The Two Jakes

The Two Jakes

This sequel to the classic Chinatown finds private detective Jake Gittes still haunted from the events of the first film. Hired by a man to investigate his wife's infidelities, Jake once again finds himself involved in a complicated plot involving murder, oil, and even some ghosts from his past.

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Dorothy C (us) wrote: ridiculously boring and majorly lame

Sally A (de) wrote: My 3yo freaking loves this, not much here though for anyone who is not a 3yo boy.

Wes S (ru) wrote: The animation is nice but the story can be confusing. It has some awesome scenes with BRS and some nice violence, but in between are boring and annoying scenes of two school girl friends which seem a little too close to be friends. Boring story, it really should of just stuck with the BRS story and not tried to tie it with the real world.

Tony B (it) wrote: Silly. Okay for a rainy day.

maggie m (jp) wrote: Very very funny.. Not boring at all

Nathan C (nl) wrote: I don't even wanna say this movie's name.This film is just another bland and boring movie that is exactly the same as tomorrow when the war began but is more Mockbuster Kind.It's in between this and Shadow People, This is one of the most worst rated films i have ever seen for so long. the movie has no redeeming quality and no chemistry from any of the characters.Score: 0/10

Coby A (gb) wrote: Dont watch it if you are tired.

Gerry S (ru) wrote: The movie developed slowly and methodically. It showed a reality many refuse to believe.

Jared F (ca) wrote: A movie that started out really strong, and with lots of potential, but as the movie moves along, the movie loses your intrest and leaves you wondering what the writters and directors were thiniking. Could have been a really good movie if more thought and time were put into it.

John M (ag) wrote: A serious downer, but written with care and compassion, and beautifully acted.

Riley H (us) wrote: If this had a little less Albert (I know, I know) it would be even better. As it is, it's a real landmark. It may not be as funny as Lost in America, but it's far more significant and prescient. It's so prescient. Just like Network. The only problem is there is too much of Brooks' shtick at the end, which is otherwise great.

Ramn M (gb) wrote: con 5 minutos basta para saber que es una bosta de pelicula.

Leslie A (de) wrote: I love this movie so much.

PierreMarie C (nl) wrote: Trs trs drole...

Nik B (nl) wrote: I'm not generally a fan of biopics, or of cross-racial casting. (See Ingrid Bergman as a Spanish girl in "For Whom The Bell Tolls") But Brando is a tremendous actor and Elia Kazan is a great director. As biopics go, it doesn't fall into the trap of setting up a life-long story to provide some extra-hero worship that's not necessary. We basically walk into the story at the beginning of the Mexican farmers' dispute against the corrupt state. Zapata leads the way, but hesitates long enough to fall in love and try to be a gentleman to win the heart of his lady. The romantic stuff sounds like a distraction against the bigger picture of revolution, but no. A couple of scenes of seduction (one in a church) are awesome and quick enough to move the guy forward. The revolution is depicted not as much with fight scenes as diplomatic manuevers and counter-manuevers that kept Zapata on the front lines his whole life. Great job by Elia, who made a great series of directorial decisions, including a fantastic scene of a courtyard execution. Also, Anthony Quinn as the Zapata brother who was as boisterous and obnoxious as Brando's partner Lee Marvin from the Wild One.

Jared M (nl) wrote: One of my favourite Carry Ons, the camp and obvious gags are all there, but that's what you love about 'em. Great Sunday afternoon watching.

Jason J (us) wrote: The second best drill sergeant movie

Chris K (ca) wrote: Read the book and loved. Watched the movie, and wondered what happened. no plot points explained and 50% of the movie is just wrong. Boooooo!

Samantha J (br) wrote: It was ok. I was more interested in the religious story than the acting. I like the actors but they could have been better if it wasn't so emotionless