The Ultimate Degenerate

The Ultimate Degenerate

Man drugs, photographs & tortures women he meets by personal ads.

Man drugs, photographs & tortures women he meets by personal ads. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amr M (br) wrote: Although vey good shouting and strong idea .. but the director fails to attract you through the events of the movie The acting is not very well in my opinion , except Hani Adel , althoguh Khalde Abu elnagga is a very good actor and can do better. the losely attached events and slowing moving picture make you get bored at some parts of the movie.. I think it could be made better than that.

Janine S (es) wrote: oh the Duff sisters, yippy least I can tolerate the youngest one!

Sean H (gb) wrote: This role was MADE for Foxx. Great Biopic

Glynn B (fr) wrote: If you love adventure, pirates, friendship, this is a "treasure Island" fantasy that is great :)

Kim B (us) wrote: 80s filmmaking cheese pretty shallow. More like a drawn out music video than film. Not my fav drug movie by a long shot. Downey and the drug dealer are good actors rest is crappy but It had potential. Ironic that Downey became an addict later.

Dan D (br) wrote: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Bruno D (nl) wrote: The Wrath of Khan is the second film in the original Star trek film series. This movie had a lot to live up to after the disappointing first motion picture and it doesn't disappoint. This film is regarded as one of if not the best Star Trek movie in the entire series and I can see why. The story is very well written and directed. The cast is fantastic and deliver very strong performances as well as has a fantastic villain in Khan. A strong story as well as great tension make this movie a must see if you're getting into watching these movies.

Private U (au) wrote: C'est l'or... il est l'or... l'or de se rveiller... Monseignor... il est huit or...Il en manque une !Vous tes sor ?Tout fait sor !Ah ben a alors...!

Michael W (nl) wrote: It's more than just a wonderful sports movie. Breaking Away is at heart the story of a young man coming to terms with who he is and overcoming any opposition he might face. The bike racing is just a means of self expression and not really the point of this film, which is much deeper and more excellent.

Byron B (jp) wrote: Another adaptation of Thomas Malory's book. Filmed in Ireland, the true birthplace of the Celtic legends that led to the tales of Arthur and his knights. Director/writer/producer John Boorman's film captures the gritty existence, magic of nature, celebratory victories, and shadowy mysteries of loss found in the ancient legends. Much content from Arthur's father Uther to the destruction of the round table is packed into the 2 hour and 20 minute run time. I loved the selection of interior and exterior scenery as well as the costumes including personalized armor for each knight. In the early 80s many in the cast were unknown to American audiences, but would soon become recognized names and faces. Some of the cast are still not familiar to me watching this in 2016, so the dramatic scenes unfold more organically than through star power. I especially enjoyed Nicol Williamson's portrayal of Merlin, who I had seen in a couple other films. This movie restores the epic mythical scale of the adventure that other movie versions have not been able to convey. The movie technically is a little dated to the 1980s, but it so often succeeds in carrying you back to a Britain with mainly Pagan beliefs, a place of developing individual heroes, a place where a dragon represented everywhere and everything, was immanent in the world. It is full of excitement and mystery!

John G (jp) wrote: You have to appreciate Kevin Smith movies to enjoy this movie, but if you do it's a great time. *Insert clever Brodie quote here

Juliano K (br) wrote: Could it be more predictable?? Take it with a couple of sleeping pills for a great nightsleep

Shawn R (ru) wrote: Decent movie enough, but didn't keep my interest.