The Tuxedo

The Tuxedo

Cabbie-turned-chauffeur Jimmy Tong learns there is really only one rule when you work for playboy millionaire Clark Devlin : Never touch Devlin's prized tuxedo. But when Devlin is temporarily put out of commission in an explosive accident, Jimmy puts on the tux and soon discovers that this extraordinary suit may be more black belt than black tie. Paired with a partner as inexperienced as he is, Jimmy becomes an unwitting secret agent.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English,Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:telescope,   spy,   dancing,  

Think Inspector Gadget, the early years. In order to save a kidnapped secret agent, the agent';s clueless assistant must use an experimental new tuxedo loaded with hi-tech gadgets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Tuxedo torrent reviews

Hans J E (au) wrote: Another really good film by Adam Egoyan.

Luke D (de) wrote: If you like bad neighbours, grown ups and that balls to the wall type of comedy you'll laugh your tits off at this. Adam Devine has got the funniest face in the gameSeriously f**king funny!!!!!

Pamela D (ca) wrote: Wow does this one ever have low marks on Flixster. I'm getting it for my aunt. She won't like it. She hates everything. Just like MIkey on the Life Cereal Commercial. And you know what happened to Mikey. Heh Heh. (He became the butt of an urban legend about pop-rocks and soda. But now I'm REALLY digressing. )I on the other hand want to see Hayley (convulsively hunches shoulders and scrunches up face in vulgar, extremely Freudian nervous tick) Mills and her bare bottom which may be, like Sharon Stone's crotch in Basic Instinct, the reason this film was ever produced in the first place, though I hope not. Short review of this and a report on how many times my Auntie says, "This movie is really stupid!" (every movie I like or recommend to her) forthcoming.

Another V (ca) wrote: There is some great story-telling here. It's the saga of one family, spanning 3 generations, focusing primarily on Cecil Gaines, who spends decades working in the White House as a butler.This story is very well told. The primary story of Cecil and his family is interwoven with many short stories of historically significant people such as former US Presidents, all intertwined in a logical and cohesive way, although you can't expect to really know much about each President from this. There's no depth to the Presidents. It's more the story of Cecil and his family, after all.Good casting.For me, the very beginning of the movie is very significant: Cecil's mother is abused and his father is murdered on one tragic day when he is a young boy. He spends the rest of his youth serving his father's murderer and his family, quietly, calmly, and carefully, until he leaves before he too, ends up dead at his father's killer's hands. The one word that I think best describes Cecil is: survivor.Would Cecil have made it if, when he broke into a place to steal food, the person who discovered him hadn't helped him? Probably not. There are times when someone's compassion and understanding can be an elevator from hell to heaven. This man took him and gave him a job and was an amazing surrogate father to him.This movie explains the Civil Rights movement in an understandable way, including why it needed to happen and some of those involved in it happening, including Cecil's own son, whom he pretty much disowned for being involved in the Freedom Rides. Those Freedom Rides and the beatings and jailings his son went through helped bring about change. And yet, there is a great deal about the Civil Rights movement that didn't make it into this.The personal story of Cecil's wife battling alcoholism was also in the mix, adding dimension to the story.I thought it was very significant that their son Louis went through so much and yet walked away from the Black Panthers when he discovered they were about revenge, including killing. He even gave up his girlfriend because she was a Black Panther and he wasn't going to be. Tragically, his other son Charlie makes the ultimate sacrifice for his country, dying patriotically in a controversial war.Interesting that under President Reagan Cecil finally got fair pay, after decades at 40% of the pay rate of a white worker in the same type of job. Finally meeting the first black President was clearly very moving for Cecil. It was heartwarming to see this dream come true for the old butler. And nice to see a reconciliation, after all those years, between father and son.The movie portrays Obama as a hero to Cecil just for being black and President at the same time. The movie just doesn't really show us enough of the good or the bad to give a true picture of Obama. There's simply an understanding of wonderful, solely based on the color of his skin.

Eric B (ru) wrote: Dueling, simultaneous story lines and some existential essences pulled me in.

Gillian C (mx) wrote: 1 star for the getai performances else sucks

Daniel S (kr) wrote: i liked the movies that lucky mcgee directed that angela bettis starred in, so i was curious to see how a movie would be with their roles reversed, let me say they need to both stick to their day jobs, lucky cannot act, its pretty bad, and angela cant direct, the story is weak, it looks like it was made for $300, the ending is stupid, and how the hell did they get kristen bell to be in it, i think lucky and angela are both talented, but they need to stick to what they do best

Guillaume H (au) wrote: This is ridiculous and tacky but its a real joyride, well written if you enjoy things cartoonish. Lead actress got some gusto, lead villain is a total joke wich makes it fun.

Haydn W (br) wrote: Any resemblance to a horror film is entirely unintentional.

Michael T (gb) wrote: Colorful, fun & underrated.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Spectacularly hilarious romantic comedy featuring the perfectly naive Gary Cooper--similar to his role in "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town"--and the sexy and smart Barbara Stanwyck. Billy Wilder helped write the script and Howard Hawks directed. What a team!

Kyle S (kr) wrote: ramake of Pepe Le Moko but still a good film.

cody f (nl) wrote: Barely a step above a Ed Wood film, which is surprising with such a good cast and a great director like Tod Browning. The pace and editing of the film is chaotic and the story is stupid. The only saving grace is the look and it's only 80 minutes. I read this film had 20 plus minutes cut out so that would explain why it was so horrible. It also has a bad twist ending reminiscent of April Fools Day, do not waste your time.

Will D (es) wrote: Charlton Heston plays Jesus Christ (or at least some madman to whom close comparisons can be made), trying to save the Egyptians from the local mad git, who is hell bent on killing them because they're not on their knees bowing at him. It's slightly monotonous, but slightly entertaining also, and mercifully short for this kind of epic.