The Twelve Tasks of Asterix

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix

Asterix and Obelix depart on an adventure to complete twelve impossible tasks to prove to Caesar that they are as strong as the Gods. You'll roar with laughter as they outwit, outrun, and generally outrage the very people who are trying to prove them "only human".

The Gauls have the chance to become the new masters of the Roman empire if they can solve twelve tasks set by Julius Cesar. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hevan C (ag) wrote: A must-see for hip-hop junkies, scholars, etc. Ice-T does a surprisingly fine job documenting the birth of hip-hop in Bronx to the shores of the West Coast.

Erica S (au) wrote: decent movie, story line tho is kind of corny.. something to watch with the family ..

Stefan Q (jp) wrote: After one minute of watching the film I was thinking "o shit, it's in french", after two minutes I was thinking "Cool, maybe it's worth seeing after all" and after having seen it I can say it's well worth seeing it. Sharon Stone sitting on a desk in short skirt always brings me back to Basic instinct, but other than that it's a really good (multi-language) movie!

Brian S (ag) wrote: Dark Corners is an almost-good horror flick that starts off strong but loses its way. In an effort to mess with the viewer's sense of reality it messes itself up to the point where the story breaks down and needs to make wild stretches that are at once cliched and bizarre to come up with some sort of ending. One gets the sense of squandered opportunity from this one.The acting is generally pretty good. Thora Birch is believable enough in the lead and Toby Stephens does a decent job of channeling Hugh Grant in his role as a psychoanalyst. Still, if you're watching this and hear a character speaking in a southern accent, get set for some cheez!The story revolves around Susan Hamilton (Birch), a woman trying and failing to conceive. She's having nightmares in which she's living in a sort of grungy alternative world, too. There, she's Karen Clarke, works in a mortuary and is being pursued by a demonic killer who files his teeth and likes to eat fetuses. She tries to get help from hypnotherapist and psychoanalyst Dr. Woodleigh on the recommendation of a co-worker, but things don't work out. I don't want to provide a spoiler; let's just say, think Brian DePalma's "Dressed to Kill."The film lurches back and forth between Susan and Karen's worlds, and the effort seems to be to shake the viewer loose in his belief as to which is real and which is dream. By the end of the flick, stuff from Karen's world is crossing into Susan's and vice versa. The ending, though, screws it all up by trying to make the whole thing into some sort of morality play without there having been any clear moral choices made by either of the characters in the story leading up to here. If Susan is being punished, it's not clear at all *why* she should be; she spends the entire film as an innocent victim, as does Karen... right up to the end. Then we're supposed to realize that Karen is somebody other than who we've been led to believe she is, and that person must either have been able to see the future to be able to set everything up. Again, there's not a hint in the rest of the film why this should be the case. It seems intentionally tacked on to surprise the viewer and wrap things up... sort of.There are a few good scare scenes early in Dark Corners, but once we're introduced to Needletooth, the killer from the dreamworld (?) with a predilection for fetus-on-a-stick, things go downhill. It's too bad the writers couldn't come up with a main villain as scary as some of the ancillary scares from the outset. A couple of the scenes set in the mortuary are genuinely scary, though they get a bit balanced out by some saccharine love scenes between Susan and her husband.All in all... meh. Think "In the Mouth of Madness" meets "Dressed to Kill" with a tiny side of "Dark City."

Stuart K (us) wrote: Directed by Menhaj Huda (Tube Tales (1999) and Everywhere and Nowhere (2011)), and written by Noel Clarke ( (2010), Fast Girls (2012) and Storage 24 (2012)), this inner-city drama sums up teen life within west London. It could be another load of cliched old cobblers, but it's actually well made with a good plot and it's a fast film which moves along quickly and doesn't outstay it's welcome. It begins when bullied teenager Katie (Rebecca Martin) hangs herself. The students of the school are given a day off for mourning, but instead, most of them plan a party. Including Trevor (Aml Ameen) and his best friends Jay (Adam Deacon), and Moony (Femi Oyeniran) spend most of the day stealing stuff and trying to chat up women, but they get into trouble with local bully Sam (Clarke), especially when Jay has sex with Sam's girlfriend Claire (Madeleine Fairley). Meanwhile, Trevor's girlfriend Alisa (Red Madrell) finds out she's pregnant, and she's worried what she'll tell Trevor, but her friend Becky (Jaime Winstone) has her drink to forget. It's an indictment on inner-city life, and the grown-ups in the film are portrayed as clueless, out of touch idiots. While it does fall into many of the pitfalls and cliches a lot of youth culture films like this do, at least it handles matters like this in a realistic and serious manner, Clarke followed it up with Adulthood (2008).

Trey W (mx) wrote: A classic. I love it.

Isabella T (fr) wrote: For the record, I have to say that I find it amusing that an action movie involving a stripper/anti-hero as the main character (starring none other than the lovely Pamela Anderson) can have any real theatrical themes with "Casablanca". But, I digress. While Pam Anderson had a similar role in a television show with the exact same premise as "Barb Wire", this film really doesn't have anything going for it; the acting is either incredibly over the top, or in Pam Anderson's case, you really can't tell what they're doing with their role. None of her lines really lean on comedic camp or actual drama (though again, with this premise I can't take this movie seriously at all), so you can't tell what flavor this movie is.

Kelvin L (de) wrote: This is one of my best movies

Jessica R (ca) wrote: Old movie that I'd never seen before. Watched it and that's really all I can say.

Jim S (ca) wrote: Old fashioned, slightly hokey, Dickensian fantasy children's horror adventure. Miles better than lots of bigger budget modern movies.

Tom R (fr) wrote: Absolutely terrible "horror" movie is just bad. Idiots by the handful stumble across Calhoun's motel/smoked meat factory and surprise, they are soon planted in a human garden for reasons unknown. Grimy looking and interminable but does have an excellent ending.

JaKKe B (ru) wrote: Goodbye Uncle tom Was One Of The One's That I Can Call A Good But Fascinating Movie Of 1800 Alantic Slave Trade Era.. It was Distrubing For ost Of the Movie but the Truth Had To be Revealed. When Seeing this I was Upset. Because I was Just Thinking Back How My Ancestor Was Being Treated. And Misundered stood Cause Of Culture.

Anson H (gb) wrote: Not the worst but the could have done better