The Uffe Holm Show

The Uffe Holm Show


Danmarks mest ubarmhjertige komiker, nu i eget show med dommen over det danske folk . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (es) wrote: Always Shine is a curiosity. It resembles films you've seen countless times and probably didn't think were very good. The sufferings of twentysomething female actresses. Switching identities. Thrillers that feature remote locations with spotty cell phone service. The quality of writing, depth of content, and ability to provoke thought rarely rise above a straight to video level. However Always Shine takes a multitude of B-movie tropes and crafts a first-rate commentary on society's attitude towards women and women's attitude towards one another. It begins rather ingeniously by showing what appear to be the screen tests of two young actresses. The first interaction is revealed to be one, so the audience can comfortably assume the second one is as well. But the latter is really happening to the actress, and the two scenes set up the narratives explored throughout Always Shine.I initially criticized the portrayal of each woman for being too typically one dimensional. However that was necessary to tell the story director Sophia Takal wanted to tell. One woman is punished by society for never backing down, and her best friend seems to be handed everything by never standing up. Even though Always Shine can seem like it only scratches the surface, those scratches are deep enough for the audience to open up and see what Takal is trying to reveal.

Tom R (us) wrote: A movie that gives you hope. But in reality Justice is denied and the main character wins because of sheer luck.

Kurt F (mx) wrote: 9/15/16 This film is kind of a mess. It can't find an identity. At certain points, it acts like a crime drama, then at other points it is just gore and mayhem. Of course, they try to throw a twist in at the end, but it doesn't mean anything, so it is ineffective. From the beginning, it is very hard to tell what is going on and who the characters are. It is even more difficult to tell why in the world any of the characters are doing what they are doing? It is a mess, but it does have some short entertaining clips simply because it is so out there.

Lisa K (ag) wrote: I really lliked this film. I thought it was a beautiful story that was written and shot well. I love it because it's culturally important. Despite dragging in a few areas, it was well worth seeing:)

Michelle C (us) wrote: One of my favorite films and animated films of all time!

Thomas K (kr) wrote: A life changing film. After I saw it I would talk about nothing else and I didn't see it again for years because I couldn't take it being diminished on a small screen. I finally saw it again on a big screen and it was just as awesome as I remembered it being. What film can you honestly say that about? I see it about once every ten years and it just seems to grow newer and deeper layers.

Ruby (ag) wrote: The shoestring budget can be frustrating at times, particularly during the creppy flashback sequences, and the late night darkness makes viewing more difficult, but it also adds to the atmospheric quality of the production. This was VERY good. A story that as you on the edge of your seat the whole time, guessing over and over again. This film has such a good style to it.

Sam M (kr) wrote: Just a, you know, a hilarious Woody film. I, uh, really enjoyed it and uh, I'll enjoy it again I'm sure.

Cherry w (jp) wrote: I LOVE JOHN WAYNE!!!!!!!! I NEED TO SEE ALL OF HIS MOVIES!

Ahmed J (nl) wrote: As stylistic as it was, It was not that engaging for me. I knew the subject matter was out of my league.

Tina S (de) wrote: Lovely Terrance Stamp and adorable singing old people.

David K (mx) wrote: Woody makes a horror movie with some "sawdust and tinsel" and my favorite Allen cast

Chris C (ru) wrote: Hello, My Name is Doris was one of my favorite movies of 2016. Small moments that could have been lesser in other movies are wonderfully realized in this one.

Mark M (ag) wrote: Great movie, one sure to bring laughs to the young and old alike.