontra o seu foco. Com mais de 60 anos, "Gate of Hell" continua a ser absolutamente relevante como prova do cinema muito nobre e delicadamente vistoso vindo do Japo. Podia a sua histria de obsesso facilmente cair no exagero, mas Teinosuke Kinusaga sabe muito bem como equilibrar os rasgos furiosos do seu principal protagonista com outros em que reina a tranquilidade da msica koto ou dos palcios quase vazios. H tambm para ver uma Machiko Kyo que deve ser das actrizes mais hipnticas do seu tempo.

Carlos M (ag) wrote: While the first half hour is exceptionally hilarious (with Cary Grant displaying a perfect comic timing there), this madcap dark comedy soon resorts to irritating, over-the-top mass hysteria, with everyone yelling around without rest, killing what made it so funny in the beginning.

Brock A (it) wrote: I, Robot is an edge-of-your-seat sci-fi flick. It's bursting with incredible action, packed with amazing special effects and featuring an amazing performance from Will Smith. It's just not bad at all. There's also a few twists in the movie, and they're incredible twists.

Timothy P (kr) wrote: A empty sci fi movie. Finally completed it after many attempts. 7 stars is an over-rating, mostly for the attempt at a complex story.

Jeremy B (au) wrote: Complete waste of time.

Michelle C (ru) wrote: English professors, screenwriters, literature, story telling, writing and words... I really rather enjoyed it, although it was a tad slow...

Stefanos T (br) wrote: Seriously, am I the only one who got bored out of his mind slogging through this 2+h of melodrama?

Edwin R (de) wrote: what a complete embarrassment to comic book movies, and to Hollywood in general. this was a complete waste of a 100 million+ dollar blockbuster, watching u get the sense that the only reason this film was made was just cuz they HAD to make the other Thor movie. I would much rather have preferred a Black widow and Hawkeye team up movie than this piece of waste.