The Two Faces of Love

The Two Faces of Love

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The Two Faces of Love torrent reviews

Tony L (jp) wrote: A very touching movie, that recall everyone's high school memories

Zachary B (de) wrote: I gave it a one star bc, this movie all though one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Was amusing do to its easy predictability. But I will pretty much sum it all up in a few sentiences and can tell you if you might like it or not. If you are into movies where men are all complet morons, revert to primal nature act's and can't hold a candle stick to womens intelligence then this is your movie. J Roberts plays her roll very well if you have seen any of her movies then you know the roll she plays ( the [email protected]$h who knows everything, runs everything except her personal life, and all but one man in the movie is a complet jerk off) same as all her movies.

Anna T (es) wrote: A great little movie. It was cute watching all the fashions and the really 'cool' hairdo's :) The only thing I found a little disturbing is the underage love story... It just seems so... Eek! Eh, it's the 80's! What can you expect?

D M (us) wrote: A college-revenge flick which takes place on a party train during a costume party. A former college student seeks revenge for a prank gone bad which left him emotionally scarred. The protagonist is played by horror queen Jamie Lee Curtis (who in the same year starred The Fog and Prom Night). David Copperfield and his magician character are strangely written into the script. Decent slasher from a time populated with many examples of the type.

Curtis L (br) wrote: Vincent Price's best in my opinion.

Smashproplaya (br) wrote: Great start for Pixar.An instant classic, that will always be remembered.