The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan

The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan

This movie is about a woman who is trying to rebuild her shattered marriage. She and her husband move to an old Victorian style home, where she finds a beautiful dress in the attic, which has a tear in the shoulder. She has the dress repaired. When she tries it on in the restored attic, she suddenly finds herself in another era. This time travel seems to happen whenever she wears the dress. She learns the house was once owned by an artist who died under mysterious circumstances. She meets the artist and eventually falls in love with him. Knowing what she does about his fate, can her love save him and change history?

This movie is about a woman who is trying to rebuild her shattered marriage. She and her husband move to an old Victorian style home, where she finds a beautiful dress in the attic, which ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan torrent reviews

Vinay M (us) wrote: ok ok with some smiles

Greg A (ca) wrote: This film is quite downplayed however interesting and lighthearted the subject matter may be. This film's problem stems from it being way too quiet and relaxed. There's no jumps, no feverish passion, even the one physical altercation in the film seems lazy and strained when attempting to give the film some life. Good plot, but delivered in the form of a whisper so quiet you couldn't even hear it.

Peter B (au) wrote: The script and direction are so amateurish it is a wonder that so many talented actors signed on.

Evan O (es) wrote: In Linewatch, conflicting forces of immigration, human trafficking, drug smuggling and law enforcement clash on the US-Mexico border, where the skeletons in the protagonist's closet lead to his having to cooperate with old friends who are still part of a gang that receives drugs through the border. Many dark secrets are revealed about Michael Dixon's past and 'Mad Dog' must decide whether he'll risk it all to protect his family. In the end, this is an interesting look at how the past can come back to haunt you (and those you love), as well as a flick full of vigilante justice. But in the end it was just ok, nothing really to rave about.

bill s (au) wrote: Looks the part but subpar all around after that.

Rishi J (ru) wrote: Inspirational Movie....

Joy Y (us) wrote: One of the most boring movies I've ever seen...and I've seen quite a few...didn't make any sense either

Connor G (de) wrote: Not bad, but not particularly memorable.

Gregory W (it) wrote: just ok a little slow but lame special effects

Eric B (de) wrote: "The Shop on Main Street" defied my expectations in two significant ways: The direction and cinematography were much more elegant than I imagined, and I was surprised at how much of this Nazi-themed film amounts to a sweet, gentle comedy. It's more like one of those small-town character studies from the U.K. The lead actor has an unmistakable "Gilligan" quality, and the story has no shortage of burlesque drunkenness. Meanwhile, his main foil -- a little old lady who is deaf and oblivious -- provides even more humor.The exposition is overlong (this movie did not need to be over two hours), and the plot's shift toward a darker tone occurs strangely late -- only within the last 45 minutes or so. The ending was not as emotionally powerful as it could have been, and two fantasy sequences seemed unnecessary and out of place. Still, this Czech classic is well worth seeing.

Tim E (mx) wrote: A terrifically intricate and thought-provoking movie. Despite the run time and the highly unsatisfying ending, a truly remarkable achievement.

Frank L (mx) wrote: Almost nothing quite like it. I have watched it so many times and continue. What a cast, what a plot, and Lerner and Lowe, well what can I say ?