The Two Faces Of January

The Two Faces Of January

A thriller centered on a con artist, his wife, and a stranger who try to flee a foreign country after one of them is caught up in the murder of a private detective.

Chester MacFarland and his wife Colette, a glamorous American couple, arrive in Athens for sightseeing and happen to meet Rydal, a young, Greek-speaking American who is working as a tour guide. Rydal then is pressed to help Chester to hide the dead body of a private detective, leading to a dangerous journey of two men and a woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harrison W (es) wrote: Having only watched one De Palma movie, felt like I learned a lot. It's clear he has a love for what he does.

Dave R (au) wrote: It was a funny movie one or to disturbing times as well but still funny a good laugh

Em K (kr) wrote: Hilarious for all the wrong reasons!!

Leena L (kr) wrote: This could seriously not come from any other place than Finland. Interesting, touching, hilarious, heartbreaking and above all.. steamy! If you do not wish to see regular finnish men naked in sauna talking about mistakes, sorrows, regrets and happiness of their lives to ... other men in similar outfits, do not go see this. But it is good, in a weird way... and can only give you a glimmer of the soul landscape of the finnish men...

Noah N (ca) wrote: Xavier Dolan's impressive debut film 'I Killed My Mother (J'ai tu ma mre)' (2008) is emotionally deep look at a boy's relationship with his mother. Its sterling, passionate, intensely performed; not only just a powerful coming-of-age story but generally a powerful film.

Derrick C (mx) wrote: This is seriously the best werewolf movie I have seen in a long while. It was good bloody fun. A werewolf that loves banging chicks...hard! Damn I need to buy this movie.

Manu G (ag) wrote: To get the story, they'll risk everything.Good Film! What "Welcome To Sarajevo" did was open my eyes and help me realize how fortunate I am. Sarajevo was a peaceful, metropolitan city not unlike many cities in North America. But it is no longer. It's almost too easy to clear your mind of the strife going on in other parts of the world. Sometimes we feel guilty for being so fortunate. Sometimes we feel horror at the news reports of inhuman atrocities. And most times we shut out the reality of it as it is rarely affecting us in a personal way.This gripping tale of war-torn Sarajevo is told through the eyes of British reporters. It will probably shock, jar and depress you, but it will most certainly increase your sense of global awareness, and instill a better appreciation of the liberties that most of us have taken for granted. Images from concentration camps hauntingly mimic those from fifty years ago.This film is based on an amazing true story of one man's personal involvement and promise to rescue one refugee child and the great lengths to which he must go to deliver her from a war zone.I caught this film in its limited theatrical run following its inclusion in the 1997 Toronto Film Festival. I exited the theater with my wife in a staggering awe-struck state. No one could fully communicate what it would be like to live in a war zone, but this film gives you a potent taste without pulling any punches.What this means is that most people will likely find it difficult to recommend this film to friends. It's not an uplifting tale, but it is an extremely important one, and I feel privileged and fortunate for having seen it.Journalist Floyd from US, Michael Henderson from UK and their teams meet the beginning of Bosnian war in Sarajevo. During their reports they find an orphanage run by devoted Mrs. Savic near the front line. Henderson gets so involved in kids' problems that he decides to take on the children, Emira, illegally back to England. He is assisted by American aid worker Nina.

Muffin M (ca) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray

Noname (it) wrote: Fair movie with Arnie but one of his worse i think. Arnie plays Jack Slater and he is a movie star and living in the "movie" and a young boy in "real life "got his hands on a magic ticket so he can join the movie and all the action. Great music tho and overall worth seeing only if u are a one of Arnie fans.

Shake Z (mx) wrote: Meet the Feebles is simply an excellent film. It is funny, original, delightfully gross, and very, very well-written (and not to mention, there are some great musical numbers). In short, this movie is absolutely perfect.

Joshua V (au) wrote: Funny. I could almost see Micheal keaton as beetlejuice while watching this movie. Great seeing Micheal and Henry in their prime

Jeremy C (gb) wrote: Two of the finest and most charismatic actors of their era - especially in any movie with a western flavour. That makes it a minor Classic before I even sit down.

Jonny P (br) wrote: "Inside Man" is not a story that I would expect to be told by Spike Lee. He steps away from his typical racial themes to give us a lesson in deception. This unique crime thriller intersperses police interviews with flashbacks of the bank robbery in question. At first, the out of context interviews do not make much sense. As the story progresses, the flashbacks give meaning to the interviews until the end reveals that... all of our assumptions were wrong! The film alludes to (and even directly shows) how these criminals will pull off this heist, but you will still be completely shocked in the end. You have to love a story that successfully turns the bank robbers into heroes and the cops into bad guys. The intentionally convoluted story is supported by big-name actors who all live up to their reputations. Clive Owen is truly terrifying as the criminal mastermind, Denzel Washington balances his heroic moments and his situational failures, Jodie Foster successfully contrasts Washington's straight-laced character with her shifty, sly role, Christopher Plummer provides the intrigue that makes us wonder what could be in his safe deposit box, and Willem Dafoe does exactly what you'd expect him to do in a gruff cop role. The film makes for a great rewatch. It has "The Sixth Sense" syndrome, where the twist blows your mind the first time but the film becomes a new experience with each subsequent watch as you catch more clues that you never realized were there. "Inside Man" has some violence and swearing, but it is pretty tame for an R-rated film and worth watching for its complex story and rewarding twist.

Cole F (au) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever. Everything and everyone is hilarious! It's also really relatable for teenagers...

Cedric l (jp) wrote: A Classic Urban Drama