The Tyrannical Father

The Tyrannical Father

While rehearsing the annual play, a clerk tries to regain the attention of his beloved, in a comedy of equivoques.

While rehearsing the annual play a clerk tries to regain the attention of his beloved, in a comedy of equivoques. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessi t (mx) wrote: Drags on unnecessarily at times, which is impressive for a movie of only 90 minutes. Creepy backwoods people attack some pretty young kids. Pretty standard movie, pretty standard execution.

Anita L (ca) wrote: Wow, I just saw this movie and I am amazed at this one man's testimony!!!

Gabe J (it) wrote: Definitely one of the best heist films I've seen. Requires a certain amount of thought; it's really not an action film. It's a smart crime drama with a superb cast and some clever twists. Great film.

Joshua L (it) wrote: I luv diz movie, it was well directed, had good performances from every1 especially selma hayek, I loved her in this movie, i think its her best.

Johnny K (it) wrote: This is a childhood favorite of mine. It hasn't aged as well as I wish it would, but still has some solid hand-drawn animation and a story with a good message for today's youth. Verdict: B

Rachael S (de) wrote: Worst/best movie I have ever seen

Jeremy N (gb) wrote: A fairly daft thriller that wastes a good cast.

Harpreet S (us) wrote: Even though Charlie Chaplin's "Limelight" does not compete with his silent classics "City Lights," "Modern Times," "The Gold Rush," and "The Kid," it is a well written, heartwarming film about an aging comedian who saves the life of a ballet dancer intent on committing suicide. The film may have been a little longer than needed; Chaplin delves into philosophy, which at times is incredibly preachy, and in one sequence it feels like Chaplin is actually pushing his views on life down your throat. Claire Bloom, who plays the ballet dancer, was highly unconvincing in her performance, this happening several times. Some of the finest scenes are the ones of Chaplin's Calvero performing in his dreams, but my personal favorite would be the wonderful collaboration with Buster Keaton playing the piano, and Chaplin playing the violin. Overall, "Limelight" is a pleasant experience, yet not something I am interested in seeing again. I have always loved Chaplin and Keaton as individual artists and find them very funny and clever, but as the total film goes, it isn't always my cup of tea.